Learning Second Language Slows Memory Decline

By Rebecca Lewis on June 04, 2014

Thinking of a way to boost your brain power? Learn a new language. New research shows it has a positive impact on mental health, even when taken up in adulthood. Previous research suggests that learning a new language could delay the onset of dementia several years later. But the big question was whether learning a new language improved cognitive functi [Read More…]

Super Steps to Boost Your Digestive Health

By Amy Taylor on June 04, 2014

They say we are just as healthy as our gut. Our digestive system works like our second brain. It is where our probiotics reside – the good bacteria that fight pathogens and other harmful substances and protect our body against potential diseases. So it is highly important that we take good care of our digestive system. The question is how? Follow [Read More…]

What Makes a Good Partner?

By Sharon Moore on June 04, 2014

What makes a good partner? Sounds an easy question but is often hard to answer. There are many myths about what makes a good partner. They include believing that this person has to agree with what you say, and being someone who ‘completes’ – just what characters in the movie say. In reality however, a good partner offers you perspect [Read More…]

15 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

By Lisa Franchi on June 03, 2014

Eating right, exercising and staying mentally active remain to be the biggest brain health boosters. But they aren’t the only options. Here are some more tips to boost your brain power: Keep learning. Read a history book, watch a documentary film or learn a new language – vast research shows that education provides some protection from wani [Read More…]

When Life Gets You Down

By Amy Taylor on June 03, 2014

How to Cope with Situational Depression In life, we all have stories of ups and downs to share. There are times when everything feels so good that we can’t just stop smiling. But there are also moments when life gets us down – such as a job layoff, a divorce, a breakup, a serious illness, or a bad day at work. Things like these make us feel [Read More…]

New Study Shows a Link between Bright Bedroom and Obesity

By Rebecca Lewis on June 03, 2014

A team of researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research in London found women had larger waistlines if their bedroom was "light enough to see across" at night. In the study, 113,000 women were asked to rate the amount of light in their bedrooms at night – whether it was light enough to read, light enough to see across the room, but not [Read More…]

Tai Chi May Slow Down Cells’ Ageing Process, Researchers Say

By Rebecca Lewis on June 02, 2014

Practising the traditional Chinese martial art called Tai Chi, may replenish stem cells and therefore slow down the ageing process – new research revealed. In the study, researchers compared tai chi with brisk walking or no exercise and found that the group performing tai chi had higher amount of the stem cell important to a number of the body&rsq [Read More…]

10 Smart Strategies to Avoid Diet Pitfalls When Dining Out

By Lisa Franchi on June 02, 2014

If you’re like most dieters, you dread dining out. In moments like this, you probably just can’t resist pampering yourself with a big plate of pasta, a large slice (or two!) of pizza, quarter-pound burger, or a large cup of frap. You’ve been working out hard and watching your diet for a long time now. You deserve some ‘indulging&rsq [Read More…]

Less Obvious Causes of Dehydration

By Amy Taylor on June 02, 2014

Water – your body needs it so much. 60 per cent or ¾ of your body is water. So lose even just 1.5 per cent of that level, and you can expect a decline in your mood, energy levels and cognitive function. Whilst some reasons of dehydration are obvious – such as exercise, a sunny day, and not drinking enough water, others are less obvious. [Read More…]

Random Thoughts Could Lead to Self-Insights, Study Finds

By Sharon Moore on May 30, 2014

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and Harvard Business School found that meaningless as they may seem, random thoughts may actually provide meaningful insight into oneself. Moreover, the ideas can influence judgment and decisions more than similar, more deliberate kinds of thinking — even on important topics such as commitment to curren [Read More…]

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