- New Research Found Traditional Chinese Medicine Boosts Fertility When Combined with Fertility Treatments -

By Helen Holmes republished on September 26, 2017

Despite the rise of modern technology in the healthcare industry, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) continues to play a big role in helping people with various health problems. Just recently, a new study suggests that TCM can help resolve fertility problems when used side by side with other treatments. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its Effect on F [Read More…]

5 Common Pain Conditions and How They Relate to Your Emotions

By Amy Taylor on September 25, 2017

 What we feel affects our physical health too. When we are happy, we feel physically empowered and full of life. But when we are emotionally pained, so does our body.    Below are the most common pain conditions and how they relate to our emotional health:   Back Pain   Many people suffer from back pain and receive no clear dia [Read More…]

Lifestyle Tweak that Lowers Your Blood Pressure the Most

By Lisa Franchi on September 25, 2017

You probably knew that certain lifestyle behaviours can prevent you from developing high blood pressure. But is there any specific behaviour that has the most impact on reducing your risk? High blood pressure is a common condition affecting both the young and old. When a person has high blood pressure, the walls of their arteries are receiving too much pres [Read More…]

- Living in the Moment Brings You Happiness -

By Kathleen Kaye republished on September 25, 2017

Are you experiencing the January blues? Even there’s no snow and ice, this winter has been cold and windy. If you’re like most people, you must be sick and tired of it. You must be looking forward for the spring and summer to come. You just feel like skipping the clock. Most of us live for the future Every one of us has our own goals and dreams [Read More…]

- Scan Shows Mindfulness Meditation Can Help Stress, Pain, and Self-Centeredness -

By Helen Holmes republished on September 22, 2017

If stress makes you feel anxious, sad, and all – try meditating. A recent scientific study shows that mindfulness meditation makes you calmer and happier. It also gives you inner peace. The MRI scan proves that mindfulness can create changes on the structure of the brain. On a study conducted by the researchers from Massachusetts Genera [Read More…]

Antidepressant Use Raises Risk of Death, According to Research

By Rebecca Lewis on September 22, 2017

The side effects of antidepressants are well-known. But the list seems to pile up overtime. According to new research by McMaster University, these drugs may also increase the risk of death. "We are very concerned by these results. They suggest that we shouldn’t be taking antidepressant drugs without understanding precisely how they interact with [Read More…]

Lifestyle Tweaks that Can Save You from Breast Cancer

By Sharon Moore on September 22, 2017

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in women. In Europe, more than 131,000 women were estimated to have died from breast cancer in 2012, according to Cancer Research UK. The mortality rate in UK is 14th highest in Europe. But like most forms of cancer, breast cancer can be prevented. Whether you are genetically predisposed to the disease [Read More…]

- Acupuncture Really Reduces Stress -

By Helen Holmes republished on September 21, 2017

Acupuncture has long been used to help people reduce their stress levels. But there was no scientific study that has given strong basis if this is really true. Well, not anymore. Just recently scientists affirmed what most of us believe is true. Indeed, acupuncture really reduces stress. New Study Reveals Acupuncture Actually Reduces Stress The study was c [Read More…]

3 Common Sex Myths that Can Ruin Your Relationship

By Amy Taylor on September 19, 2017

When it comes to sex, do men and women really differ on their perspectives? Is it true that men want sex more than women?  Maybe not. Researchers are suggesting that men and women’s sexual desires may most likely be the same than previously thought. Check out these top myths about sex that often take a huge toll on people’s romantic relatio [Read More…]

- 5 Ways to Let Go of the Painful Past -

By Helen Holmes republished on September 19, 2017

How many times have you thought of your childhood? How many times have your past failures and bitterness sank in your mind? How many times do you worry that the painful experiences and mistakes might happen all over again? They say that people tend to forget the happy moments and retain all the sad and bitter things that happened in their life even if those [Read More…]

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