- Exercising to feel better -

By Iron Simba republished on July 28, 2017

A lot has been writing about the health benefits of exercising. But its benefits lie beyond lowering your cholesterol level or reducing your body fat. Here is a quick round-up of how exercising can make you feel better in other ways. Progress and motivation If you exercise and measure your progress strictly, for example by running the exact same distance o [Read More…]

- Can Counselling Cure Bedwetting? -

By Katie Saxon republished on July 27, 2017

Whether you’re an adult or a child bedwetting is an embarrassing and upsetting experience. For adults, there may be a fear of ridicule at not having grown out of a “childhood” problem. For kids, they may feel ashamed about upsetting their parents and causing them stress. While there are many physical treatments that have a hugely beneficia [Read More…]

- The origin of tea tree oil and what it’s used for -

By Aiden Clarkson republished on July 27, 2017

 You may have heard of tea tree oil before, or seen it featured as an ingredient in a beauty product. It isn’t unusual to see tea tree oil body washes and face scrubs. But where does it come from, and what else is it used for? Where it’s from Tea tree oil, often known as melaleuca oil, is taken from the leaves of the “tea tree” [Read More…]

- How to Combat Morning Sickness And Other Pregnancy Signs Naturally -

By Tania Tod republished on July 26, 2017

Morning sickness is one of the most common early pregnancy signs – around three fourths of all expectant mothers will have some degree of pregnancy nausea and vomiting. This ailment is not, in fact, limited only to the morning, so the term morning sickness is somewhat misleading. Thankfully, there is no shortage of natural remedies for pregnancy nausea [Read More…]

- Food for Fitness -

By Paula Kimmel republished on July 26, 2017

When embarking on any exercise programme, it is extremely important to consider your diet. Ensuring you take in the right amount of the energy rich foods, protein and water will support your fitness activity, improve performance and aid your muscles in remaining in tip top condition ready for the next time. With this in mind, it is therefore important to en [Read More…]

Most Common Nutrition Myths (Even Some Health Buds Believe)

By Sharon Moore on July 19, 2017

The world of nutrition is a huge one with lots of complications. And with the vast sources of knowledge online and offline, things can get even more confusing. While many people claim to be a health bud, there are still so many misconceptions when it comes to eating well. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones: Eating after working out canc [Read More…]

One-Hour Social Activities Per Week: Less Costly, Effective Approach for Dementia Care

By Amy Taylor on July 18, 2017

Care costs for dementia sufferers are really high. Reminding them to take their medications, eat lunch or dinner, check their blood pressure – all of these daily routines have equivalent fees. And if they need extra help, there’s additional charge.  But here’s the good news: people-centred activities along with just an hour of social [Read More…]

Gaining Physical Strength Requires Training the Mind too, Study Suggests

By Rebecca Lewis on July 17, 2017

How do we gain physical strength? Isn’t it by exercising our body, particularly our muscles? That’s right. But strength depends on more than the muscle. According to a new study, it involves exercising the nervous system too.  Over the past years, researchers revealed that lifting more repetitions of lighter weight can build muscle mass jus [Read More…]

Healthy & Delicious Ways to Prepare Your Meal

By Lisa Franchi on July 14, 2017

When you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet, it can get so boring. Salad for the nth time, smoothie drinks every morning, boiled potatoes, raw cucumber, carrot sticks. But eating healthy can be easy and it doesn’t always mean you have to stick to the traditional ways of food preparation. Here are some delicious ways to prepare your food without [Read More…]

Six Dietary Nutrients Needed for Your Cervix Health

By Sharon Moore on July 13, 2017

Did you know that your food choices can actually help you against cervical cancer? Yes. What you eat matters. Apart from adopting a healthy lifestyle, exercising, getting enough rest and sleep, and exercising, eating well is core to keeping your cervix healthy. And when it comes to diet and nutrition, here are some important nutrients you should be taking in [Read More…]

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