How to Create a Web Content that Google and Clients will Love

By on February 10, 2012

You have a well designed website. It has a great layout and cool pictures. However, you came to realise that Google isn’t appreciating all of it. And because you’re not ranking high in Google, you get fewer clients. So what do you do? The answer is that you can create good contents to trump your Google ranking! But the question is – what [Read More…]


Hypnotherapy is an effective, relaxing, safe treatment for many problems, but self-hypnosis gives you the tools to do it for yourself. I have taught Self-Hypnosis courses since 2001 – it is the most powerful and empowering self-help tool I know. In 1999 I was facing the prospect of writing up my Doctoral thesis and the size of the task was so daunting [Read More…]

Willpower over Desire: Saying “No” To What You Want Most

By Monica Wilson on February 09, 2012

You were offered a plate of luscious chocolate cake which turned out to be your most favourite food. But just yesterday you were asked by your doctor to refrain from eating sweets. Will you say “no” or will you take a bite?   “How I wish I had the willpower!” Many people have said this statement so many times. According to studi [Read More…]

Chronic Cough Can Damage Your Health

An irritating tickle in the throat and a persistent cough, not much of a problem is it? Well it can be - chronic cough can be deleterious to your health. In fact it can deplete systems throughout the body of their vital oxygen. The good news is that cough can be helped by controlling your breathing. What causes chronic cough? A cough may start with a resp [Read More…]

Ware’s ‘The Top Five Regrets of the Dying’

By Amy Taylor on February 08, 2012

Many people spend their whole life working too much just to buy a beautiful house, arrange a luxury holiday, and give their family all the pleasures that the world brings. They invest time and efforts to achieve these things to the extent of leaving their loved ones, sacrificing their health, and taking friendships for granted. Sadly, these achievements turn [Read More…]

Helping Others in Grief - The Power of Active Listening and Companioning

By Helen Holmes on February 07, 2012

We all encounter the same dilemma of not knowing what to say and do when with someone who is in grief. It can be hard for you to say a word for a friend who lost her loved one or a relative who just got divorced. Sometimes, dealing with our problems is much easier than helping others deal with their difficulties primarily because we are not in the position t [Read More…]

Drinking Two Large Glasses of Wine a Day Doubles the Risk of Certain Cancers, Campaign Warns

By Lisa Franchi on February 06, 2012

Change4life will be sending two million leaflets to health professionals to encourage individuals from cutting their alcohol intake. The campaign stated that drinking two big glasses of wine or more than two pints of strong beer can double the risk of high blood pressure and other major illnesses such as mouth and bowel cancer. Effects of Drinking a Little [Read More…]

New Research: Massage Aids in Pain Reduction in a Cellular Level like Painkillers Do

By Sharon Moore on February 03, 2012

Massage doesn’t only relax tensed and aching muscles. It also takes away pain and inflammation in a cellular level just like what painkillers do. The only difference is that massage doesn’t have any side effects. Massage and Pain Reduction Many people find it useful to have massage after a heavy workout to ease muscle pain. And on a very recent [Read More…]

Relationship Conflict - How Do You Handle It Effectively?

If you are: •       Experiencing communication difficulties in your personal relationship? •       Facing a marital breakdown? •       Contemplating separation or divorce? Then read on to find out how: •       Co [Read More…]

Why Some People Don’t Grieve - Understanding the Concept of Resilience

By Helen Holmes on February 01, 2012

Unemployment, bereavement, health problems, breakups or divorce, and other life’s upsetting experiences can lead to depression. But according to experts, not everyone who goes through these situations suffers from mental illness. There are people who have experienced a lot of difficulties yet were able to remain optimistic. Scientists call it resilienc [Read More…]

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