Top 10 Anti-ageing Foods - Stay Full, Look Young

By Sharon Moore on July 20, 2012

You are what you eat. Our diet greatly affects how we look – from head to toe. If those fine lines, sagging skin, and flabby arms are making you feel sad, maybe it’s time that you make some tweaks in your daily diet. Here are ten of the best foods that won’t just satisfy your stomach but would also make you look younger.     &nbs [Read More…]

Genetically Enhanced Athletes Will Soon Compete in the Olympics, Experts Suggest

By Helen Holmes on July 20, 2012

Imagine this. Athletes make use of prosthetic legs that work like real limbs (only that they don’t feel weak like human legs do), skin grafts that increase webbing between fingers and toes to enhance swimming abilities, and the superhuman muscles that don’t sore even after extreme workout. Now, see these people attending the yearly Olympics. If y [Read More…]

10 Ways to Help Your Friend Cope With Divorce

By Lauren Nicholson on July 19, 2012

After more than three decades of showing a decline in occurrence, UK divorce rates are now once again on the rise since 2009. In 2010, divorce rates rose to 5%, amounting to 119,589 divorces in England and Wales (Office of National Statistics), and affecting 11.5 people for every 1000 of the married population. With these large numbers involved, everyone is [Read More…]

Want to Be Happy and Successful? Try Exercising Your Emotional Muscle – Gratitude

By Rebecca Lewis on July 19, 2012

Many books have been written about happiness and how to go about finding it. We all know it’s not money, power, or fame. So what is it? Tired of rainy days? Maybe it’s time that you list down the blessings you’ve got the whole week! Being thankful, which is the main focus of gratitude, is one great way to brighten up your life. Studies sho [Read More…]

Lack of Sunlight and Vitamin D May Cause Multiple Sclerosis and Autoimmune Disorders

By Amy Taylor on July 19, 2012

In a new study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, it was found that ultraviolet (UV) light increases the level of vitamin D in the body and promotes healthy cells which care responsible for keeping the balance in the immune system. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that is necessary for cell growth and proper absorption of calcium [Read More…]

Happiness: Not for Sale, How Income Disparities between a Man and Woman affect their Relationship

By Monica Wilson on July 18, 2012

Women are set to earn more in any profession within 25 years. From traditional housewives with a little control over major household decisions, the number of women earning more than their partners has significantly increased in the past years. This however, doesn’t buy male’s happiness, a new study suggest. Female Breadwinners At the end of 196 [Read More…]

Recollecting Binge Drinking Episodes Using Present Verb Tense May Help People Cut Back the Habit, New Study Found

By Lisa Franchi on July 18, 2012

Whenever we recall past experiences, the standard grammar rule tells us to use past tenses. But with binge drinkers, talking about their experiences with alcohol abuse using the present tense instead of the past tense can positively impact their future behaviour, a new study suggests. A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania headed by Pro [Read More…]

Is It Me or Him? How Relationship Discrepancies Bring Couples Even Closer

By Sharon Moore on July 17, 2012

In intimate relationships, people behave depending on where they blame their shortcomings – whether to their own selves or to their partners. Although they are associated with dissatisfaction, relationship discrepancies could actually bring couples closer, a new study suggests. According to the Ideal Standards Model (ISM), a partner starts to feel dis [Read More…]

The Psychologists’ Role in Helping Sufferers of Hepatitis C

By Helen Holmes on July 17, 2012

It is normal for people to feel sad, anxious and depressed the moment they heard the bad news from their doctor. But for people who are suffering from hepatitis C, the emotional impact can be greatly tormenting and long lasting. With psychotherapy however, coping with these effects can be smooth and sustainable. The Psychological Effects of Hepatitis C Hep [Read More…]

It’s More than Words: Body Shape Shows How Attractiveness He or She Is

By Rebecca Lewis on July 16, 2012

There are things that we can’t express through the use of words. Non verbal communication, which is often associated with body language, gestures and facial expressions, could tell whether a person finds another to be attractive or not. Which body shapes do most people find attractive? Although magazines and TV shows suggest that being thin is a sig [Read More…]

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