Dealing with Anxiety during Highly Stressful Situations

By Amy Taylor on January 26, 2023

We all have been through tough moments, like having to talk to strangers, facing a job interview, explaining to our boss, or going through sleepless nights to meet a deadline. Maybe you get anxious about going to social gatherings, speaking in front of others, or asking questions. Whatever it is that triggers your anxiety, there is an effective way to deal w [Read More…]

Exercise Helps Lower Your Risk of More than 20 Chronic Diseases

By Amy Taylor on January 19, 2023

 Yes, exercise is good for your waistline. But it does way beyond that. In fact, whatever you are suffering from, exercise can help you. That’s the latest findings from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. For the study, researchers reviewed the effects of exercise therapy on 22 of the most common chronic diseases, including arthritis, [Read More…]

Scientists Explain Connection Between mental and Physical Health

By Rebecca Lewis on January 12, 2023

 Quick question – how do you feel in general? And why do you feel that way? In a new study published in the journal Nature Human Behaviour, scientists have discovered the system in the brain where those basic feelings originate. Their findings can help solve mysteries regarding the tight connection between mental and physical health [Read More…]


By Shirley McLellan on January 05, 2023

Reiki is a natural therapeutic technique that originates from Japan in the early 1900s. Duringa Reiki session, a practitioner works to balance the energy that runs through and aroundyour body. Although you may not be able to see it – although some can – your body is alivewith a living energy force, and working with this energy force can bring ben [Read More…]

Friends with Health Benefits - How Having Good Friends Lead to a Healthier and Longer Life

By Amy Taylor on January 07, 2021

 Have you called your best today to say thank you? Then you should! You need to thank them for being with you, for making you smile, for wiping your tears the last time you felt so broke, and for lengthening your life. Yes, you read it right. In a new study, scientists found that having good friends make people live longer. A group of Australian resear [Read More…]

Can’t Get Enough Sleep? Keep Away from Your IPad and Smartphone, Experts Suggest

By Rebecca Lewis on December 18, 2020

 Upcoming bills, inconsiderate bosses, health problems, and relationship issues – are they keeping you awake and restless at night? If yes, you share the same problem with thousands of Britons. According to a survey conducted by Sleepio, 51.3% of people in Britain struggle to get a good night sleep. Between men and women, the latter are three time [Read More…]

I need Space! - Why It’s Best for Couples to Have a Little Breathing Room

By Amy Taylor on December 03, 2020

 Odd as it seems, but sometimes, couples need some distance to get even closer. Issues about space and time are common among married and unmarried couples. We hear things like “I need space”, “He doesn’t have time for me”, “She’s too demanding”, “He’s too clingy”, etc. When the closeness [Read More…]

Coping with Unwanted Anger – 3 Simple Strategies

By Sharon Moore on November 25, 2020

 At some point in our lives, we all become like Dr Bruce Banner, the incredible Hulk. We get too angry and become too powerful that we almost could carry the entire building and throw it into the face someone we’re angry at and crush them like ice. But anger doesn’t do any good because in the first place, it doesn’t even address the is [Read More…]

Holding a Grudge Can Break Your Heart, Literally - The Act of Forgiveness and its Physiological Benefits

By Rebecca Lewis on October 22, 2020

 When was the last time you’ve forgiven someone who hurts you so bad? Forgiving gives you peace of mind and strengthens your relationship with other people. Yes you know it. Still want more reasons? Well, it also lowers your blood pressure, gives you quality sleep, and most of all – increases your lifespan. You hear it right. Practising the [Read More…]

Don’t Fall Into the Trap of Sleeping Pill Addiction - The Danger of Sleeping Medications and Some Alternative Ways for a Good Night Sleep

By Monica Wilson on October 15, 2020

 Sleeping has always been a problem to many Britons. Stress, personal problems, and many other things affect’s one’s quality of sleep. In a recent survey by the Economic and Social Research Council, it was found that ONE in ten Brits takes sleeping pills regularly. This, according to some experts, is something people should be concerned abou [Read More…]

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