Why Therapy and Not Medication?

By Rebecca Lewis on February 26, 2015

Why therapy and not medication? That is the question. And the answer does not simply direct to the point that therapy poses no side effects whilst medications do. For most kinds of mental illness, there are deeper, more compelling reasons why therapy works so much better than simply popping a pill. Whilst the thought of being able to solve all your problems [Read More…]

When Being Kind Starts to Hurt – Understanding Compassion Fatigue

By Sharon Moore on February 26, 2015

For quite some time now, a huge part of evidence-based psychotherapy has focused on the concept of compassion and mindfulness. Research has illustrated some of the key features of the compassionate mind, which are – the ability to take another person’s perspective, to feel what it’s like to be that person, and reach out to that person to al [Read More…]

Daydreams May Boost Cognitive Function, New Research Suggests

By Sharon Moore on February 25, 2015

We often daydream when we are bored. Daydreaming is frequently criticised as a lack of discipline and an action that hinders future performance. But according to new research, this act involves more than just beating back boredom as the behaviour can actually impart a cognitive advantage. Scientists at Bar-Ilan University have demonstrated that an external [Read More…]

Harnessing Your Optimistic Side

By Amy Taylor on February 25, 2015

In this world that is filled with negativity, having a more positive attitude is an advantage. But as humans, we are hardwired to favour negative thoughts and emotions more than the positive ones. And the reason can be traced thousands of years ago, when our ancestors had to deal with real perceived threats from time to time. But gone are those days. We are [Read More…]

Top Foods for Hair Care

By Rebecca Lewis on February 25, 2015

Hair care is one of the biggest obsessions not just among women but also among men. We all have common friend whose hair never seems to fall out of place. And we envy them. Hair care can be disappointing and most of the time, expensive. But did you know that restoring the health and glow of your hair can be as simple as making small tweaks in your diet? Che [Read More…]

5 Things You Can Learn from Your Child

By Rebecca Lewis on February 24, 2015

As parents, we are our children’s first teachers. We are the first people to teach our kids good values and right conduct. As parents, we aim to impart to our children the wisdom we’ve gained in our many years of existence. We want them to take the right path and become the best person they can be. And too often than not, we are so engrossed in [Read More…]

Top Signs You Should Say Goodbye to Your Diet Plan

By Lisa Franchi on February 24, 2015

Is your diet making you cranky and all? Does it shorten your patience each and every time? Does it make you feel depressed? Does it make you think about food all the time? Losing weight is a tough challenge. It doesn’t just require being physically active. It also involves being more cautious about what you eat and how many calories you consume. Howeve [Read More…]

New Research: Ingredient that Gives Soda its Caramel Colour Poses Cancer Risk

By Amy Taylor on February 24, 2015

Building on an analysis of 4-MEI concentrations in 11 different soft drinks first published by Consumer Reports in 2014, researchers led by a team at the Johns Hopkins Centre for a Livable Future (CLF) estimated exposure to 4-MEI from caramel-coloured soft drinks and modelled the potential cancer burden related to routine soft drink consumption. Caramel col [Read More…]

Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients with Diabetes More Likely to Progress to Dementia

By Rebecca Lewis on February 23, 2015

People with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) are at higher risk of developing dementia if they have diabetes or psychiatric symptoms such as depression, according to a new study. Researchers at University College London recently analysed data from 62 separate studies, which included a total of 15,950 people diagnosed with MCI. Their findings suggest that amo [Read More…]

Ways You’re Hurting Your Mental Health

By Sharon Moore on February 23, 2015

If you have been reading our blogs for quite a while now, you probably have learned about some effective ways to strengthen your mental health. Take more risks, face challenges bravely, see opportunities in every downfall and develop positive thinking – these are just among the many tips we have talked about. But if you focus a lot on adopting these us [Read More…]

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