5 Powerful One-Minute Strategies to De-stress

By Lisa Franchi on November 23, 2015

Stressed out and feeling helpless that you can’t do anything about it at this very moment? There’s no need to go out from the office, call your boss for a ‘sick leave’, or sleep it out when you can’t. There are quick stress-relieving strategies that you may find very helpful especially if you’re the oh-so-busy type of pers [Read More…]

5 Horrible Facts You Should Know about Prepacked Meals

By Rebecca Lewis on November 23, 2015

It is really surprising to know how technology makes our life so much easier. We no longer have to depend on candles to light up a room, wait for the postman to deliver our mails and communicate with our friends and loved ones overseas, and most especially - spend a whole lot of time cooking and preparing our meal. But as they say, even the good things can [Read More…]

Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

By Sharon Moore on November 23, 2015

You know that olive oil, sunflower and canola oil are good for you as they contain healthy fats that benefit your overall health. What about coconut oil? This particular oil is widely used for cooking, especially in Asian countries. It is also a common natural skincare remedy.  Like the healthy oils we know, coconut oil is also packed with several heal [Read More…]

Want to Feel Happier? Eat Yoghurt, Study Suggests

By Amy Taylor on November 20, 2015

Feeling blue? No need to go the extra mile to cheer yourself up. Just snack on plain low-fat yoghurt, scientists suggest.  A group of researchers from Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research in the Netherlands, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Austria and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, found mood-enhancing benefits [Read More…]

Great Reasons to Try Foot Reflexology Today

By Lisa Franchi on November 20, 2015

Foot massage isn’t something we usually go for whenever we visit a salon. But this simple and less time-consuming therapy can actually benefit not just our feet, but our overall health! There are a number of pressure points in the feet that connect to other parts of our body. Massaging them can help ease those tensions and symptoms you may be dealing w [Read More…]

Health-Boosting Eating Habits You Can Learn from the Greeks

By Rebecca Lewis on November 20, 2015

In the world where most people dream about eating healthy, there’s a place where clean and nutritious diet is actually a way of life. Yes, you are right. We are talking about Greece. Their cuisine, Mediterranean diet, which is globally known to be very healthy and flavourful, features more greens, a little of lean meat and fish, loads of herbs and spic [Read More…]

High Meat Consumption Linked to Kidney Cancer

By Amy Taylor on November 19, 2015

Diets high in meat and low in fruits and vegetables have long been linked to many health problems, including heart disease and obesity. Now, new research reinforces the need to cut down on meat consumption as it can also raise the risk of a person developing kidney cancer.  Meat consumption raises cancer risk due to the carcinogenic compounds created b [Read More…]

Weird Stress Triggers that Take a Huge Toll on Your Health

By Lisa Franchi on November 19, 2015

You probably know all the major sources of stress in your life - money problems, work, and yes - that terrible commute. But did you know there are so many other things that keep you close to stress? These are things that don’t normally overwhelm you in the moment but pile up overtime and take a huge toll on your health. And the worst thing is - you har [Read More…]

Junk Food Craving May be Hardwired to Some People’s Brain, Study Finds

By Lisa Franchi on November 17, 2015

Can’t get rid of your junk food habit? Your genes may be to blame. According to the latest research, some people’s brains are ’hardwired’ to want high-fat foods.  Scientists identified two genetic variants present in the brain which could cause certain people to experience more intense cravings for unhealthy food by altering the [Read More…]

In the Face of Criticism: 4 Simple Strategies When Dealing with Negative Feedback

By Sharon Moore on November 17, 2015

We all face criticisms once in a while. Whether at work, in school, or at home - we often hear feedback that make us feel miserable and not good enough. Even a small suggestion from your boss can feel like a massive personal attack. No matter how positively it was stated, it still can hurt. And sometimes, criticisms are really difficult to accept.  How [Read More…]

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