New Guidelines for Undiagnosed Anxiety Problems (And How Psychotherapy Helps)

By David Foster on May 31, 2011

It is normal for any individual to feel worried and depressed at times.  Stressors are part of everyday life.  It could be the bills, the traffic, relationships, and other things that can change the mood of a person.  However, too much of these things can lead to emotional and meal breakdown. Anxiety can be very alarming.  It has been sh [Read More…]

10 Conditions That Can Be Addressed with Acupuncture

By Bailey Harris on May 25, 2011

Acupuncture is a therapy that originated in China and is done by inserting fine solid needles in selected places on the body. The needles are said to be put on points called meridians which are spots on the body where channels of energy flow. The idea behind acupuncture is that conditions and diseases come from imbalances in energy flow called Qi. Here are 1 [Read More…]

Hundreds of herbal remedies have been banned as EU directive comes into force

May 01, 2011

Hundreds of herbal remedies have been banned as EU directive comes into force. The new EU rules cover some commonly used ingredients, such as St. John’s Wort and valerian, and also Indian medications and traditional Chinese medicines. The laws are aimed at protecting consumers from potentially damaging side-effects. Under the new laws, herbal medicine [Read More…]

Happiness is U-Shaped: Facts about Happiness

By Linda Salmon on April 28, 2011

Happiness- it’s the feeling of elation, the feeling of being on top of everything. Happiness is what you feel when you get hired to a high-paying job. Happiness is what you feel after acquiring a lucrative apartment in the uptown world. Triple happiness is what you feel when you won the lottery. However, after awhile you just realize that after havin [Read More…]

A 3000 Year Old Hay Fever Remedy

By Wendy Morrison on April 22, 2011

Many people look forward for the summer season but some people dread it’s coming. And the culprit is Hardwoods. Doesn’t make any sense? Well, the reproductive cycle of Hardwood trees happen on warm weather, thus summer and it depends on microscopic pollens. Microscopic pollens that act as allergens to many people, in fact 25% of the British popul [Read More…]

Some Information About Our Direct Enquiries / Public Enquiries / Leads

By on April 19, 2011

1. What is Lead Generation? Lead generation is a marketing term that refers to the creation or generation of prospective consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be generated for a variety of purposes – list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for winning customers. Lead generation is generally generated t [Read More…]

Natural Anxiety Remedies: What You Need to Know

By Melonie on April 04, 2011

It is estimated that anxiety related disorders affect approximately 19% of the population at one time or another. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD,) Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD,) Obssessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD,) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) are the most prevalent anxiety disorders for which sufferers seek treatment each year. Many gener [Read More…]

Does Health Insurance Cover Acupuncture? (in USA)

By Samantha on March 25, 2011

The long and short answers are: some do, and some do not. There is no simple answer to this question that covers all private health insurance carriers. In fact, many carriers have found a way to straddle the fence on the matter by offering affinity programs, or discount programs, to assess the risks and rewards of offering acupuncture benefits. Why do Some [Read More…]

How exactly does laser eye surgery free me from my glasses or contact lenses?

By Tim Harwood on February 23, 2011

Just about everyone has heard of laser eye surgery and most people who wear glasses or contact lenses have probably consider having it done but do you actually know exactly how it corrects your eye sight? In order to explain this It first helps to explain exactly why our vision is blurred in the first place and this can be seen below * Perfect vision: If yo [Read More…]

What you need to know about beginner yoga

By Jess Spat on February 21, 2011

I’m a fit, active person but I also spend all my working life huddled in front a computer. Like a lot of geeks my posture isn’t great and a couple of years ago I started getting back and neck pain that just wouldn’t go away. Rather than resorting to medication a friend suggested I come along to a weekly yoga class. Straight after the first [Read More…]

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