Probiotics May Help Stabilise Blood Sugar Levels, Research Shows

By Rebecca Lewis on December 09, 2016

You know that increasing your fibre intake may actually help stabilise your blood sugar levels, which in turn lower your risk of diabetes. But did you know that consuming foods that are rich in probiotics also have the same effect? That’s according to the study carried out by researchers in Canada. For the study, the researchers tracked 80 people who [Read More…]

How to Keep Yourself Motivated: 4 Things You Should Do Today

By Sharon Moore on December 09, 2016

MOTIVATION. It’s a big word. Generally defined as the general desire or willingness of someone to do something, motivation has long been at the core of scholarly discussions. Many books and articles have been published about it. Why? Because motivation serves as fuel of the mind and body. It’s that powerful force that drives our actions and lead [Read More…]

Cough Virus May Be Used to Treat Primary Liver Cancer, Study Finds

By Amy Taylor on December 08, 2016

New research found that the virus that causes coughs may be utilised to destroy cancer cells as well as the hepatitis virus, and therefore, could advance the fight against primary liver cancer. According to the scientists from the University of Leeds, Reovirus was successful in treating both liver cancer cells grown in the laboratory and those taken directl [Read More…]

What it’s Like to Have Quarter Life Crisis (And How to Overcome It)

By Lisa Franchi on December 08, 2016

You’ve probably heard so much about mid-life crisis. But even if you’re still in your 20s or 30s, you may already have a similar experience. Experts call it quarter life crisis. It happens when a person starts to feel doubtful about their own lives. It could have many reasons, but most often, it is brought on by the stresses of becoming an adult. [Read More…]

Yo-yo Diet Raises Risk of Heart Disease by Three Times, New Research Reveals

By Rebecca Lewis on December 07, 2016

Weight cycling, popularly known as ‘yo-yo diet’, is trending these days as many celebrities try it. This diet is characterised by cyclical loss and gain of weight, resembling the ‘up’ and ‘down’ movement of yoyo. This effect has various reasons. But often, it results from extreme diets that are not sustainable.  But [Read More…]

The Amazing Health Benefits of Beets

By Sharon Moore on December 06, 2016

 Beets are among the foods that people either love or hate. They can have a distinctive taste but when washed and prepared properly, beets are really delicious. Not only that. Eating beets can have so many benefits to your body too. A single serving of beets is packed with a hefty amount of essential nutrients that can boost your health big time! Below [Read More…]

Sense of Smell: Biggest Predictor of Alzheimer ’s Disease

By Amy Taylor on December 06, 2016

Many people think that memory loss is the primary and most common sign of Alzheimer’s disease. But new research suggests it may not be. Rather, it could be ‘poor sense of smell’. In fact, this symptom can be detected a decade before patients start becoming forgetful. This is not the first time that scientists looked at sense of smell as a [Read More…]

Health Tips for a Restful Night and a Healthy, Lively Morning

By Lisa Franchi on December 05, 2016

What preparations do you make for a restful slumber and beautiful morning the next day? Do you even make some preparations? If you’re answers to these questions are both negative, chances are, you rarely have a good night sleep and you always feel lethargic and restless during the day.  Most of us think that when it comes to sleep, there’s [Read More…]

Healthy Lifestyle Can Cut Genetic Risk of Heart Disease by 40 percent, Researchers Find

By Rebecca Lewis on December 02, 2016

 Genetic factors do play a role in a person’s risk of developing heart disease. But you don’t have to worry so much if you are genetically predisposed to heart problems. Experts say you can still prevent it by adopting a healthy lifestyle.  A new study found that one person in five has a combination of genes that puts them at high-risk [Read More…]

Stressing About Work-life Balance Has Terrible Health Consequences, Study Suggests

By Sharon Moore on December 01, 2016

We all strive for work-life balance. But obsessing about it might be doing you more harm than good. According to new research, repetitive thought about reaching perfection is damaging your health.  The study found that those who worried the most had had higher blood pressure, lower satisfaction, and worst perceived health.   You could be fretting [Read More…]

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