Lifestyle Tweaks to Keep Your Blood Pressure in Check

By Rebecca Lewis on October 24, 2016

High blood pressure, commonly known as hypertension, affects more than in four adults in the UK - according to the NHS. This condition has rarely noticeable symptoms, but if untreated, it can seriously increase the risk of life-threatening health problems, particularly stroke, kidney disease, and heart disease. It is not always clear what causes high blood [Read More…]

Incredibly Easy and Healthy Ways to Relax

By Amy Taylor on October 21, 2016

Most of us are pretty busy. Whether you are working from home or in an office, our daily-to-do lists can get overwhelming sometimes. And it seems that despite doing so much, there are still more that needs to be done. But it is still not possible to relax in this busy world. Here are some healthy ways to stay relaxed: Meditate. When people think of medita [Read More…]

Cancer Cells Have Alzheimer’s Disease, too

By Sharon Moore on October 20, 2016

New research has shown that certain proteins that play a key role in cancer progression and metastasis are stored as amyloid bodies in dormant cancer cells. These amyloid bodies have previously been linked to the development of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. The study, carried out by the researchers from Sylve [Read More…]

Real Facts: 5 Things that Happen to Your Body When You Skip Meals

By Lisa Franchi on October 19, 2016

We’ve all done it before - usually at breakfast (which happens to be the most important meal of the day). Many people skip meals for varying reasons, mostly because they are always in a rush and/or they are dieting. But did you know that skipping meals is one of the worst things you can do to your health? Here are some real facts that will happen eve [Read More…]

Researchers Determine Max Human Lifespan

By Rebecca Lewis on October 18, 2016

Since the 19th century, the average lifespan has increased almost continuously. Thanks to the advancement in the health care and medical industries - people are surviving various kinds of diseases and are getting more aware of what’s good or bad for their health. But the maximum human lifespan has already been reached, according to researchers. They s [Read More…]

How to Get Away with Toxic People

By Amy Taylor on October 18, 2016

We all know someone who seems to be kind and easy towards others but is very unkind to us. They are those who mistreat us, undermine our abilities, and make us feel the way we are not. Toxic people are everywhere. They could be in your workplace or school, in your social circle, or even at home. It may be hard to spot toxic people right away because they of [Read More…]

80 Per Cent of Women are Unaware of Common Menopause Condition that Causes Painful Sex

By Sharon Moore on October 17, 2016

Most women are unaware of a treatable menopausal condition that can cause chronic pain if left untreated, researchers say. This condition, called Vulvar and vaginal atrophy (VVA), affects 45 per cent of women over the age of 40. It comes with several symptoms, such as dryness, burning, vaginal discharge, itching, and discomfort. While VVA is treatable, ign [Read More…]

Yoga Reduces Symptoms of Generalised Anxiety Disorder

By Lisa Franchi on October 17, 2016

Researchers from Georgia State University has found that yoga could help reduce symptoms for people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Yoga seems to target worry - the main symptom of the disorder, according to the researchers. "When people have this diagnosis, they worry a lot—uncontrollably—about the future, which causes physical [Read More…]

How to Protect Yourself from Depression during Difficult Times

By Rebecca Lewis on October 14, 2016

Life is not perfect. Every one of us goes through life’s ups and downs, twists and turns. Not every day is a sunny day. Sometimes, we deal with problems that are easy to deal with. But there are also times when the difficulty we’re facing seems endless.  But you have to believe that things will be better soon. You will finally get over that [Read More…]

Meditation Boosts Emotional Regulation among the Naturally Less Mindful

By Amy Taylor on October 14, 2016

Practising mindfulness has been touted as a very effective form of mental exercise. It is linked to a wide range of health benefits, from lowered stress levels to better sleep and well-being. But how about for people who are not naturally mindful? Would a more focused, deliberate effort like meditation be a great strategy? In the latest research, a group of [Read More…]

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