Amazing Health Benefits of Deep Breathing (And How to Reap Them)

By Amy Taylor on June 09, 2014

Breathing is at the very core of our existence. But proper breathing is not only important for living longer. It also helps us improve our mood and perform at our best. It’s not enough that you breathe. You should make sure you are breathing correctly. Here are the wonderful things that happen to your body whenever you are breathing properly: [Read More…]

Breast Cancer Survivors Fail to Meet Physical Activity Guidelines, Researchers Say

By Rebecca Lewis on June 09, 2014

Previous research suggests that regular exercise can boost the recovery of breast cancer patients. Despite the known benefits, few cancer survivors incorporate physical activity in their lifestyle, scientists say. In the new study, US researchers found many women did too little exercise and only a third met recommended activity levels. In the US and the [Read More…]

10 Super Foods for Managing Your Blood Sugar Levels

By Sharon Moore on June 09, 2014

Glucose, or the sugar your body gets from your diet, is a source of food and fuel for your cells. Without it, even your brain cells will starve. Your body processes sugar naturally from carbohydrates of all kinds, including grains, vegetables and fruits. When you have diabetes however, your body is no longer processing sugars properly. That is, your blo [Read More…]

Mind Your Body: Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Search “how to lose weight” on Google and you will get about 197,000,000 results. In this world where processed foods and sedentary behaviour are taking over, obesity has become one of our major health concerns. Not only does it make you look bad, but excess weight can also interfere with your physical and mental health. A huge body of research [Read More…]

7 Simple Acts of Kindness that Can Change the World

By Sharon Moore on June 06, 2014

You don’t have to be super rich to make a difference. You don’t have to be famous to inspire others and influence them in positive ways. You need not be a priest to share the good news. There are simple acts of kindness and generosity that you, I and everyone else can do that can CHANGE THE WORLD. Here are some ideas to start with. Smile. [Read More…]

Social Conflicts May Raise Hypertension Risk

By Amy Taylor on June 06, 2014

You probably know that social conflicts are bad for your mental health. But did you know they can be bad for your physical health too? According to a new study, unpleasant social interactions are associated with increased blood pressure levels. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University examined the data of 1,502 people ages 50 and older who were part of [Read More…]

Vitamin D Deficient? Symptoms to Watch Out

By Rebecca Lewis on June 06, 2014

Vitamin D, also called the ‘sunshine vitamin’, plays a big role in promoting good health. According to a study conducted by the University of Zurich, sufficient amounts of vitamin D taken regularly are necessary to maintain bone health. Whilst the major source of vitamin D is sunlight, this essential nutrient can also be obtained from food s [Read More…]

Weakening the Effects of Trauma through EMDR

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a relatively new type of non-traditional psychotherapy which is gaining popularity nowadays, particularly in treating post-traumatic stress disorder. Whilst it remains to be controversial, especially among health professionals, scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of this treatment approac [Read More…]

6 Truly Painful Ways Major Depression Affect Your Life

By Rebecca Lewis on June 05, 2014

Depression is one of the most common and unfortunately, most painful mental health problems in the world today. It is more than simply feeling unhappy. Often, the symptoms are so severe that they affect most areas of your life, particularly your social relationships, work, finances, health and so on. It impacts your friends and family, and anyone close to [Read More…]

Pistachio Nut Consumption Cuts Insulin Resistance

By Lisa Franchi on June 05, 2014

Good news for those with diabetes or having issues keeping their blood sugar levels in check. New research presented at the annual European Congress on Obesity found that regular consumption of pistachio nuts is associated with decreased insulin resistance in individuals with prediabetes. 49 individuals with prediabetes participated in a four-month, ran [Read More…]

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