Understanding Postpartum Psychosis

By Sharon Moore on December 07, 2011

Having a child is truly a wonderful gift a woman can ever have. It’s a blessing, a source of joy and happiness. But while most mums in the world are excited and happy about it, some women are going through an extremely difficult situation – hating their life and their babies. Postpartum psychosis is a very serious condition that is rarely talked [Read More…]

Phoneline for Psychological Help while Waiting for the Bus

By Fiona Howard on December 05, 2011

Since 2008, a phoneline lead by clinical consultant psychologist Jim White has been helping anxious people fight the stigma brought about by mental illness. The said service is being offered in a deprived area in southeast Glasgow. Today, there are around 2,000 calls that were received by the said phoneline.   This project has been designed for peo [Read More…]

Anger Awareness Week: Tips for Managing Anger

By Amy Taylor on December 05, 2011

  Christmas is in air! This festive season is the best time to be jolly, happy, and excited. But it can also be one of the most stressful and nerve-racking events in the year.   While the kids may be very excited to receive new toys, clothes, and gadgets this holiday season, many adults are starting to feel the pressure. There’s a lot of w [Read More…]

Majority of Britons are Happy despite Economic Problems

By Helen Holmes on December 02, 2011

  Thousands of public sector workers took to the streets on Wednesday in response to the bitter row over pensions. This is the biggest strike that has taken place for over 30 years. A lot has happened – economic crisis and falling incomes.  But amidst these circumstances, study shows majority of Britons are HAPPY. The report was published by [Read More…]

Popular Christmas Gifts Wi-Fi Laptops, Cell Phones and iPads May Increase Cancer and Infertility Risks

By Amy Taylor on December 01, 2011

    Christmas is fast approaching and many people especially the young ones are starting to make their own wish lists. Topping the lists are high-end gadgets such as Wi-Fi laptops, cell phones, and iPads. But new studies suggest that these cordless devices may increase cancer and infertility risks.   The culprit behind these gadgets is the [Read More…]

Psychosis will Send Anders Breivik in Asylum than in Jail

By Sharon Moore on November 30, 2011

After killing 77 people and injuring 151, mass killer and Norwegian political extremist Anders Behring Breivik will be detained in a mental hospital than in prison. This is because the court found out that he is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. His being psychotic will not affect the trial, prosecutor Inga Bejer Engh said on her latest interview with B [Read More…]

Chinese Medicine Can Help Couples with Fertility Problems

By Sharon Moore on November 29, 2011

    Traditional Chinese medicine brings a new hope for couples having fertility issues. On a very recent study made by the researchers from Adelaide University, it was found that couples who make use of the traditional Chinese medicine are twice more likely to get pregnant than those who are relying western drugs.   The Study To arrive [Read More…]

Behavioural Addiction: Anything Can Be Addictive!

By Sharon Moore on November 28, 2011

  The concept of human beings about addiction is generally related to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes – the things that are tagged as ‘bad’ by nature. But according to the gambling studies expert Mark Griffiths, people can be addictive to anything so long as there are rewards. Anything means literally everything. Good or bad. A person [Read More…]

Green Tea Supplements Fight Flu Infections Better than Vaccinations

By Amy Taylor on November 25, 2011

The flu season is now on its full swing. And almost everyone has their own ways to keep themselves and their family safe from this contagious infection – taking Zinc and vitamin C supplements, or getting vaccinations for those who belong in at-risk groups. On a recent clinical study, it was shown that taking green tea-based supplements can reduce the [Read More…]

Acupuncture Puts Menopause on PAUSE…

By Kathleen Kaye on November 24, 2011

Excessive sweating, nausea, palpitations, bad headaches—among others, are symptoms that women wish they wouldn’t experience in their menopausal years.[1] Unfortunately, as much as 87% of menopausal women experience distressing menopausal symptoms, [2] and for most of these women, even their normal way of living becomes difficult to bear.[3] For [Read More…]

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