Fried Food Consumption Raises Heart Disease Risk by Over 50 Percent Study Finds

By Lisa Franchi on September 01, 2015

 Yes – that crispy, juicy finger-licking fried chicken can be a perfect meal after a long tiring day. Unfortunately, it comes with health risks too – big ones – like increased risk of heart disease. Researchers from University of Alabama-Birmingham found that a "Southern diet" heavy on fried foods, processed meats and sugary [Read More…]

Inside Out: Accepting Your Emotions, Good or Bad

By Amy Taylor on September 01, 2015

Just recently, another animated film has conquered the big screens and really captured the hearts of millions of young people… and the older ones too. Inside Out, the newest 3D –computer animated drama produced by Pixar Animation Studio and released by Walt Disney Pictures, is indeed a very timely and must-watch film. Apart from the very cute ch [Read More…]

Eating Protein-Packed Foods Everyday Protect Heart like Quitting Smoking

By Sharon Moore on August 28, 2015

Eating foods that are rich in protein every day saves your heart the way quitting smoking does, new research revealed. The findings, based on the study of 2,000 British women, found that people who eat lots of protein-rich food were found to have lower blood pressure and more healthy arteries, significantly lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke. Acc [Read More…]

Three Amazing Ways Tea Promote Weight Loss

By Lisa Franchi on August 28, 2015

Want a refreshing and relaxing drink? Go for a cup of tea. Not only does it promote relaxation and calmness, but tea is a great beverage choice if you’re after weight loss too. Below are the different types of tea and how they promote weight loss. White Tea This tea is probably the most commonly consumed tea in Europe as it has a very subtle flavou [Read More…]

One in Nine Over-16s Have High Blood Sugar Level, Study Finds

By Rebecca Lewis on August 27, 2015

New report says five million adults are at risk of type 2 diabetes, and such disease kills 22,000 in Britain each year. Meanwhile, some 2.9 million people are already diagnosed with the condition. The research, coming from Public Health England and carried out by experts from the universities of Leicester and Exeter, suggests that millions over the age of 1 [Read More…]

Ways Screen Time Affect Your Child’s Mental Health

By Sharon Moore on August 27, 2015

Moody. Restless. Having strange cravings. Unable to focus. These qualities are often used to describe people diagnosed with mental health disorder, such as addiction. But they may also perfectly illustrate how many kids react after watching a two-hour Disney film. It is not surprising to see children as young as two or three to be well-versed in using mobil [Read More…]

Crying Can Be Therapeutic, Research Says

By Sharon Moore on August 26, 2015

Feeling bad? Go ahead and cry it out. New research shows that while shedding a few tears leads to a dip in mood immediately after the crying jag, it makes you feel so much better after. There have been conflicting results in studies made to assess the effects of crying in mental health.  Retrospective studies, such as those that ask people to look back [Read More…]

9 Ways to Take Care of Your Eyes in this Digital World

By Rebecca Lewis on August 26, 2015

Like most people, you probably spend most of your time facing the computer, browsing websites on your mobile phone, and watching TV. Unfortunately, all these digital devices could bring harm to our eyes. Below are some easy tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine to protect your eyes without doing away from your computer or mobile phone. Adjus [Read More…]

Sitting with Uncomfortable Feelings

As I look around, I see many in our society who believe that experiencing negative emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, jealousy, and the like – is wrong. They believe that those feelings are unhelpful and should be conquered through the use of positive thoughts, cognitive thinking and behavioural changes.  In fact, a lot of the concepts around [Read More…]

Climbing out of the PIT

Many years ago I started my own personal development journey. It began in the pit of a disappointing experience of a failed marriage and left with the responsibility of raising my two wonderful sons.  I wanted to rise up and be the best mom I could be for my boys, a fire burned within me to succeed; I saw it as a challenge and I could not fail them an [Read More…]

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