10 Things You Can Do to Get the Best out of Life

By Amy Taylor on September 21, 2015

Have you ever wished that you were happier, healthier, and fitter? Despite the frantic world we live, it is way possible to regain full control of your life, make healthy and better choices, and be happier. And for you to get to these, we’ve got some great tips for you. Make walking a daily habit. A daily walk is a simple habit that can dramatically [Read More…]

Mediterranean Diet Linked to Low Levels of Depression

By Sharon Moore on September 18, 2015

A new study, which involved more than 15,000 people, found that a diet loaded with fruit, vegetables, beans and nuts and olive oil, and has less processed meat, could prevent the onset of depression. The findings, published in the journal BMC Medicine, suggest that people who eat more of foods high in omega-4 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals were less li [Read More…]

Using Essential Oils to Fight Anxiety

By Lisa Franchi on September 18, 2015

We live in a very busy world. And like most people, you probably find yourself overwhelmed with so many things. And sometimes, we no longer have the drive to resist the challenges that life throws at us. Fortunately, there are several anxiety and stress-busting strategies that we can try. And no, they aren’t difficult to do. Sometimes, fighting anxiety [Read More…]

A Double Espresso at Night Delays Your Body’s Internal Clock, Research Finds

By Amy Taylor on September 17, 2015

UK researchers have found for the first time that drinking caffeinated beverages at night delays the internal circadian rhythm which signals our body to get ready for sleep and prepare to wake up.  The study, carried out by researchers from University of Colorado Boulder and the Medical Research Council’s Laboratory of Molecular Biology in [Read More…]

5 Things Chronically Unhappy People Do

By Rebecca Lewis on September 17, 2015

All of us feel sad from time to time. All of us experience negative thoughts from time to time as well. Human emotions are indeed complex in nature. One day we may find ourselves overjoyed, and the next day - emotionally tormented. But if unhappiness tends to rule our life, then there is emotional imbalance. We are who we think we are. Our personalities are [Read More…]

Yoga Proven to Be Beneficial for Arthritis

By Lisa Franchi on September 16, 2015

A US study provides evidence that yoga may be beneficial for people suffering from arthritis. According to the researchers, practising this gentle form of exercise can actually alleviate pain and boost energy levels. More interestingly, the benefits still remain even after months after the classes ended. For the study, researchers at Johns Hopkins Universi [Read More…]

Probiotic-Rich Foods other than Yoghurt

By Sharon Moore on September 16, 2015

Probiotics are good for you. And it’s not a hype. More and more studies attest to the amazing things these good bacteria can do not just to our gut but also to our brain. And talking about probiotics, you might think that yoghurt is only the food to eat. Well, you’re wrong. There are many other good source of probiotics. So the next time you feel [Read More…]

No - Working Out Doesn’t Negate Health Risks of Binge Drinking, Experts Say

By Rebecca Lewis on September 15, 2015

Women who drink at least five units of alcohol or wine per day are more likely to hit the gym four or more times a week believing that doing so could cut the health risks associated to binge drinking - according to an independent survey conducted across the UK. The survey, entitled The Way We Drink Now, was backed by charities Alcohol Concern and Drink Wise [Read More…]

Are You Wasting So Much Time? 5 Possible Reasons You Should Not Ignore

By Lisa Franchi on September 15, 2015

Does it take you forever to declutter your home, set an appointment with your GP, go to the gym, or finish a project or task your boss assigns to you? There are indeed times wherein everything takes forever. Psychologists call it ‘procrastination’ and it’s normal. But if it becomes more of a daily thing that is already affecting many aspect [Read More…]

Eat Fish, Be Happy: New Research Says Eating Fish May Lower Risk of Depression

By Lisa Franchi on September 14, 2015

An analysis of 26 studies found that the people who consumed the most fish had a 17 per cent lower risk of depression than those who ate the least amount of fish. The analysis involved over 150,000 people and examined the relationship between depression and consumption of fish. The researchers found that men who ate the most fish had a 20 percent lower risk [Read More…]

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