Hypnotherapy can Help Us Handle Stress in Our Daily Lives

Hypnotherapy is be helpful for a wide range of different problems: smoking cessation and weight loss may be the best known but it is also effective with phobias, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and many more problems we all have to cope with in our daily lives. Levels of stress are increasing in the population and the media don’t help, always reporting [Read More…]

Call for Action: Do Veterans and Ex-Service Personnel Lack Support Against Mental Health Problems?

By Christine Barton on April 04, 2012

Not everyone who joins the military experiences mental health issues during and after the service. However, there’s always a possibility that some of them will. Men and women are very much exposed to mental health risks while they’re in active duty and the problems will surface once they leave the military. The case of Lee Bonsall for instance &n [Read More…]

Are Creative People More Arrogant?

By Sharon Moore on April 03, 2012

Are creative people really that arrogant? Maybe you know of a friend, a neighbour or a colleague who always brag about their achievements. You may have met people who are a little full of themselves. Many times, you may have seen celebrities being interviewed on TV who sound like they’re the most beautiful and talented people in the world. Well, what m [Read More…]

How Affection Shapes a Baby’s Brain - Benefits of Baby Massage

Many of the scientific discoveries in the field of emotion like reinventing the wheel. They affirm the importance of touch, of responsiveness, of giving time to people. How can we legislate for these things? I would like to simply answer the question asked by Sue Gerhardt in her fantastic book ‘Why Love Matters: How affection shapes a baby’s bra [Read More…]

‘Foods’ for the Skin - Natural Moisturisers for a Healthy, Glowing Skin

By Lisa Franchi on April 02, 2012

Colder weather is on its way so everyone’s having their last-minute sunny escapade. It’s going to be dry but cloudy over Easter weekend in England and Wales. Elsewhere the rain will spread, with snow forecast in some parts of Scotland. Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D which is needed by our skin to be healthy. But too much sun exposure [Read More…]

Fuel Strike Threat: Why Are People Panic Buying?

By Helen Holmes on March 30, 2012

Easter weekend is coming soon but the 2,000 fuel tanker drivers across the country will be conducting a strike on no defined date yet. Motorists are rushing to the garages to top up their tanks. Independent retailers’ group RMI Petrol reported demand for petrol rose 172% on Thursday.  Even though ministers said there’s no point to panic, con [Read More…]

6 Ways to Make Your Barbecue a Healthy Experience

By Amy Taylor on March 29, 2012

Many studies suggest that eating char-grilled meats can increase the risk of cancer. Here’s the thing, there are two chemical compounds that are formed when foods are cooked with intense heat and flame. They are Heterocyclic Amines (HCA) and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) – both are carcinogenic. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean we can [Read More…]

Help is Available - Low Cost Psychotherapy Services for Soldiers

A recent newspaper article highlighted the very sad case of a young man who committed suicide some while after returning home from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. A terrible tragedy for this young serviceman, his family, friends and comrades, compounded by the fact that it appears he didn’t have access to the help he needed. There is, of course, no way [Read More…]

Healing Young Minds - Importance of Counselling Service in Schools

By Rebecca Lewis on March 28, 2012

The British government is investing £22 million to expand mental health services for children. Nonetheless, the budget cut on social services still affects many schools. Because of this, some of them are now releasing money from their own pocket to provide counselling services. Why is Counselling so Important for Children? The youth have unique poten [Read More…]

Sunshine is Here, Step Out into the Green! Why Outdoor Activities Can Be Good For You

By Monica Wilson on March 27, 2012

Yes! Glorious weather is finally here! Sun lovers are rushing to the beach and in every available open space to enjoy warm weather. Those who had their day off from work last Monday were lucky enough to experience the scorching temperature that hit 22.9C. Adults who were working on their tan had a great time sunbathing at the beach while children had a very [Read More…]

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