High-Protein Diet Linked to Weight Loss & Quality Sleep

By Lisa Franchi on April 07, 2016

People who always lack sleep often have troubles managing their weight. This relationship has long been linked by past research, suggesting that lack of sleep leads to weight gain. Now, a new study provides interesting findings. According to it, if you are trying to lose weight, you should eat a diet rich in protein because it improves the quality of your sl [Read More…]

Five Easy Ways to Fight Depression

By Amy Taylor on April 06, 2016

Depression is a serious mental health disorder that can have debilitating effects on one’s life. It can be hard to deal with depression once you already have it and it would need professional intervention. But there are simple things you can do to ease the pain and speed up your recovery. Here are some of them:  Talk about it. Depression is somet [Read More…]

Four Popular Diets Explained

By Sharon Moore on April 06, 2016

How many diet plans have you tried? Which one worked for you? And for how long? Each day, thousands of people try out a different diet with hopes of getting rid of excess fats fast and becoming healthier. But many get tempted of the lose-weight-quick plans that offer promising results in a matter of days or weeks.  Unfortunately, these diets often invo [Read More…]

Stressing Over the Uncertain Can Be Good for You

By Rebecca Lewis on April 05, 2016

Fretting about the results of a job interview, the feedback of your boss, or an upcoming school exam may feel like a bad thing. But stressing over the uncertain can actually be good for your mental health, according to new research.  The stress the uncertain brings gives us a distinct performance advantage, according to the researchers from University [Read More…]

Your Lifestyle & Your Dementia Risk

By Lisa Franchi on April 05, 2016

Dementia is one of the major health concerns in the world today. Dementia affects a person’s mental agility, thinking abilities, understanding and language. This mental disorder refers to a group of related symptoms that are associated with an ongoing mental decline which gets worse over time. People who have dementia would forget most things - both pa [Read More…]

Understanding Depression in Men

By Amy Taylor on April 04, 2016

When it comes to being overly emotional, women often take the league. Even so, this doesn’t mean that they are the only ones prone to depression. Even men are. But the symptoms can vary significantly and they may not be noticeable.  Depression in Men  Clinical depression comes in various types. There are major and minor depression, and dyst [Read More…]

The Three Stages of Stress (And How to Get Through)

By Sharon Moore on April 04, 2016

No one is ever immune to stress. Even the most mentally strong people in this world do have their fair share of stress in life. In the present times - when we pay less attention to mindfulness and more on multi-tasking, stress is often just around the corner, waiting to strike at any moment. But our body has a built-in response mechanism to stress which we s [Read More…]

Men’s Health Habits also affect Conception, Study Says

By Rebecca Lewis on April 01, 2016

Couples who wish to get pregnant should work together to have a successful and healthy conception. It is not just the woman’s health habits that matter but also that of her partner.  According to the latest study by the National Institutes of Health, male partners who drink two caffeinated beverages per day is linked to 74 per cent risk of miscar [Read More…]

Eat for a Healthy Sleep: Best Foods that Make Sleeping the Best Experience Ever

By Sharon Moore on March 31, 2016

You know that lack of sleep is bad for your health. But what do you do to ward off your sleep problems? Do you take prescription drugs? Do you exhaust yourself in the gym? Do you buy a very expensive bedding and rearrange your room so it will look like one at a hotel? While these are really effective ways to promote quality sleep, there is one very important [Read More…]

How Carbs affect Your Heart

By Lisa Franchi on March 30, 2016

Researchers from University of Alabama at Birmingham, Massachusetts General Hospital and Vanderbilt University found that a diet high in carbohydrate may have an acute and detrimental effect on the heart.    They found that high levels of carbohydrates affect the heart’s production of atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) - a hormone that helps [Read More…]

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