Morning Tricks to Jumpstart Your Metabolism (& Lose More Weight)

By Sharon Moore on May 12, 2015

We all know that weight loss begins with a healthy metabolism. When your body is able to metabolise the energy it gets from food, your body can utilise it more efficiently and burn fats at a faster rate. So most people who are trying to lose weight are also finding ways to rev their metabolism. And when could be a perfect time to get your metabolism pumping [Read More…]

Obesity & Depression Linked to Daytime Sleepiness

By Amy Taylor on May 11, 2015

Wondering why you still feel sleepy during the day even though you are getting enough sleep at night? According to a new study, other than insomnia, depression and obesity are common underlying causes for daytime sleepiness (EDS). Such findings may help experts develop a more personalised treatment plan for those experiencing regular daytime drowsiness. ED [Read More…]

How to Stop Feeling Sorry about Yourself

By Sharon Moore on May 11, 2015

Self-pity. It strikes us from time to time. When someone we like rejects us, when our boss doesn’t seem to appreciate our efforts, or when things aren’t going as planned, we tend to feel sorry for ourselves. But this attitude does not help. Whilst you may feel the need to throw a pity party, feeling sorry for yourself can become downright self-de [Read More…]

Things You Should Stop Doing Now to Free Yourself from Anxiety

By Rebecca Lewis on May 08, 2015

Anxiety disorder is among the most common mental health disorders affecting millions of people worldwide. Whilst being anxious from time to time is normal, and could in fact help us do things better and in a more careful way, too much anxiety gives us more harm than good. Not only does it prevent us from reaching our full potential, it also gives us emotiona [Read More…]

Mind over Matter: How Emotional Stress Affect Your Body

By Sharon Moore on May 08, 2015

When it comes to mental health issues, physical pain is only the tip of the iceberg. Many people don’t realise that emotional turmoil does have a huge impact on their physical health. For instance, people with depression report experiencing bodily pains and fatigue symptoms. Understanding the connection between the mind and body can help open the doo [Read More…]

Poor Sunlight Exposure Linked to Pancreatic Cancer, Research Finds

By Lisa Franchi on May 07, 2015

Researchers from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine report pancreatic cancer rates are highest in countries with the least amount of sunlight. Pancreatic cancer is the 12th most common cancer in the world and is the most common cause of death from cancer, according to World Cancer Research Fund International. There are 338,000 new ca [Read More…]

Weight Loss Foods that Take Minutes to Prepare

By Rebecca Lewis on May 07, 2015

Think that eating healthy takes time and effort? Not really. Whilst a lot of people can keep up with regular exercise, not everyone is able to stick to a healthy, well-balanced diet. And the reasons why include the cost, skills and time needed to prep good food. But the truth is preparing healthy foods is not that time-consuming or expensive. Whilst their [Read More…]

Fuzzy thinking’ in Depression and Bipolar Disorder is Real, Researchers Say

By Lisa Franchi on May 06, 2015

People suffering from either depression or bipolar disorder often feel that their mental skills have gotten ‘fuzzy’, than before their symptoms began. Now, scientists say that this is more than just a feeling. This effect is indeed real, and is rooted in brain activity differences. The large-scale study was carried out by researchers from the [Read More…]

Cultivating Inner Peace: 6 Major Steps

By Sharon Moore on May 05, 2015

Inner peace. We all want a little of it, even for just a while. It is what keeps us strong in times of distress, and what motivates us to keep moving forward, amidst all the negative experiences we face in life. But inner peace isn’t something that we cultivate overnight. It takes time and effort too. There are good mental habits that we can practise t [Read More…]

Foods that Cause Bloating

By Rebecca Lewis on May 05, 2015

Bloating – it is something we don’t want to experience especially when we are trying to fit on a dress for that dinner date, a night-out with friends, or a company event. It is that awful puffy feeling that you get when you eat too much or too fast, or when you take a lot of fibre that causes gas build-up in your stomach. Bloating is often not se [Read More…]

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