Weird Stress Triggers that Take a Huge Toll on Your Health

By Lisa Franchi on November 19, 2015

You probably know all the major sources of stress in your life - money problems, work, and yes - that terrible commute. But did you know there are so many other things that keep you close to stress? These are things that don’t normally overwhelm you in the moment but pile up overtime and take a huge toll on your health. And the worst thing is - you har [Read More…]

Junk Food Craving May be Hardwired to Some People’s Brain, Study Finds

By Lisa Franchi on November 17, 2015

Can’t get rid of your junk food habit? Your genes may be to blame. According to the latest research, some people’s brains are ’hardwired’ to want high-fat foods.  Scientists identified two genetic variants present in the brain which could cause certain people to experience more intense cravings for unhealthy food by altering the [Read More…]

In the Face of Criticism: 4 Simple Strategies When Dealing with Negative Feedback

By Sharon Moore on November 17, 2015

We all face criticisms once in a while. Whether at work, in school, or at home - we often hear feedback that make us feel miserable and not good enough. Even a small suggestion from your boss can feel like a massive personal attack. No matter how positively it was stated, it still can hurt. And sometimes, criticisms are really difficult to accept.  How [Read More…]

Mastering the Art of Persistence: 5 Strategies that Work

By Rebecca Lewis on November 17, 2015

We all have goals. But not every one of us succeeds at achieving them. Whether it’s starting a business, losing weight, or learning a new tool - too often, we don’t accomplish our goals due to lack of this very important value: persistence. Many people give up too soon on their dreams. Some simply choose to dream, not doing anything to make it [Read More…]

New Study: Just Three Cups of Tea Cuts Risk of Bone Fracture by a Third

By Rebecca Lewis on November 16, 2015

 Tea has been known for its numerous health benefits. And another has just been added to the list. According to the latest research, drinking three cups of tea a day could slash the risk of hip fractures by almost a third.   The reason for this bone-strengthening benefit is, according to scientists, is the loads of flavonoids present in tea. It i [Read More…]

Mood Swings May Actually Be a Good Thing, Scientists Say

By Lisa Franchi on November 16, 2015

While viewed too often as a negative thing, mood swings can actually help people, and animals, adapt to the ever changing world - new research revealed. Scientists from the University College found that when times are good and spirits are high, we are more likely to take risks and succeed. And when times are pretty rough, sulking can help us conserve our [Read More…]

Great Lessons Depression Teaches Us

By Amy Taylor on November 16, 2015

While what it is actually is something many people don’t know, depression remains to be one of the most common mental health disorders that often lead people astray and even force some to take away their own life. Frustrations, disappointments, and setbacks - many people use ‘depression’ to describe all these feelings. But depression is mor [Read More…]

Above the Fog

By Ashlyn Kaye, Certified Practitioner ABNLP on November 13, 2015

There are many reasons why fog is an analogy for being lost. Not being able to see your future    Having foggy thinking.    Being in the thick of it    Difficulty in seeing ahead.    Foggy thinking is when our thoughts lose their clarity and we get lost and lose sight of what we set out to achieve.  &nbs [Read More…]

Here’s What Happens When You Overindulge on Your Cheat Day

By Amy Taylor on November 13, 2015

 You’ve been religiously following your diet plan for five long days. It was difficult going through the intense cravings and ‘starving’. But you did it. And there you are - really excited about the weekend for your ‘cheat day’.  There’s nothing wrong with having cheat days and eating what you want once in a whi [Read More…]

When it comes to Junk Food, There’s No Such Thing as Too Little: Study Finds

By Sharon Moore on November 12, 2015

Going more than 1,300 calories of your body requirement for one month can make healthy people prone to metabolic syndrome - life-threatening conditions that include high blood pressure, cholesterol, raised blood sugar levels and abdominal fat that up a person’s risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes. Even a little of unhealthy snack every day is en [Read More…]

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