Depression in Men and Women: 7 Key Differences

By Amy Taylor on September 07, 2015

While most symptoms of depression are the same in both men and women, they could experience it in different manners. Understanding those differences may help those suffering from depression better cope with this debilitating mental disorder. Below are some of the major differences between male and female depression. Depression is more common among women. W [Read More…]

Neuron Responsible for Alcoholism Found

By Amy Taylor on September 04, 2015

Research published in the Journal of Neuroscience points out the population of neurons in the brain which could predict a person’s tendency to engage in alcoholism. The new findings, according to the researchers, are an important step towards developing treatments that target this form of substance abuse. "Alcoholism is a very common disease,&quo [Read More…]

6 Easy Ways to Be Unhappy

By Sharon Moore on September 04, 2015

We all want to be happy. Unfortunately, many end up being sad in their quest for happiness. Why? It’s because they think that happiness is a destination, when in fact - it’s actually the journey. Below are the easiest ways to be unhappy in life. Giving up. Giving up on our dreams is one of the most painful things we can experience. While it ma [Read More…]

New Research Says Obesity May Be Hard-Wired in the Brain

By Amy Taylor on September 03, 2015

Why do some people have a hard time losing weight? And why do some people find it hard to resist food cravings? According to new research, looking deep into the human brain would tell the answer. A team of Australian and Spanish researchers looked at the brain scans of 39 obese people and 42 normal weights to investigate their responses to pictures of food. [Read More…]

Why Conflict Matters in a Relationship: And How to Deal with It

By Lisa Franchi on September 03, 2015

Healthy couples don’t fight. True or false? While generally seen as ‘unhealthy’, fighting can actually be beneficial for couples. Conflicts in a relationship are inevitable because basically - there are two individual beings with different backgrounds and personalities. While we often find a partner who shares our sentiments, there are sure [Read More…]

10 Wonder Foods that Aren’t Hard to Find

By Sharon Moore on September 02, 2015

Many of us always think of healthy foods as hard-to-find treasures. Yes they are indeed treasures. But majority of the healthiest foods out there aren’t hard to find. Chances are, they are sitting in your pantry for such a long time now, you just don’t realise how great they are for your health. Below are among the healthiest foods in the world [Read More…]

Kitchen Hacks to Increase Your Weight Loss Success

By Lisa Franchi on September 02, 2015

It’s been two weeks since you last visited your favourite restaurant. You also quit eating junk food and cut back on alcohol. What’s more, you’ve signed up for a gym membership. You are feeling better. You know your chances of losing weight is getting higher each day. But one Friday afternoon you came home – hungry and tired. You went [Read More…]

Fried Food Consumption Raises Heart Disease Risk by Over 50 Percent Study Finds

By Lisa Franchi on September 01, 2015

 Yes – that crispy, juicy finger-licking fried chicken can be a perfect meal after a long tiring day. Unfortunately, it comes with health risks too – big ones – like increased risk of heart disease. Researchers from University of Alabama-Birmingham found that a "Southern diet" heavy on fried foods, processed meats and sugary [Read More…]

Inside Out: Accepting Your Emotions, Good or Bad

By Amy Taylor on September 01, 2015

Just recently, another animated film has conquered the big screens and really captured the hearts of millions of young people… and the older ones too. Inside Out, the newest 3D –computer animated drama produced by Pixar Animation Studio and released by Walt Disney Pictures, is indeed a very timely and must-watch film. Apart from the very cute ch [Read More…]

Eating Protein-Packed Foods Everyday Protect Heart like Quitting Smoking

By Sharon Moore on August 28, 2015

Eating foods that are rich in protein every day saves your heart the way quitting smoking does, new research revealed. The findings, based on the study of 2,000 British women, found that people who eat lots of protein-rich food were found to have lower blood pressure and more healthy arteries, significantly lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke. Acc [Read More…]

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