Sitting to Death? New Study Suggests Sitting Less than 3 Hours Can Increase Life Expectancy

By Rebecca Lewis on February 12, 2019

 Most people spend about thirty minutes sitting while taking their breakfast, another thirty minutes or more in the car, and eight hours sitting in their desk. Add two hours on the couch while watching TV or reading a book. Feels good? Well, this lifestyle can take away plenty of years off your life, a new study suggests. Sitting less than 3 hours a [Read More…]

Cranberry Linked to a Reduced Risk of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

By Amy Taylor on February 06, 2019

 Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon), which is native to America has been used for both culinary and medical purposes, for a very long time. It is an evergreen shrub related to bilberry, huckleberry, and blueberry. In the UK, it is used to treat a variety of diseases including stomach ache, loss of appetite, scurvy, and blood disorders. There are [Read More…]

Training Helps Improve Visual Perception, New Study Shows

By Monica Wilson on February 01, 2019

 When presented with a series of visual stimuli in a rapid succession, a person often fails to recognise some of the objects presented. Psychologists call this phenomenon ‘attentional blink’. But even if it is hard, the brain can be trained to improve its ability to retain attention, a new study suggests. Attention is a crucial part of th [Read More…]

What Does Your Birth Order Say About Your Personality?

By Lisa Franchi on January 28, 2019

 The order of birth is among the many things that we don’t have control of. Just like our gender, our date of birth, and our parents. And what is more surprising is that these things we sometimes called ‘innate’ are those that play a big role to our personality. How is your personality affected by your birth order? Some people say [Read More…]

Feeling Angry? Step Back and Have some Distance - How Self-Distancing Helps Lower down Aggressive Reactions

By Helen Holmes on January 25, 2019

 Do you always suffer from extreme irritability and anxiety? Are you finding it hard to cope with stressful situations and control your anger? If yes, experts suggest that you try a very simple strategy to help calm down aggressive reactions. This involves viewing the situation from a distance – that is, being an observer rather a participant. The [Read More…]

10 Ways to Use Laughter and Humour for Healing

By Lauren Nicholson on January 23, 2019

 Research demonstrates that laughing and using humour can help you manage pain, decrease stress, improve the immune system and advance the healing process. Laughing is, in fact, the most fun way to de-stress and to combat physical and mental illness. But with adults in the UK laughing only an average of 15 times a day, and three times less these days th [Read More…]

Managing and Improving the Brain as Your Most Important Asset - Simple Tips from a Neuroscience Expert

By Sharon Moore on January 21, 2019

 The human brain is among the most exhausted topics of scientific studies but it remains to be the hardest to explain. Research has shown us that the brain is a ‘use it or lose it’ organ. The more you use it, the more it becomes more functional. Ignore it, and it depletes. There are factors however, that negatively affect cognitive function. [Read More…]

Will Independent Abortion Counselling Help Women Make an Informed Decision?

By Amy Taylor on January 11, 2019

 Last year, 189,931 terminations were carried out on women in Wales and England. During their annual conference, members of the British Medical Association voted in favour of providing impartial advice to those who are looking to undergo abortion. With this, they hope to cut the abortion rate by up to third. Currently, women are given advice only by [Read More…]

Coloured Tapes for Athletes: What are they for?

By Rebecca Lewis on January 09, 2019

 If you’re an avid fan of sports, you must have noticed many athletes with stick-tapes on their body. Some place it on their back, like Mario Balotelli, an Italian striker in the Euro 2012 Championship. Some have it on their elbows, like the Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon. But what are those tapes for? Are they simply [Read More…]

New Research Reveals Some Surprising Facts about Healthy Eating

By Lisa Franchi on January 07, 2019

 Ask Google of what the best and healthiest foods are and you’ll get millions of different results. Much has been written and said about healthy eating that many people become a bit confused on which advice to follow. But a new report has looked into the scientific research about healthy eating and found some surprising answers. Consumers are a [Read More…]

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