Amazing Ways Cayenne Benefits Your Health

By Lisa Franchi on September 29, 2014

Cayenne does more than spice up our food. It can also spice up our health and protect us from different illnesses. Below are the top reasons why cayenne can be actually good for your health: It offers protection against diabetes. Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes a person’s blood sugar level to become too high. This condition greatly a [Read More…]

5 Signs You’ve Become More Resilient

By Sharon Moore on September 26, 2014

Study after study shows that resilient people are those who succeed more often in their undertakings. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from the difficult things that happen in life. While human beings are certainly made from the same stuff, our level of resilience does vary. If you ever want to succeed in whatever endeavour you’re going [Read More…]

Simple Exercises that Make You More Patient

By Lisa Franchi on September 26, 2014

If you’re like most people, you hate waiting. You hate it when the customer service representative on the other line puts you on hold, when you have to sit for several minutes to almost an hour just to get a 10-minute consultation with your doctor, or when you have to huddle in a huge crowd while in the fast food chain. While it can be the most s [Read More…]

Lack of Sleep May Affect Teen’s Performance in School, Study Says

By Sharon Moore on September 26, 2014

There’s really a good reason why you should encourage your teen to sleep early and make sure he or she is getting at least 8 hours of shut-eye each night. According to new research, adolescents with sleep problems and poor sleeping habits have lower academic performance when compared to those who enjoy a good night’s sleep. For the study, Sw [Read More…]

Coffee Anyone?

I love coffee. It’s a problem. It gives me tinnitus and disturbs my sleep. And it raises my blood pressure. Yet science apparently says coffee is good for me. I think what science says about coffee confuses the primary and secondary effects of drugs. Let me explain. Medicines are like magic bullets. Well, obviously, they don’t think they [Read More…]

5 Simple Things that Make HUGE Changes in Your Life

By Amy Taylor on September 25, 2014

Wonder why crash diets and quick fixes don’t work? That’s because our lives are formed by habits. What we do on a daily basis determines the quality of our health and well-being. So in order to see long lasting positive changes in your life, you need to work on improving your habits one at a time.  The change doesn’t have to be t [Read More…]

Toxic Habits that Destroy a Marriage

By Rebecca Lewis on September 25, 2014

It’s true that most couples fight and disagree. Even long-term couples do have disagreements at times. But according to experts, how they fight, and how often it happens – do matter.  There are certain toxic behaviours that many couples unconsciously engage in that are causing harm to their relationships. Withdrawing at Times of Demand [Read More…]

Artificial Sweeteners May Destroy the Gut Flora, Study Suggests

By Sharon Moore on September 25, 2014

The widespread use of artificial sweeteners in drinks and food may be contributing to the obesity and diabetes epidemic that is sweeping much of the world – new research says. For years researchers have been puzzling over the fact that non-caloric artificial sweeteners do not seem to assist in weight loss, and some studies have suggested they may [Read More…]

Overcome Stress & Anxiety With These 7 Easy Lessons

Have you ever felt suicidal? Have you ever felt that life is just not worth living? Are you ashamed of these feelings? Well you needn’t be, because you are not alone. We have all felt like stopping the world and getting off at one time or another. Even if we have a great family, a great job and everything in our lifestyle basket is lovely! Anxiety [Read More…]

Spouse’s Personality Influences Career Success, Study Finds

By Rebecca Lewis on September 24, 2014

As people spend more and more time in the workplace, it’s natural for co-workers to develop close bonds with each other. But when it comes to other measures of career success, such as pay raises and promotions, it’s the husband or wife at home who may be exerting a bigger influence on workplace performance. New research from Washington Un [Read More…]

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