5 Must-Try Techniques to Counter Negative Thinking during Bedtime

By Rebecca Lewis on February 02, 2015

Bedtime is supposed to be the time to give yourself a break from all the stresses of the day. It is the time to finally let your body rest without hesitation, let it recover, and refuel the lost energy. But for most of us, it is also the time to ruminate about negative experiences, especially those that happened within the day. The time to think about the t [Read More…]

Vitamin D Does More than Strengthen Your Bones, Study Finds

By Sharon Moore on February 02, 2015

Also called the “sunshine vitamin”, vitamin D is highly valued for its role in keeping our bones healthy and strong. But its function goes more than that. A growing body of evidence shows it is involved in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, glucose intolerance, high blood pressure and multiple sclerosis. When it comes to bone health, vita [Read More…]

5 Ways Your Thoughts Affect Your Mental Health

By Sharon Moore on January 30, 2015

What we think affects our emotions, and our emotions affect our actions. Many of us tend to stick to unhealthy thought patterns that affect our mental health. Here are some of them. Overgeneralizing Just because you didn’t close one deal doesn’t mean you are not capable of closing anymore deals. Just because you failed the interview with one co [Read More…]

Postpartum Depression Can Start As Soon as Pregnancy Starts, Research Suggests

By Amy Taylor on January 30, 2015

Postpartum depression is a common concern among women. But not all experience it in the same way. According to a new study by University of North Carolina, some women experience the onset of depressive symptoms during pregnancy, which can result in a greater risk of developing the most severe type of postpartum depression after birth. Dr Samantha Meltzer-Br [Read More…]

Ways Having a Regular Workout Routine Benefits Other Areas of Your Life

By Lisa Franchi on January 30, 2015

You know that exercising is good for you. But how often do you do it? Many people understand the real value of physical activity. But too often, they have a lot of excuses, and the most common one is lack of time. Whilst the most popular benefit of regular exercise is weight loss, it actually does more. In fact, being able to establish a regular workout ro [Read More…]

Fermented Food Linked to Better Mental Health

By Sharon Moore on January 29, 2015

Numerous studies suggest that our gut health is linked to our mental health. Now, new research suggests that fermented food partly explains the link between traditional dietary practices and positive mental health. For the study, a team of researchers from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, looked at the influence of fermented food a [Read More…]

How to Relieve Stress in Minutes!

By Rebecca Lewis on January 29, 2015

We all get stressed from time to time. And once we get hooked to it, it often takes plenty of time before it goes away. And we get even more stressed. But the good news is that getting overwhelmed by stress is something that is within our control. Yes, we have the power to keep it from affecting our life, health and well-being. And the most awesome thing? [Read More…]

10 Health Foods that Help You Sleep Fast

By Rebecca Lewis on January 29, 2015

Do you find yourself tossing and turning in bed for a long time before finally falling to sleep? Here’s the good news. There is a delicious way to deal with sleep problems. Sometimes, simply having the right bedtime snack works a lot. Below are some of the best foods for good sleep. A Handful of Walnuts Want something crunchy and flavourful for your [Read More…]

Management Strategies May Fight Mental Health Stigma

By Amy Taylor on January 28, 2015

40 per cent of workers would not tell their managers that they have a mental health problem. However, approximately half of those surveyed report they would help a co-worker if the worker has a mental health concern, new research reveals. The survey, carried out by a team of researchers from Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Canada, and led b [Read More…]

Benefits of Cutting Back on Alcohol

By Rebecca Lewis on January 28, 2015

Drinking alcohol is perhaps one of the best weekend leisure activities that many of us look forward to. As early as Friday night, we would go bar hopping with friends and alcohol will be pouring all night long. “Drink till you drop” is the mantra. Drinking alcohol is deeply ingrained in many cultures, and many people couldn’t picture their [Read More…]

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