7 Eating Habits that Make You Physically & Mentally Fit

By Sharon Moore on August 12, 2016

Staying healthy is a big challenge these days, especially for busy professionals who rarely have the time to prepare healthy food from scratch. Here are eating habits that you may want to start practising today. Not only will doing these make you physically stronger, it will make you mentally fitter too! Go green. Opt for vegetable salad over sandwich [Read More…]

One Hour of Exercise Daily Can Counter Health Risks of Prolonged Sitting, Study Finds

By Lisa Franchi on August 11, 2016

Too much sitting is the new smoking. Plenty of studies have shown that sitting for more than eight hours a day can cause so much harm to one’s health and increase the risk of chronic illnesses as well as early death. Until recently, it was unknown whether exercising everyday can counter these health effects.  In an analysis published in The Lance [Read More…]

6 Steps to Make Your Day a ‘One Fine Day’

By Amy Taylor on August 10, 2016

Too often, we consider doing some self-help techniques only during difficult times - when we are stressed at work, dealing with relationship problems, taking a new risk, facing a major transition, and so on. But many psychiatrists believe that aside from the major roadblocks, we should also look into being more compassionate to ourselves on the everyday. Aft [Read More…]

Lack of Exercise: World’s Second Biggest Killer among Middle-Aged Men

By Rebecca Lewis on August 05, 2016

Being unfit is the second biggest factor that affect mortality in middle-aged men, according to new research.  The study found that those with the least aerobic capacity, which is measured by oxygen consumption, were more likely to die young. Researchers from University of Gothenburg say the findings highlight the need to increase physical activity and [Read More…]

New Research Says Comparing Ourselves to Others is Normal

By Sharon Moore on August 04, 2016

Competing with a person who is more skilled than you are can leave you feeling a bit low. Meanwhile, working together with that person can boost your self-esteem - new research reveals.  The study, published in the journal Neuron, found that people automatically compare their own performance with that of others. The findings show that when an individua [Read More…]

6 Keys to a Stronger Back

By Lisa Franchi on August 04, 2016

Back pain again? You are not alone. About 8 in 10 people experience back pain at some point in their life. It often goes away in time, ranging from a few days to a week. But sometimes, back pain can last for several weeks, even months (wherein it is considered a chronic pain issue already).   Whether you are looking to strengthen your back or lessen [Read More…]

How Much Is Enough? Scientists Identify Maximum Sitting Time Before It Harms Your Heart

By Amy Taylor on August 03, 2016

New research published in the journal JAMA Cardiology discovered the maximum amount of time a person can sit on average per day before it starts to damage their heart. The cut-off is 12 hours on average every day.   Most people spend their working days sitting in a desk, either working in front of a computer or doing some mechanical work that involves [Read More…]

Top Reasons Why You Should Quit Sleeping Pills Today

By Rebecca Lewis on August 02, 2016

Quality sleep - we all dream about it. In the ideal world, after a long hard day at work, we can easily drift into a deep slumber and give our mind and body time to rest and rejuvenate. But again, that’s in the ideal world. The reality is that majority of workers suffer from sleep problems, ranging from insomnia to snoring, sleep apnoea, and a lot more [Read More…]

Compounds in Cranberries May Stop Bacterial Infections

By Sharon Moore on August 01, 2016

New research suggests that compounds present in cranberry juice can block bacterial infections, which could be the basis for new antibiotics. According to scientists, this vibrant red berry could open a new area of focus for drug developers.  The said compounds, called flavonols, were found to significantly reduce the ability of E.coli bacteria to trig [Read More…]

6 Strategies for a Calming & Relaxing Weekend

By Lisa Franchi on July 29, 2016

TGIF! Just like most people out there, you probably feel really excited right now. After five days of working hard, you get to enjoy your favourite part of the week - the weekend! But sometimes, weekend can be so stressful too. So here are strategies for a calming and relaxing weekend: Spend quality time with friends and family. Life becomes less stres [Read More…]

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