7 Unhealthy Things You Do When You’re Stressed

By Rebecca Lewis on October 15, 2014

Apart from staying healthy, there’s one more reason why you must take good care of your stress levels – it helps you avoid committing the following mistakes: Procrastinating when you have more work to do. When you’re stressed, working can feel very dragging. You feel like giving yourself at least a few minutes to rest but end up doing not [Read More…]

8 Lemongrass Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About

By Lisa Franchi on October 15, 2014

Lemongrass is a cooking must-have, especially if you like Asian cuisines. But aside from its culinary properties, lemongrass has powerful health benefits too. Here are some of the great wonders of this plant that you probably didn’t know about. It has plenty of antioxidants. Lemongrass contains antioxidants that sweep away toxic substances, including [Read More…]

Chemical in Broccoli Sprouts Eases Autism Symptoms

By Amy Taylor on October 15, 2014

Researchers from MassGeneral Hospital for Children and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine provide tantalizing evidence that a chemical derived from broccoli sprouts may mitigate behavioural symptoms in those with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). They found that many of those who received a daily dose of the chemical sulforaphane, best kno [Read More…]

5 Compassionate Ways to Support Someone with Depression

By Sharon Moore on October 14, 2014

Depression is more than feeling sad. It is a serious, isolating condition that affects millions of people of all ages from all walks of life. It promotes emotional and physical pain, and could leave a person feeling helpless and defenceless. If your loved one is struggling with depression, realise that there’s something great you can do to help him/ [Read More…]

New Study Shows What Brain Does When a Person is at Rest

By Rebecca Lewis on October 14, 2014

Much has been studied about what happens in the brain when it is engaged in an activity, and very little with what takes place in the brain when it is at rest. In a new study, researchers from University in St. Louis made a pivotal discovery by revealing how a specific area of the brain responds to down time. "A great deal of meaningful activity is occ [Read More…]

7 Surprising Health Tips You Should Try Today

By Lisa Franchi on October 14, 2014

You probably know a few health practises that are important if you’re looking to stay fit, lean and disease-free – get enough sleep, exercise, drink more water, lose weight, and eat more greens. But aside from these, there more health tips that you will find mysterious or unbelievable the first time you’ll hear about or read them but are al [Read More…]

5 Smart Ways to Cut Back on Salt

By Amy Taylor on October 13, 2014

Our body needs a little amount of salt for its sodium content. Despite its bad rap, sodium plays a crucial role in numerous bodily functions, from the cellular level to nervous system control. The problem is, the modern day diet seems to be incessantly high in salt. Too much sodium is linked to a wide variety of health problems, including high blood pressure [Read More…]

What People with High Sense of Fulfilment Do Differently

By Lisa Franchi on October 13, 2014

A fulfilled life – it’s everybody’s dream. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to get it. A fulfilled life is not necessarily a good life where everything you ask and need is all there. It is a combination of love, meaning, happiness, and security. Below are the wonderful traits people living a fulfilled life have in common. Opti [Read More…]

Lung Cancer May Remain Dormant for Over 20 years, New Research Find

By Sharon Moore on October 13, 2014

Lung cancer can stay dormant for years before turning into an aggressive form of disease – researchers found. A team of scientists from Cancer Research UK studied lung cancers from seven patients – including smokers, ex-smokers and never smokers. They found that after the first genetic mistakes that cause the cancer, it can exist undetected for [Read More…]

People with Autism May Have Impaired Predictive Ability, New Study Shows

By Rebecca Lewis on October 10, 2014

People with autism might live in a "magical world" in which it’s impossible to know what will happen next. According to a new study, people with autism have difficulty predicting future events, and that an impaired predictive ability would explain many of the symptoms of autism. After looking at previous research and first-hand accounts, Ri [Read More…]

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