7 Reasons Why You Should Try Hypnosis Today

By Amy Taylor on July 03, 2014

When you hear the word “hypnosis”, you might think of some mysterious guy who waves a pocket watch back and forth, guiding his subject into a semi-sleep, zombie state – ready to do exactly what he says. That’s how they describe it in movies. Whilst hypnosis might sound like some fictitious activity, overwhelming research points out th [Read More…]

Poor Sleep Linked to Speedy Mental Decline in Older Adults

By Sharon Moore on July 03, 2014

Sleeping problems are common among older adults, with many of them getting just about 6 or 7 hours of slumber. Now, new research from the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore found evidence that lack of sleep triggers mental decline at a faster rate. For the study, researchers examined the data of 66 older Chinese adults, from the Singapore-Longitu [Read More…]

Quitting Smoking & Losing Weight May Cut Pancreatic Cancer Risk by 40 Percent

By Sharon Moore on July 02, 2014

  40 per cent of pancreatic cancer cases – one of the deadliest forms of cancer, can be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight and not smoking, according to new research. Survival rates in pancreatic cancer remain low, despite the huge improvements in treatments. Merely 3 three per cent of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer survive the d [Read More…]

Worried Again? Here’s What You Should Do

By Amy Taylor on July 02, 2014

Worried that you might not get the job? Worried about your health? Worried that you might not have enough money to pay for a bigger house? Worried that your kids may not be doing well in school? We all have worries. And they can really make us feel anxious and helpless at times. But chronic worrying won’t do you any good. It’s not going [Read More…]

8 Herbs and Spices that Can Save Your Health

By Rebecca Lewis on July 02, 2014

Sometimes, simply adding a few spices to a meal is all it takes to make your dish taste really great, as if it has been prepared by a world renowned chef. But using spices doesn’t only make your dish taste good, it can also be an inexpensive, sumptuous and effective way to boost your health and increase your well-being. Whether you love to cook o [Read More…]

Superfoods that Keep You Fuller for Longer

By Amy Taylor on July 01, 2014

  One of the major reasons why many people fail in their attempt to lose weight is this: hunger. Cutting back on your calorie intake is a must if you want to see great results fast. But the good news is that you really don’t have to starve yourself! The key to a fulfilling weight loss journey is to make smart food choices. There are foods that [Read More…]

Chronic Stress Creates Lasting Impact on the Child’s Brain, Study Finds

By Lisa Franchi on July 01, 2014

A little bit of stress can be beneficial for children as it opens the opportunity for learning, adapting and coping. But exposure to chronic stress, which can be obtained from poverty, neglect and abuse, can have lasting negative impact on their brain. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that chronic stress experienced early in life [Read More…]

7 Creative Activities that Can De-Stress You (And Boost Your Health)

By Rebecca Lewis on July 01, 2014

What do you do when you’re stressed? Do you find yourself binge-eating, smoking or drinking alcohol? Whilst these can all give you a boost in mood, they are only ‘quick fixes’. More alarming, they can actually ruin your health in the long run. There’s no need to engage in unhealthy habits like these. Studies show that there bett [Read More…]

Are You a Compassionate Person? 6 Ways to Tell

By Amy Taylor on June 30, 2014

If you’ve been reading well about the latest on health and wellness, you know that money, fortune and fame are not really the key to happiness. Research on positive psychology suggests that if we want to be happy, we should practise compassion. That is, your happiness does not depend solely on you, but in your relationship with others too. Being c [Read More…]

Eating More Fruits & Veggies Not Enough to Lose Weight, Research Finds

By Lisa Franchi on June 30, 2014

Looking to shed extra pounds? Simply eating more fruits and vegetables may not be enough, according to a new study. Researchers from the University of Alabama-Birmingham say that while it is a commonly recommended weight-loss tactic to increase the feeling of being full by consuming more fruits and vegetables, increased fruit and vegetable consumption per [Read More…]

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