An Equal Footing for Mental Health - Lord Richard Layard Calls the Need for a Minister on Mental Health

By Amy Taylor on March 07, 2012

Issues on mental health are costing the country £77 billion each year. Side by side with physical health problems, a mental illness is a major cause of poor productivity among employees, faltering relationships between family members and worsening social issues. Mental Health remains to be a Big Issue It is estimated that one in six people has some [Read More…]

Known 5 Health Foods that May Make You Unhealthy

By Sarah Wilson on March 06, 2012

With the numerous so called-health foods in the market, common terms used in referring to these health foods often mislead consumers into believing that what they are eating are actually healthy. If you have misgivings about whether your “health food” is what it claims to be, here are some facts that could help you in resolving this issue.  [Read More…]

What’s the Best Way to Quit Smoking - My Review of the Top Quit Smoking Methods

Every year thousands of people make the decision to quit smoking. Most never get past the starting line! Of those that make the effort to quit, a depressingly high number have started smoking again within six months, despite the knowledge that everyone has about the dangers of smoking. Tobacco contains more than 4,000 different chemicals! It is known that m [Read More…]

High Dose of Vitamin D Helps Relieve Period Pain - But Experts Warns about its Possible Effects

By Lisa Franchi on March 05, 2012

Suffering from menstrual pain? A single high dose of vitamin D is perhaps all you need, an Italian study suggests. But health experts are a bit worried about the possible effects that may come along with taking mega-dose of the said vitamin. Vitamin D to Relieve Period Pain A small study was conducted by a group of Italian researchers to measure the effec [Read More…]

Take Control of Your Life: Future Life Progression

More and more people are becoming disenchanted with the pressures of modern day living and are looking for ways to have more control of their lives and their futures. Many books on self improvement are available and the Life Coach industry is expanding rapidly. Virtually every book you read or every bit of advice available relates in some way to reprogrammi [Read More…]

Anger Management - How to Deal with Your Anger?

Anger management is a high demand issue at the moment. This reflects the high levels of stress and frustration in society at the moment, both in terms of pressure, and anxiety driven by the economic climate.     Typical presentation includes:       --- Self anger, taking out your anger on yourself leading to negative traits and s [Read More…]

7 Fascinating Facts about Food - Plus Expert’s tips and advice for a healthier diet

By Helen Holmes on March 01, 2012

We all know that fruits, vegetables and cereals are good for the health. But it’s not enough to just include them in your daily diet. The manner by which you prepare these foods has a great impact on their health benefits. Below are some facts about foods that can help you keep a healthy and balanced diet.       1.    [Read More…]

Harvard Study Reports Hormones in Milk Are Linked to Cancer

By Rebecca Lewis on February 29, 2012

Milk is considered to be a healthy beverage. However, experts say that modern milk has downsides too. The hormones in milk and other dairy products are found to increase the risk of hormone-dependent cancers. These include prostate, breast, and testicular cancer. Milk and Other Dairy Products Linked to Certain Cancers The lead researcher Ganmaa Davaasambu [Read More…]

Even Mild Dehydration Can be Bad for Your Health

By Sharon Moore on February 27, 2012

Are you drinking sufficient amount of water every day? If not, you might be putting your health at risk. According to a new study, even mild dehydration can negatively affect a person’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Effects of Dehydration to Your Body The researchers from the University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Laboratory [Read More…]

Weight Loss Surgery Increased by 12% but More People Have Remained Obese

By Amy Taylor on February 24, 2012

The latest Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet: England 2012 published by the NHS Information Centre, found that hospital admissions because of obesity-related problems increased for over a decade. From 261 in year 2001, the number of weight loss surgical operations in Britain has climbed to 8, 807 in the year 2011. However, this does [Read More…]

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