Coloured Tapes for Athletes: What are they for?

By Rebecca Lewis on July 05, 2012

If you’re an avid fan of sports, you must have noticed many athletes with stick-tapes on their body. Some place it on their back, like Mario Balotelli, an Italian striker in the Euro 2012 Championship. Some have it on their elbows, like the Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon. But what are those tapes for? Are they simply a sporty fad or [Read More…]

Summer Washout and Vitamin D Deficiency in Children

By Monica Wilson on July 04, 2012

As the cloud gets dimmer and rain continues to pour down, doctors warn of the possibility of rickets epidemic in children. The rainy season in Britain has started April and is expected to continue. Sunlight is the major source of vitamin D which is among the most important nutrients needed for healthy cell formation and bone development. It keeps our bone [Read More…]

New Research Reveals Some Surprising Facts about Healthy Eating

By Lisa Franchi on July 04, 2012

Ask Google of what the best and healthiest foods are and you’ll get millions of different results. Much has been written and said about healthy eating that many people become a bit confused on which advice to follow. But a new report has looked into the scientific research about healthy eating and found some surprising answers. Consumers are advised b [Read More…]

What’s the Good Thing about Growing Old?

By Sharon Moore on July 03, 2012

Growing old is a basic life process that happens to every one of us. Aging means a lot of negative things for many people. It can mean failing eyesight, developing wrinkles, forgetting things, and so on. But despite these, experts suggest that there’s something really amazing about growing old. What do lab tests say about aging? Many studies show tha [Read More…]

Positive Action: 10 Ways to Transform Your Behaviour to Something Positive

By Helen Holmes on July 03, 2012

Studies show that instead of positive thinking, positive action brings more health benefits. But how do you make a change for the better? Below are some tips to help you easily transform how you think and how you behave. To be happy, SMILE In the study by James Laird of the Clark University, it was demonstrated how smiling can change how you feel and light [Read More…]

The 10 Secrets of a Long Lasting Relationship

By Rebecca Lewis on July 02, 2012

The concept of love has been a subject of numerous research but until now, is among those that are least understood. Many has been written about love and hundreds of researches, whether large or small, have tried to understand what love really is and how people can make it last. But what could be a better way to understand more of this seemingly bizarre co [Read More…]

Instead of Positive Thinking, Try Positive Action

By Amy Taylor on July 02, 2012

Psychology students are taught about the law of attraction. What you think is what you are, what you imagine, you will get. Visualising yourself as a successful businessman who’s counting millions while sipping expensive champagne is one big factor that makes you become who you wanted to be. But that’s not actually the case in real life, some exp [Read More…]

Touch Therapy Reduces Pain, Stress and Nausea in Cancer Patients, New Study Found

By Monica Wilson on June 29, 2012

Jin Shin Jyutsu – a traditional form of touch therapy that follows the same principle with acupuncture, was found to be effective in reducing chronic pain and nausea among cancer patients. The study, led by Jennifer Bradley, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Centre, involved 159 cancer patients. Each one of them [Read More…]

Stressed Out? Taking a Holiday May Not Be the Smartest Solution

By Lisa Franchi on June 29, 2012

Many people who want to get away, at least temporary, from their stressful lives find it a great idea to go out of town and enjoy some new scenery. Although it sometimes helps, taking a holiday isn’t always the best way to fight stress, especially if you’re suffering from chronic stress, said John Coates, author of ‘The Hour between Dog and [Read More…]

CBT Is Most Effective in Treating Anxiety Disorders, New Research Reveals

By Sharon Moore on June 29, 2012

Anxiety disorder is a term that covers a wide range of mental illnesses characterised by extreme fear and anxiety. Getting severely distressed and anxious when speaking in public or abnormal panicking when confronted with stressful situations is usually observed on people with anxiety issues. There are many forms of treatment available for these individuals. [Read More…]

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