Before You Sleep, Be Thankful - Research Linked Gratitude to Quality Sleep

By Sharon Moore on August 27, 2020

 Instead of counting how much more money you need to make to settle your bills, recalling how your boss admonished you in front of your colleagues, or worrying about tomorrow’s presentation at work, why not be grateful about the person who made you smile today, or count the blessings you received? Sure, there are plenty of them. If you do this, ch [Read More…]

10 Natural Headache Busters - Healthy, Delicious Foods that Relieve Headache

By Lisa Franchi on August 11, 2020

 Headache doesn’t only give you pain, but also delays your work and make you less productive. Instead of lying on bed, popping a pill, and sleeping it out, you can actually eat your headache away. There are foods that contain essential vitamins and minerals that are sure to relieve your aching head. Baked potato Got hangover due to last night&rs [Read More…]

Becoming a Better Person for Others - 5 Ways to Develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

By Monica Wilson on July 16, 2020

 Admit it – it takes just a couple of days or weeks to memorise and master a recital piece but it could take months, even years to forgive a person, get over a distressing experience, get over a breakup, or accept failures. Dealing with negative emotions and strengthening social relationships can be hard if you have low emotional intelligence or E [Read More…]

Best Food Combos to Promote Good Health, Support Fat Loss and Fight Cancer

By Sharon Moore on July 10, 2020

 Why do you pair your toast with milk? Why do you squeeze lemon in your tea? Why do you drink orange juice while eating your cereals? For most people, combining foods is like an art. Your meal becomes more appealing and tastier when it is composed of two or more foods. But aside from this, combining foods is one great way to maintain a balanced diet. [Read More…]

Tapping to Relieve Stress - How Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping Promotes Wellbeing

By Amy Taylor on July 03, 2020

 Do you always find yourself facing palm upon hearing a bad news? Do you get so frustrated that you almost pulled out your hair or bang your head repeatedly on the wall? Instead of doing these things and aggravating the stress, why not tap it away? Research reveals a very easy and interesting way to reduce stress levels right then and there. Whether [Read More…]

Controlling Emotions that Come with Failure - Dealing with Setbacks and Bouncing Back

By Monica Wilson on June 25, 2020

 Quick – identify people you know who haven’t committed mistakes all their life. Bet you couldn’t point out even one. History wise, even the most intelligent people and leaders commit mistakes and fail many, many times. Human nature tells us to feel sad and disappointed every time we fail.  That’s normal. What’s [Read More…]

Why is Overconfidence Too Common Despite its Risks?

By Lisa Franchi on June 18, 2020

 Everyone knows the value of confidence. With it, people can find the best opportunities in life. Even if one is extremely talented and competent, lack of confidence often prevents a person from performing at their best. But too often, some people tend to become overconfident. That is – they tend to believe they’re better than others in term [Read More…]

New Study: Couple’s Therapy Reduced PTSD Symptom Severity and Improved Relationship Satisfaction

By Rebecca Lewis on June 11, 2020

 A couple, in which one partner suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, may benefit from undergoing couple’s therapy. In a study published in JAMA today, it was found that couple’s therapy helped reduce the severity of symptoms associated with PTSD and improve patient relationship satisfaction. What is PTSD? PTSD is a behavioural il [Read More…]

Living at the Moment is Easier Said than Done, New Study Reveals

By Rebecca Lewis on June 03, 2020

Forgetting the past and living in the now might be easier said than done, a new study reveals. There, they looked at the brain of individuals as they make decisions and discovered one area that’s responsible for using past decisions and outcomes towards future behaviour. The study, published in the professional journal Neuron, was headed by Marc Somme [Read More…]

Abstract Thinking = Improved Self Control How thinking outside the box boost your willpower

By Lisa Franchi on May 13, 2020

 In most cases, we make decisions based on the ‘here’ and ‘now’. Also called concrete thinking, we interpret things we saw based on their literal meaning. Abstract thinking on the other hand, allows us to see different interpretations of a certain object. Abstract thinkers often go beyond the standard points of view and look at t [Read More…]

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