4 Marketing Principles for a Successful Therapy Business

By NaturalTherapyForAll.com on September 26, 2011

Even though NTFA covers over 30 kinds of therapy, the marketing approach used to promote each and every therapy business is generally the same.  Whether you’re a counsellor, a massage therapist, or an acupuncturist, your marketing strategy can embody the four marketing principles for a successful therapy business.  These are lead generation, [Read More…]

He Says, She Says

September 23, 2011

A number of scientific and linguistic studies have already arrived at the conclusion that indeed, men and women differ in language use quite interestingly. These differences range from intonation, use, style, and frequency. What causes these differences, and what should be done in response to these variations? In an MRI scan done by researcher Dr. Tonmoy Sh [Read More…]

New Study: Average Brits Spend 4 years of Their Adult life suffering from Hangover

September 22, 2011

An alarming study found that average Brits spend four years suffering from hangover. This has resulted to poor productivity at work and at home. Moreover, experts believe that lack of social relationship is a potential risk on alcohol-related deaths. Binge drinking in Britain is getting worse. Plenty of studies were conducted this year to show how alcoho [Read More…]

British Mums to Undergo Hypnobirthing for Safe and Easy Natural Birth

September 19, 2011

 Hypnobirthing is a programme that involves hypnosis, breathing and relaxation techniques to prepare mums during the labour... when fear does not exists, there’s no pain.  This theory was known to be the fear-tension-pain syndrome. Whenever people (most specially women) think of birth, they also think of pain.  Recent studies showed tha [Read More…]

Laughter: Still the Best Medicine, Research Says

September 16, 2011

 Laughter’s the best medicine. So goes the popular saying.  Well, that isn’t just a saying.  In very recent study conducted by experts from Oxford University and published in the journal proceedings of the Royal Society B, it was found that having a good laugh with friends does help people deal with pain. Genuine laughter takes aw [Read More…]

Dealing with Quarterlife Crisis

September 15, 2011

 It was generally thought to be non-existent, but according to recent psychological studies, the dreaded quarterlife crisis (QLC) has already taken its toll on the young adults (over 70% of young professionals) of this generation. Quarter-life crisis is a transitory feeling of confusion, anxiety, and depression of a person making his/her way into adulth [Read More…]

10 Tips to Start the Day off Right

By Maggie Voelker on September 13, 2011

We live hectic, busy lives. Many days we fall asleep stressed and awake to an alarm clock ringing and a to-do list waiting. Just thinking about this scenario has my blood pressure rising which is why it’s so important to begin these crazy days in the right mind set. Setting yourself up for a positive day through organization, stretching and meditation [Read More…]

How to use leaflet marketing

By NaturalTherapyForAll.com on September 12, 2011

One of the most common questions that thousands of registered therapists ask to NTFA team is ‘how to get more clients’. We found out that therapists who have less than three years of practice are the ones who have more difficulty getting new clients. Since the start is always the hardest, it’s time that you make use of proven marketing stra [Read More…]

A Third of Europeans Suffer from Mental Disorder, New Research Says

September 09, 2011

Once in our life (or maybe more), we are faced with problems, disappointments, and failures. There are people who managed to go through all of it but there are also people who get overwhelmed facing life’s difficulties.  A study published by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) revealed that more than a third of Europeans suffer [Read More…]

Stick It to Pain and Stress with Acupuncture

By Tony Laughton on September 09, 2011

Acupuncture is an ancient technique, practiced for thousands of years, by the Chinese. It’s a natural and alternative therapy that can be used to treat many conditions including promoting relaxation. The Chinese believed acupuncture, in its self, could bring a euphoric and harmonious effect for all patients. They also believed that having an unbalance [Read More…]

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