Why Do We Need Counselling?

By Judith Murray on November 01, 2011

It has been a long-held belief that one only goes to counselling if there is a serious problem that is too big for one to solve. Or if there are childhood traumas that have severely affected one’s adulthood. Or for many, if there are some relationships that need to be fixed. The truth is, most of us need counselling at least once in our lives. It i [Read More…]

Trick or Treat? Black Licorice May Not Be Good for the over 40s, Experts Say

By Fiona Howard on October 31, 2011

DON’T eat too much of Black Licorice! The Food & Drugs Administration warns the public to control their consumption of black licorice for health reasons. The sweet, tangy and chewy black licorice is a traditional Halloween treat that Britons love.  But this coming Trick or Treat, the FDA warns the public of the possible health risks assoc [Read More…]

Fizzy Drinks Make Teenagers More Violent, Says New Study

By Fiona Howard on October 28, 2011

FIZZY DRINKS MAKE MORE TEENAGERS VIOLENT. In a recent study conducted by a team of researchers in Harvard University and University of Vermont, it was revealed that consumption of soda drinks has a direct effect towards teenagers’ behaviour.   Said study is now published in the British Journal. How drinking soda affect youth’ [Read More…]

Counselling Prostate Cancer Survivors and their Partners Helps Improve Sex Life

By Fiona Howard on October 26, 2011

    COUPLE’S COUNSELLING helps improve sex life of prostate cancer survivors.  This was according to a recent study conducted by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre. On the said study, the researchers asked 200 men who undergone prostate cancer treatments together with their spouses to enrol in a counselling progra [Read More…]

UK is the 9th Happiest Country in the World

By Sharon Moore on October 24, 2011

UK is the 9th Happiest Country in the World. The economic recession that hit the global market made many people sad.  While many Brits are still suffering from stress and depression, UK and some other European countries made it to the top 10 happiest countries in the world.  This is according to the report from the Economic Co-Operation and Develo [Read More…]

Sinusitis & Buteyko

By Dr Janet Winter on October 20, 2011

Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinus cavities with or without infection. Excessive mucus, postnasal drip, blocked nose, pain behind the eyes and other parts of the face may all be present. Sufferers may find that certain foods and chemicals make symptoms worse. They often have disturbed sleep. Symptoms tend to become chronic and more frequent over time. S [Read More…]

Increasing Your Child’s Self-Esteem

By Helen Holmes on October 18, 2011

It is interesting to note that a significant factor of an adult’s self-esteem is how he or she developed a sense of self during his childhood years. Whatever positive or negative self-images the child forms is carried on to adulthood, greatly impacting his view of himself and his relationship with the people around him. It is therefore important that a [Read More…]

Arguing Can Be Good for Your Relationship

By Fiona Howard on October 17, 2011

Arguing is not all evil as it is popularly known to be. You may feel really upset after a fight with your partner, and you may want to sulk in the corner and depress yourself some more by staying angry. Then eventually, you may rethink the value of the relationship based on the number of fights you have had. Stop worrying about how often you and your partne [Read More…]

First Steps to a Career in Natural Health

By Jenny Masterson on October 13, 2011

Medicine is one of the fastest growing fields of employment. Training programmes abound for people who want to become a nurse, medical technician, or pharmacist, along with dozens of other medical-related careers. However, despite the growth in this field, there are also those who have grown somewhat wary of traditional Western medicine. Scientists have incr [Read More…]

Stress at Work? 14 Tips to Make You Feel Better

By Monica Wilson on October 10, 2011

  Thousands of people hide their fears and weariness behind their smiles.   Experts call this condition as smiling depression.  According to Dr Cosmo Hallstrom, a psychiatrist in London, people with smiling depression are those who wouldn’t admit they are depressed and won’t even give you a clue of what they really feel insid [Read More…]

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