5 Suggestions for a Happy Relationship

Couples come to therapy because they are unhappy with something that has happened, or that is happening in their relationship. Sometimes there has been infidelity, or addiction, or some other form of betrayal. Sometimes there are sexual or communications problems. Sometimes they’re arguing a lot. Sometimes it’s less obvious, a sense that the spar [Read More…]

Scans Show How Smoking during Pregnancy Affects Unborn Babies

By Lisa Franchi on March 24, 2015

We know that smoking is highly dangerous for our health. But how serious are its effects especially among pregnant women? Smoking during pregnancy poses plenty of health risks not just to the mother but also to her unborn child. In a pilot study by Durham and Lancaster universities, it was found that foetuses whose mothers were smokers showed a significantl [Read More…]

How to Love Yourself More

By Rebecca Lewis on March 24, 2015

Most of us spend a lot of time trying to improve many areas of their life –relationship, career, etc. And often, we get too occupied doing our best on these things that we almost forget to look after something very significant – our well-being. Taking care of ourselves is equally important as striving hard to achieve our goals in life. So start [Read More…]

Restoring Balance in Your Life

By Rebecca Lewis on March 20, 2015

In this ever so busy world, finding balance has always been a big challenge. Many of us are too occupied with trying to be successful that we almost forget about giving time for other things apart from work. Yes, we are talking about friendships, family, and leisure.  One thing we tend to forget though is the fact that in order to be successful in life, [Read More…]

Quit Smoking Now: 7 Tips for the Hardest Days

By Amy Taylor on March 20, 2015

Good news – the number of smoking adults in the UK has declined to its lowest last year, since researchers started tracking it in the 1940s. Thanks to the combined efforts of government agencies and private health organisations, more and more people are recognising the deadly effects of smoking. And if you are a smoker who has just recently decided to [Read More…]

How to Help Someone Who has Bipolar Disorder

By Lisa Franchi on March 19, 2015

Bipolar disorder is among the most talked about mental health issues, next to depression. It is commonly described as experiencing mood extremes. That is, being too happy in the present and all of a sudden, being too sad. People with bipolar disorder can be hard to understand and deal with if you do not know what they are going through. So a deeper understan [Read More…]

You are WHEN You Eat: Researchers Recommend High-Caloric Breakfast for Diabetic

By Sharon Moore on March 19, 2015

Diabetes is among the most common chronic illnesses today, affecting 382 million people worldwide. There are two types of diabetes but most of today’s cases can be attributed to the second type. This type of diabetes is characterised by surges of glucose in the blood after meals, which can be life-threatening and raises a person’s risk of heart d [Read More…]

7 Things You Don’t Know Are Adding More Years to Your Life

By Sharon Moore on March 18, 2015

You know that eating more greens and exercising every day are the key to a healthy and longer life. Yes, it’s true – a well-balanced diet along with an active lifestyle have a significant role in promoting longevity. But they aren’t enough. If you really want to live longer, healthier and most of all happier, you better start looking after [Read More…]

You will Never Be Happy until You Stop Doing These Things

By Rebecca Lewis on March 18, 2015

Have you ever experienced reaching the top of success yet still feeling incomplete and unhappy? Do you feel empty, alone and in despair despite having almost everything you want? Numerous studies have revealed how negative attitudes and behaviours can adversely affect our health on both physical and mental levels. Below are some of the chronic negative attit [Read More…]

Master Your Fear with These 6 Simple Tips

By Rebecca Lewis on March 17, 2015

There are two strong forces in this world that create a huge impact on our life – love and fear. They have conflicting effects on you. Love is the strong force that make you want to take risks, open yourself to the world, be vulnerable, get hurt, fail, get up, and try again. Fear, on the other hand, is the force that pull us back from life, keeps us fr [Read More…]

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