8 Reasons to Drink Matcha Green Every Day

By Sharon Moore on July 27, 2015

Matcha green tea is considered the highest-quality powdered green tea available, and is made from nutrient-field tips of Camellia sinensi plant. The plant is steamed, stemmed and de-vined before stone-grinding it into very fine powder. And to preserve its beautiful green colour and antioxidant properties, the powder is stored away from light and oxygen. Ev [Read More…]

Alzheimer’s Worsens Twice As Fast in Women, Study Shows

By Lisa Franchi on July 24, 2015

Alzheimer’s disease is a mental health disorder that affects both men and women, particularly in old age. But this debilitating disease seems to develop at a faster rate among women, new study found. The research, led by led by Katherine Lin of Duke University Medical Centre, suggests that men and women at risk of Alzheimer’s may be having two v [Read More…]

5 Stress and Anxiety-Reducing Strategies You Can do Right Now

By Sharon Moore on July 24, 2015

It’s that day of the week we’ve all been waiting for. You probably have a few plans for the weekend already. But there you are – dead tired. Stressed to the max. Stress and anxiety are two of the most common mental health issues we all suffer from. They give us overwhelming emotions that sap our energy, makes us less productive, and make [Read More…]

A New Scientific Insight on Loneliness: Why Do Lonely People Stay Lonely?

By Rebecca Lewis on July 23, 2015

Nobody wants to be lonely, according to a popular song. And that’s not only for the reason that being lonely makes people distressed, but also because it puts a huge toll on their health. But despite the negative impact of being lonely, why do lonely people stay this way? New research has found the answer. It is believed that people become socially is [Read More…]

Natural Ways to Treat Sore Throat

By Sharon Moore on July 23, 2015

We all suffer from sore throat from time to time. Sore throat can be the first sign of cold or strained vocal cords, or a symptom of something more serious (like strep throat). Sore throat can cause great discomfort, regardless of its cause. So when it strikes, you want to get relief fast. And if you are like most people, you are most likely take medication [Read More…]

One Night of Sleep Loss Can Alter Genes that Control Our Bio Clock, Study Finds

By Amy Taylor on July 22, 2015

Researchers from Uppsala University and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden have found that even just a single night of sleep loss can alter the genes that control the biological clocks in cells throughout the body. The study involved 15 healthy normal-weight men who had been sleep-deprived for almost two nights. During the second night the participants sle [Read More…]

The 7 Magical Ways Talk Therapy Can Change Your Life

By Rebecca Lewis on July 22, 2015

Psychotherapy, known as ‘talk therapy’, is an effective treatment for clinical depression and many other mental health issues. But contrary to popular belief, talk therapy is also a great tool for everyday individuals who are seeking to improve the quality of their life, overcome unwanted habits, and deal with stress effectively. Below are some [Read More…]

Cardio Workouts Great for Combating Job Burnout, Study Says

By Amy Taylor on July 21, 2015

Do you work out when you are stressed? If yes, you probably have experienced the calming and mood-boosting effect of exercise during emotionally and physically draining moments like this. Not only does it lower your cortisol levels, working out also protects you from work-related burnout. Burnout is normal at work. Doing the same task over and over again, a [Read More…]

How to Be Grateful When You Can’t

By Sharon Moore on July 21, 2015

You know that practising gratefulness is one of the keys to happiness. You know it is good for your mind, body and soul. You know it could make you feel instantly better. You heard many experts say that for us to have a thriving life, we need to start recognising positive things in our life and be thankful for them. But how do you do it when you just can&rsq [Read More…]

Altruism Can Be Fast and Effortless, Brain Study Shows

By Rebecca Lewis on July 20, 2015

A new study carried out by the researchers from California Institute of Technology developed a computational model of how the brain makes altruistic choices. Such model also helps predict when a person will act generously involving the sacrifice of money, and may help explain why being generous sometimes feels so difficult. Why we act altruistically was con [Read More…]

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