Hypnotherapy on Fear of Flying

July 15, 2011

Holiday season seems to be the most enjoying time of the year. It’s the time to relax, escape reality, and have some fun. However, while most people refuse to give up their holidays, 4 in 10 Brits who have flown find airports very stressful, CPP claimed. In addition, out of the 2,000 holidaymakers interviewed, almost 4 million are avoiding flying be [Read More…]

Snore Less Naturally

By Dr Janet Winter on July 11, 2011

All of us start life as good breathers and healthy babies can breathe easily and quietly through their noses. The normal breathing pattern can change without us being aware of it, and people who snore usually breathe more than normal, and often through their mouths rather than their noses. This change in breathing pattern is known as “plasticity” [Read More…]

Europe Faces Suicide due to Financial Crisis (How to Deal with Suicidal People and the Role of Counsellors)

July 08, 2011

A recent study conducted by a team of US and UK researchers found out the suicide rates across Europe increased between 5 to 17 percent. 10 countries in Europe were subjected in the research and suicide cases were found to be prevalent among the working people from year 2007 until 2009. Greece has the highest suicide rate and UK has of 10% to 6.75 suicides [Read More…]

Acupuncture: An Alternative Way to Lose Weight

July 07, 2011

Weight loss has become a national obsession for so many years now especially in the western countries. In the United States, 72 million people are now categorised as obese. According to the latest article published in BBC health News Website ‘Snacking clue to obesity epidemic’, excessive snacking and intake of high calorie foods contributes to [Read More…]

Counselling Unhappy Mums (Counselling to Fight Post Natal Depression)

July 04, 2011

“The major reason why many women do not seek help is because they don’t even know they are depressed.” A young mother from Shropshire was denied from joining an NHS support group because they said she would “bring down” other mums who were suffering the same condition that she had- post natal depression (PND). It crushed he [Read More…]

Stopping the Consequences: Acupuncture and Diabetes

June 30, 2011

It’s all over the news- according to a study published by Lancet; 350 million people in the world and counting are suffering from diabetes. This alarming situation only shows that diabetes is becoming a major health problem that is slowly threatening the globe.  One of the authors of the study, Professor Majid Ezzati from the Imperial College of L [Read More…]

Be Your Own Best Friend

June 28, 2011

Before we may have any kind of fulfilling relationship with another, it is imperative we develop a healthy relationship with ourselves; to change the unhelpful attitudes we may hold about ourselves. So without further ado, I would like to suggest that you take a few moments out and do this first very simple exercise: Go up to the nearest mirror and look at [Read More…]

Acupuncture The Myths Vs The Facts

By Michael Schnippering on June 27, 2011

Acupuncture is a complementary medicine treatment which uses needles placed in the skin to alleviate pain and aid in the healing of many disorders. It originated thousands of years ago in China, however it is now also widely practised in the Western world. Despite its modern popularity there are still many misconceptions surrounding it, and for that reason i [Read More…]

Breaking Alcohol Dependence among Elderly thru Counselling

June 23, 2011

Alcohol dependence and related problems is increasing in United Kingdom, costing the country at least £20 billion each year, says a report from NHS. Said research pointed out that staggering 17 million working days have been lost because of absenteeism due to hangovers and ailments brought by alcoholism among employees and workers. On the report from [Read More…]

Hypnotherapy Works (Overcoming Rare Phobias through Hypnotherapy)

By Jamie Lewis on June 17, 2011

“A receptionist at a bank has lost more than eight stone after conquering a bizarre phobia – of sweat. Tracey Stone, 35, beat the phobia after seeing a local counsellor and hypnotist. She spent a total of six hours in the chair, and now believes she is ‘almost entirely’ cured”. -Daily Mail Reporter posted on June 14, 2011 The [Read More…]

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