Raising Your Self-Esteem amidst Difficult Times

By Amy Taylor on February 25, 2014

It is really difficult to try lifting your self-esteem up during bad times – when you’re dealing with a disability, when you’re having a difficult time getting along with someone you care about, when you are being pushed to your limits at work, when you’re going through financial difficulties, and so on. In times like these, all yo [Read More…]

10 Superfoods to Ease Anxiety

By Rebecca Lewis on February 25, 2014

It is normal to feel anxious at times. That’s part of your survival instinct. But if anxiety is already disrupting your daily activities, health and well-being, now is the time to seek therapy. There are various treatments, such as counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) that can help you overcome anxiety disorder. Aside from these, positiv [Read More…]

Sedentary Behaviour Linked to Disability Regardless of Regular Exercise, Study Finds

By Rebecca Lewis on February 24, 2014

People over the age of 60 who spend more time sitting have double the risk of being disabled, regardless of their levels of physical activity, reported a new study. There are over 11 million people with a limiting long term illness, impairment or disability in Great Britain, according to the 2008 Fair Treatment at Work Survey. In the US, disability affect [Read More…]

Bright Light Intensifies Emotions, Which May Affect Decision Making

By Amy Taylor on February 24, 2014

Got an important decision to make? It may be helpful to dim the lights first. That’s because human emotions, negative or positive, are felt more intensely under bright light, according to a new study. Researchers from the University of Toronto Scarborough and Rotman School of Management conducted a series of studies to examine the relationship betwe [Read More…]

Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work

By Sharon Moore on February 24, 2014

No matter how much you love your job, admit it – there are times when you just don’t have the energy to work anymore (at least for a day or two). We all need a break from work. And that desire to take some time off, if ignored, could lead to worse outcomes like depression, anxiety and substance abuse. What’s more, it makes us unproductive a [Read More…]

6 Possible Reasons Why Your Digestive System is Not Working

By Lisa Franchi on February 24, 2014

Most people struggle with digestive health issues nowadays, and there are many factors to it.  Below are some of the possible reasons why your digestive system is not working. You’re suffering from enzyme deficiency. Enzymes play a vital role in your digestive health. Most essential enzymes your gut needs can be obtained from food. Otherwise, [Read More…]

Neurofeedback Therapy May Benefit Kids with ADHD, Study Finds

By Lisa Franchi on February 21, 2014

A new study found that children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD) may benefit from getting a type of training during school hours that monitors their brain waves to help improve attention. The research involved 104 elementary school children, from 19 public elementary schools in the greater Boston area, who were diagnosed with ADHD. Participants were [Read More…]

Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

By Amy Taylor on February 21, 2014

A growing body of research suggests that in order to succeed in life, we need not just be intellectually smart, but emotionally intelligent as well. According to Psychology Today, emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. It is generally said to include three skills: the ability to identify you [Read More…]

How to Keep Up with Everything and Slow Down

By Sharon Moore on February 21, 2014

Always in a rush? If you’re like most people, 24 hours are not enough to get all your daily activities done. You are probably surprised to know that it’s Friday already. What?! Yesterday was just Monday and now, it’s the end of the work week? Even though you are excited, you are also anxious and burned out because this coming weekend, you w [Read More…]

Therapy Better than Meds in Alleviating Chronic Pain

By Rebecca Lewis on February 21, 2014

A new comprehensive review found that psychological interventions often provide more relief to chronic pain sufferers than prescription drugs or surgery, without the risk of side effects. Chronic pain is defined as pain that has lasted longer than three to six months, though some theorists and researchers have placed the transition from acute to chronic p [Read More…]

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