Healthy Habits that People of All Ages Can Adopt to

By Lisa Franchi on April 28, 2017

Who says staying fit and healthy is costly? Or who says it takes a lot of effort? If you do the following things, achieving your health and fitness goals will never be that hard. Focus on a hearty, filling breakfast.  Think skipping breakfast can save you from gaining so many calories? Think again! Research after research shows that eating breakfast [Read More…]

Cycling to work Cuts Risk of Heart Disease and Cancer by Half, Study Finds

By Rebecca Lewis on April 27, 2017

Glasgow scientists found that only about 7 per cent of British adults regularly cycle to work and just 4 per cent do it every day. But doing so can actually cut the risk of cancer, heart problems or dying early by almost half, their research revealed. The study, which involved 263,450 adults showed that biking even short distances was far more beneficial th [Read More…]

Eating Avocado Helps Fight Heart Disease

By Sharon Moore on April 26, 2017

Avocado is most chefs’ favourite. It’s creamy and delicious, and makes a perfect addition for sushi, tacos, sandwiches, and many others. And health experts are loving it too. Just recently, a study found that eating avocado may help prevent risks associated with heart disease, including obesity, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. A diet that [Read More…]

Ways Group Therapy Benefit You

By Amy Taylor on April 25, 2017

Confiding to your closest friends can sure give you relief from your emotional stress. But how about confiding to a group of strangers? While it may seem intimidating at first to be opening to a group of people about your personal issues, psychologists swear by its benefits, especially for people who have mental health problems like anxiety and depression.&n [Read More…]

Taking Antidepressants During Pregnancy May Increase Child’s Risk of Autism, Study Finds

By Lisa Franchi on April 24, 2017

New research reported in the journal JAMA Paediatrics found that women who took antidepressant drugs during pregnancy have children who are 81 per cent more likely to develop autism. It also found a link to women who take the drugs before becoming pregnant. In particular, children are 77 per cent higher risk of being born with autism spectrum disorders (ASD [Read More…]

Successful New Beginnings

By Sue Walsh on April 24, 2017

With the emergence of spring and Easter around the corner, we naturally start thinking of growth, development and new beginnings. The dullness of winter is gone, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, gardens are in bloom and we are filled again with happiness and hope. But what of our New Year Resolutions and ‘start anew’ by improving our [Read More…]

Is Your House Too Clean? It Could Be Harming Your Kids

By Rebecca Lewis on April 21, 2017

Many parents would go all the way to keeping their house clean and ensure that their kids don’t get any contact with disease-causing germs and bacteria. Unfortunately, an ultra-clean environment may be bad for children’s health, according to experts. In a landmark book “Dirt Is Good: The Advantage of Germs for Your Child’s Developing [Read More…]

Everyday Fruits that Power Up Your Gut Health

By Sharon Moore on April 20, 2017

Your gut plays a big role in your health. Growing body of research suggests that our gut is actually our ‘second brain’. Having a healthy gut does not only give us protection from many diseases like diabetes and obesity, it also impacts our mental health. One of the easiest ways to boost your gut health is to eat foods that are high in fibre. He [Read More…]

Anxiety and Negativity Bias Linked to Certain Brain Structure

By Amy Taylor on April 20, 2017

A new study published in the journal Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience has found a link between anxiety and negativity bias and the structure in the brain just behind the temples that helps regulate thoughts and emotions. The research suggests that the smaller this structure is, the more likely a person is to suffer from anxiety and negativity bias. For [Read More…]

Six Mental Health Hacks to Manage Your Finances

By Lisa Franchi on April 19, 2017

Managing your finances can be stressful. The good news is that there are several ways to transform your mindset towards budgeting, taxes, and other finance-related matters. Here are some great mental hacks to manage your finances with little stress: Prioritise your health. Getting ill is very expensive. Before you think about saving, investing, and other i [Read More…]

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