8 Reasons to Start HIIT Workout Today

By Lisa Franchi on December 16, 2013

High intensity interval training, popularly known as “HIIT”, has been receiving lots of buzz lately. According to the study published in the American College of Sports Medicine, it’s one of the two top fitness trends for 2014. But what exactly is HIIT? And does it really work? What is HIIT? HIIT is a training technique in which you give 1 [Read More…]

New Study Links Aversion to Bitter Foods with Obesity

By Sharon Moore on December 16, 2013

New research published in the journal Appetite sought to explain why people who are overweight or at risk of becoming overweight tend to eat differently from thinner people. It found that having a higher body mass index (BMI) is linked to an aversion to bitter foods. The researchers theorised that people with higher BMI dislike bitter foods and consequently [Read More…]

8 Habits that Stress You More

By Sharon Moore on December 13, 2013

Stressed out? Well, it’s Friday so you should be feeling a little relieved, at least. But did you know that most of us have plenty of habits that keep stressing them out, everyday? If you’re constantly feeling burned out, you probably keep on doing one or some of these stress-aggravating habits: You’re sleeping badly. It’s almost th [Read More…]

Exercise Tips for the Couch Potatoes

By Amy Taylor on December 13, 2013

There’s mounting evidence on the health risks of inactivity. One study by the American Cancer Society for instance, has found that sitting for longer periods, separate from other factors, can lead to premature death. So for the couch potatoes out there, you want to think twice about sitting too much. Whether you’re having troubles finding the mo [Read More…]

Researchers Develop a Simple and Effective Screening Test for Autism in Adults

By Rebecca Lewis on December 13, 2013

Autism spectrum disorder (ADS) refers to a group of complex disorders of brain development, characterised by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviour. People with this condition tend to have problems interacting with other people, and having compulsive routines and interests. Whilst autism is more common [Read More…]

It’s Not Just Mums – Dad’s Diet Could Affect Baby’s Health Too, New Study Shows

By Amy Taylor on December 13, 2013

Women who plan to conceive are advised to observe a well-balanced diet for the nourishment of their babies. But new research from McGill University in Canada suggests that father’s diet could be equally important as well. Many studies have been conducted on the role of maternal diet in the child’s growth and development. There’s mounting e [Read More…]

Time to Put Your Prices Up! Here’s How to Feel Good about It!

Do you always find yourself delaying putting your prices up, or even quoting your prices to new customers?    Apparently it’s a woman thing.  For years I thought that my struggle to charge well for my services and increase my prices promptly was because I’m a nurse. In the NHS we never had to ask our patients to pay so asking [Read More…]

Watching Media Coverage of Trauma Events More Stressful than Being There

By Lisa Franchi on December 12, 2013

Watching tragic news on TV, like terrorist attacks or mass shootings, might be more stressful than actually being there – a new study suggests. Researchers from the University of California-Irvine found an association between acute stress and exposure to media coverage of stressful events. For the study, the researchers assessed 4,675 adults two to [Read More…]

How to Improve Your Focus and Concentration through Diet

By Amy Taylor on December 12, 2013

Most dietary supplements sold in the market today claim to do everything from improving your cognitive function, strengthening your memory and sharpening your mental focus. But the question is – do they really work? If you’re having problems concentrating and you’re looking for inexpensive, safe and proven ways to deal with it, we’ve [Read More…]

How to Choose to Be Happy

By Sharon Moore on December 12, 2013

Even though our general well-being and mood are partially predicted by factors like genes and upbringing, roughly 40 per cent of our happiness is determined by the things we do – that is, things that are within our control. That’s probably why they say “happiness is a choice”. So what does this mean for you and me and for everyone el [Read More…]

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