How to Regain Self-Esteem after a Mental Health Crisis

By Lisa Franchi on December 16, 2015

Experiencing a mental health crisis is one of the most challenging moment in a person’s life. Mental illness makes us think differently, act and talk differently, and perceive things in negative ways. And even though you have already recovered, a mental health crisis can also take a huge toll on your self-esteem. It may cause you to feel less confident [Read More…]

Antidepressant Use During pregnancy Raises Autism Risk by 87 percent

By Rebecca Lewis on December 16, 2015

Antidepressants can have several health effects especially when used during pregnancy. According to the latest study from the University of Montreal, mums who used antidepressants while they are pregnant are at increased risk of having children who will develop autism.  While the causes of autism remain unclear, studies show that genetics and environme [Read More…]

How to Comfort Yourself When you’re Feeling Anxious

By Sharon Moore on December 15, 2015

There are many things in life that make us feel frustrated and anxious. Having anxiety is incredibly frustrating. And once it gets out of control, it becomes overwhelming. But don’t lose hope. Below are some great strategies to comfort yourself whenever you are feeling anxious.  Take a timeout.  It is very important, when you are feeling an [Read More…]

One’s True Age Can Be Revealed Using Simple Blood Testing, Study Finds

By Amy Taylor on December 14, 2015

Want to know your real biological age? There’s no need for comprehensive medical tests. A simple blood test will do, according to new research.  Scientists from Uppsala University found that a simple blood test can reveal how your lifestyle affects the body’s age. Their study involved an analysis of a number of proteins in blood samples fro [Read More…]

Too Much Sleep Is Bad for Your Health Too, Study Suggests

By Lisa Franchi on December 14, 2015

Numerous studies have linked poor health to lack of sleep. But it seems that even going overboard can be harmful for our body, too. The new results, coming from Australia’s largest health study, suggests that sleeping more than 9 hours a day makes a person more prone to premature death. Combined with prolonged sitting, too much sleep poses great healt [Read More…]

Pressured? Here’s What You Can Do

By Rebecca Lewis on December 11, 2015

Feeling pressured? We all do once in a while. Whether it’s a school exam, a job interview, a business deal, or a more personal one like wedding preparation - in some cases we find ourselves pressured and really stressed out. And really, it isn’t easy to deal with. And many times, feeling pressured leads to poor performance and outcome.  So [Read More…]

Are the Brains of Men and Women Truly Different?

By Sharon Moore on December 11, 2015

 While specific parts of the human brain shows sex differences, an individual brain only rarely has all "male" traits or all "female" traits, researchers say. They report it’s more likely to be a mixed bag: some things are more common in women, some more common in men, and some are common in both. In the current study, resea [Read More…]

Top Signs You’re Being Hard on Yourself

By Amy Taylor on December 10, 2015

They say “loving yourself is the greatest love of all”. But does this resonate with you? Are you treating yourself well or are you being too tough on yourself? We all encounter situations wherein we are forced to push ourselves to our limits. It could be due to commitments, responsibilities, personal and career goals, etc. We try so hard to meet [Read More…]

Physical Activity Makes Your Brain More Open to Change

By Lisa Franchi on December 10, 2015

Want to enhance your brain’s ability to self-repair, as well as your memory and learning ability? Make exercise part of your regular routine. According to a new study, physical activity improves neurons’ ability to change with experience, which results to significant brain health benefits.  The new findings, according to the researchers, co [Read More…]

New Study Shows Why People Are Quick to Assign Blame than Give Credits

By Rebecca Lewis on December 09, 2015

New research sheds light on why people are biased toward treating negative actions as intentional but positive actions as unintentional. The study, held by scientists from Duke University, assessed differences in personality traits and other psychological measures among the participants, and found that if the action produced a negative effect, they were more [Read More…]

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