Emotional Disconnect Between the Present & Future Self Impacts Behaviour

By Amy Taylor on April 15, 2015

New research has found that the emotional disconnect we have with our future self could explain why many people continue to engage in unhealthy behaviours, don’t save for retirement, and make bad ethical decisions even though they are fully aware of the possible consequences. Hal Hershfield, a social psychologist at UCLA, and collaborators from Stanfo [Read More…]

10 Foods That Fight Inflammation

By Rebecca Lewis on April 15, 2015

Chronic inflammation is a major health issue that can lead to all sorts of diseases, including the most feared ones like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and dementia. There are several factors that affect the likelihood of chronic inflammation occurring in our body, and they include diet, stress, and ageing. Whilst we can’t really do much about the age [Read More…]

7 Reasons Why You Should Always Be True to Yourself

By Amy Taylor on April 14, 2015

Being yourself is one of the best things you can do to be happy. We all grew up in a society wherein we are bound to act and behave on what other people think we should. As humans, we have this primal need to belong. We want to be accepted by everyone else, and to do that, we feel the need to follow the norm, and even please others. In short, we try to be li [Read More…]

5 Diabetes Diet Myths Everyone Should Know

By Sharon Moore on April 14, 2015

Like physical activity, diet has a very important role in managing diabetes. You probably heard a lot of food advice and dietary tips for diabetics, but how true are them? Is it true that if you have the disease, you can’t eat sweets anymore? Is eating too much sugar a cause of diabetes? Let’s find out. Diabetes, like many other health problems, [Read More…]

Muscles & Brain Enhanced By One Master Protein, Research Finds

By Lisa Franchi on April 13, 2015

We all have different skill sets. Some people are good at physical endeavours like running and sports, whilst others are good at mental activities like memorising dates and numbers. Whilst physical and mental aptitude may be two different things, they rely on a single metabolic protein that is responsible for controlling blood flow and the absorption of nutr [Read More…]

How Bitterness Sabotage Your Life & Health (And How to Let It Go)

By Sharon Moore on April 13, 2015

Have you been keeping resentments over someone for years? Do you have a friend or family member who you can’t forgive because he or she betrayed you once? Are you currently holding a grudge against someone? It is a natural human response to feel angry and hurt when someone did us wrong. But not letting go of these feelings for too long can do us more [Read More…]

Mindful Ideas to Achieve Balance, Fight Stress & Be Happy

By Rebecca Lewis on April 10, 2015

Balance, stress relief and happiness – these are things that are free, yet often, too precious to find. Many of us spend their whole life trying to find balance between their work and personal life, fighting stress, and chasing happiness. And even though they sounds so simple, these things are somehow the hardest to achieve. Fortunately, there is a te [Read More…]

Amazing Health Wonders of Lemon Water

By Sharon Moore on April 10, 2015

Water is good for you. Lemon is good for you. Combine them together and you’ll have a refreshing drink that is so good for you! Drinking lemon water in the morning is one very easy health routine that can benefit your body in many significant ways. What’s so good about lemons? Lemons are something you must always have in your kitchen. And that [Read More…]

Research Shows How Emotions Help Preserve Memories of Negative Events

By Lisa Franchi on April 09, 2015

What was your first heartbreak feel like? What was the first major difficult event that you experienced so far? No matter how we try hard to erase them, these negative experiences seem to remain our mind. But it’s not because we choose not to forget them. According to new research, our emotion has the ability to transform mundane events into strong mem [Read More…]

Good Reasons to Take a Vacation (Even When You’re Busy)

By Amy Taylor on April 09, 2015

Vacation, vacation, vacation. Who doesn’t want to have a vacation? But let’s face it. People are more concerned about their jobs today more than ever. Most of our weekdays are spent in the workplace, and even during weekends, we still can’t help but peek on our work email and do some paperwork. Even though the reason why we are working ha [Read More…]

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