Lung Cancer May Remain Dormant for Over 20 years, New Research Find

By Sharon Moore on October 13, 2014

Lung cancer can stay dormant for years before turning into an aggressive form of disease – researchers found. A team of scientists from Cancer Research UK studied lung cancers from seven patients – including smokers, ex-smokers and never smokers. They found that after the first genetic mistakes that cause the cancer, it can exist undetected for [Read More…]

People with Autism May Have Impaired Predictive Ability, New Study Shows

By Rebecca Lewis on October 10, 2014

People with autism might live in a "magical world" in which it’s impossible to know what will happen next. According to a new study, people with autism have difficulty predicting future events, and that an impaired predictive ability would explain many of the symptoms of autism. After looking at previous research and first-hand accounts, Ri [Read More…]

7 Reasons Going On an Adventure is Good for You

By Lisa Franchi on October 10, 2014

They say it’s not money, fame or fortune that gives us happiness. It’s the experiences we go through. Interacting with nature does not only promote happiness and relieve stress; it also promotes your physical and mental health in significant ways. It improves your physical health. Recent studies suggest that our obsession with cleanliness mig [Read More…]

Ways to Repair Your Relationship

By Amy Taylor on October 10, 2014

Every couple faces different challenges. And no matter how much you love each other, research shows fighting is inevitable. But that’s okay. What’s important is both of you make an effort to fix your relationship. Here are some strategies to get started. Bring back the sizzle. One of the factors that contribute to relationship dissatisfaction [Read More…]

How Curiosity Promotes Learning & Boosts Cognitive Function

By Sharon Moore on October 09, 2014

New findings in the journal Neuron provide insights into what happens in our brains when curiosity is piqued, and could help scientists find ways to enhance overall learning and memory in both healthy individuals and those with neurological conditions. "Our findings potentially have far-reaching implications for the public because they reveal insight [Read More…]

A Better Way to Find Healing from Child Abuse

By Lisa Franchi on October 09, 2014

For many adults, their childhood is one of the best times in their life. It’s a picture of fun and silliness, laughter, and learning. It’s where all the happy memories reside. But for some people, childhood is their worst nightmare, a curse that holds them back to living their present life to the fullest. It’s the source of tears, unhappine [Read More…]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: These Facts Could Keep You Safe

By Rebecca Lewis on October 09, 2014

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. In 2011, around 49,900 women or 130 women every day were diagnosed with breast cancer. Worldwide, one in 10 women is diagnosed of the same. Most women who get it (8 out of 10) are over 50, but younger women, and in rare cases, men, can also get breast cancer. In 2011, 350 men were diagnosed, according [Read More…]

Too Much Alcohol May Harm Sperm, Study Says

By Lisa Franchi on October 08, 2014

 Young men who binge drink are more likely to suffer from low sperm count and quality, according to new research. Furthermore, the risk of sexually transmitted disease increases with more drinking. While men drinking the most alcohol each week or 40 units or more had the lowest sperm count, an effect was seen even in men drinking as little as five unit [Read More…]

Things You Should Do in Your 30s to Be Happier & Healthier

By Amy Taylor on October 08, 2014

With all those fun, carefree days you had in your 20s, your 30s can feel like the real start of adulthood. But as you enter this stage, you could feel weary, afraid, anxious and totally overwhelmed with what may happen. You might be afraid of facing new bigger responsibilities, or about the changes happening in your physical, emotional and mental being. Don& [Read More…]

8 Easy Lifestyle Tips to Lower Cholesterol

By Rebecca Lewis on October 08, 2014

Has your doctor said you have high cholesterol? Don’t lose hope. And don’t ever think medication is the only answer. You must know that even simple lifestyle tweaks can lower your cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of heart disease. Here are some simple things you can do today to keep your cholesterol levels in check: Observe proper food [Read More…]

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