A Day of Mindfulness Alters Gene Expression, Study Suggests

By Rebecca Lewis on December 10, 2013

Previous research has shown that practising meditation regularly can literally change the brain structure, resulting to better cognition. Now, a new study from US and European scientists suggests specific molecular changes within the body following a period of mindfulness meditation. For the current study, the researchers examined the effects of a day of ex [Read More…]

8 Tips to Get Back on Your Old, Healthy Self

By Sharon Moore on December 10, 2013

We’re down to the last month of the year. Most of us are excited about making a fresh new start in their life. It could be a change in career or a healthier lifestyle. But before that, we want to make the most out of the remaining days of 2013 by attending family gatherings, reunions and parties – overflowing with beer and lots and lots of junk f [Read More…]

The Bright Side of Pessimism (5 Benefits of a Little Negativity)

By Amy Taylor on December 10, 2013

We all know that positive thinking is one key to success and happiness in life. Vast studies have shown that optimism does have plenty of benefits, most are health-related. These include better cholesterol, stronger immunity, less stress, and lower risk of stroke. Optimism is always viewed as a positive attitude. But some experts believe that it is really [Read More…]

10 Signs You’re Emotionally Intelligent

By Rebecca Lewis on December 09, 2013

Intelligence and creativity are no doubt important to success. But emotional intelligence is equally important as well – not just in our journey to success but also towards lasting happiness. But how do you know if you are scoring high on emotional intelligence?   Emotional intelligence, as described by Professor John D. Mayer of the University o [Read More…]

The Voice Within: Researcher Tackles Auditory Verbal Hallucination

By Sharon Moore on December 09, 2013

Whilst “hearing voices” are behaviours often seen in people with schizophrenia, most of the time it is a common phenomenon that even healthy individuals experience. And despite the fact that they are fundamentally a social experience, current theories remain rooted in an individualistic account and have largely avoided engagement with social cogn [Read More…]

Common Misconceptions about Chronic Pain Sufferers

By Amy Taylor on December 09, 2013

Chronic pain is defined as pain that persists for at least six months. Experts say it is not taken seriously enough. Aside from the fact that not all treatments work for some people, a lot of misconceptions about chronic pain makes this condition even more aggravating. Below are some of them: If people look fine, they must feel fine. People with chroni [Read More…]

Coffee or Beer? You Choice Could Affect Your Lifespan, New Study Suggests

By Lisa Franchi on December 09, 2013

Coffee and beer have opposite effects on your body – the latter winds you down whilst the former picks you up. Now, new research has found that these popular beverages may also have opposite effects on your telomeres – the protective ends of your genes that play a crucial role in cellular disease and ageing. The Study Scientists from Tel Aviv [Read More…]

Dementia Cases to Treble by Year 2050

By Amy Taylor on December 06, 2013

Report by the Alzheimer’s Disease International revealed that there are 44 million sufferers of dementia worldwide. But the number is set to ‘treble’ by year 2050. Currently, 38% of cases are in rich countries. But the trend is expected to shift significantly by 2050, with 71% of patients being in poor and middle-income countries. The wors [Read More…]

LOL! What Laughing Does to Your Health

By Lisa Franchi on December 06, 2013

A penguin walks into a shop and asks the assistant: ’Do you have any grapes?’ ’No,’ he replies. The same thing happens the next day and on the third day the assistant replies: ’No, and if you come in asking for grapes again! I will nail your flippers to the floor!’ Next day the penguin walks in and asks: ’Got any nai [Read More…]

10 Tips for a Healthy & Relaxing Weekend

By Rebecca Lewis on December 06, 2013

It’s Friday. You didn’t miss any of your daily workout plans and you managed to stick to your diet programme. Yes!  Now what? If you’re like most people, your willpower tends to go out of the window during weekends. You just find yourself noshing on chicken fingers, reaching out for a packet of crisps, and drowning yourself in beer. An [Read More…]

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