7 Top Toxins that Could Damage Your Brain

By Lisa Franchi on June 12, 2014

Proper diet, regular exercise, and stress management are the best ways to protect your brain and keep it healthy. But if you keep exposing your brain to any of these chemicals, you are still vulnerable to developing chronic mental illnesses. Fluoride A study by the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) found a link between the said compound and lower IQ, whils [Read More…]

Proposal to Extend Statin Use Should Be ‘Scrapped’, Experts Say

By Sharon Moore on June 12, 2014

Recently, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence published draft guidance calling to extend statin use to save more lives. However, experts say such proposal should be scrapped. Statins are a group of medicines that can help lower rates of so-called "bad cholesterol" in the blood by curbing the production of low-density lipoprot [Read More…]

Self-Help Tips to Learn How to Trust Again

By Rebecca Lewis on June 12, 2014

Trust is at the core of all meaningful relationships. It can be difficult to love completely without putting our trust to that person. But when the trust is broken, learning to trust again sometimes become almost impossible to do. Once the trust has been betrayed, most people will be less trusting the next time. We could blame our brain for this. When [Read More…]

The Darker Side of Summer

The sun shines, we want to get out there and enjoy. But if you are a sufferer of hay fever, being out running and rolling in the fields has its miseries, especially if you are a child. 10 million of us in the UK suffer through the summer months. Homeopathy can really help to reduce the symptoms and a quick consultation with a homeopath will pinpoint a s [Read More…]

Ways to Beat Belly Fat as We Age

By Rebecca Lewis on June 11, 2014

When it comes to fats, where they are stored can tell whether they could be affecting your health or not. Study after study shows that people who store more fats in their mid-section face higher risks of heart disease, certain types of cancer, diabetes and even premature death than those who store extra weight in other parts of the body. The thing is that [Read More…]

Study Shows How Sleep after Learning Strengthens Memory

By Sharon Moore on June 11, 2014

For the first time, researchers found that sleep after learning encourages the growth of dendritic spines, the tiny protrusions from brain cells that connect to other brain cells and facilitate the passage of information across synapses, the junctions at which brain cells meet. Moreover, the activity of brain cells during deep sleep, or slow-wave sleep, af [Read More…]

Does Your Lover Love You? Key Signs to Tell

By Amy Taylor on June 11, 2014

Hearing the magic words “I love you” from your partner could be a way to tell that he/she really loves you. Whilst most relationship theories focus on how partners feel toward each other, John Gottman’s behavioural approach suggests that you need to focus on the outward signs to figure out whether the love is real. In the course of his 40 [Read More…]

Surprising Ways Mushroom Help Fight Cancer

By Rebecca Lewis on June 10, 2014

Mushroom is such a versatile food that many of us love to add in salads, sautéed dishes, soups, pasta sauces, etc. Mushrooms are really unique when it comes to classifying them into a food source. Some people consider them as ‘vegetables’. But actually, they are neither plant nor animal. Mushrooms are basically a type of fungus. And of t [Read More…]

Harnessing Empathy towards a Fulfilling Relationship

By Sharon Moore on June 10, 2014

Just like trust, empathy is crucial to a romantic relationship. Without it, a couple could not survive. That’s because empathy requires compassion which two people in love need to create a strong bond. That bond, then, acts like a glue. Without it, everything simply falls apart. What is Empathy? Most of us are familiar with the idea that empat [Read More…]

Lycopene ‘Pill’ Could Boost Heart Health

By Lisa Franchi on June 10, 2014

A pill containing lycopene – a compound that gives tomato its colour – may keep heart disease at bay, according to British researchers. The study, which tested the tomato pill versus a dummy drug in 72 adults, found it improved the functioning of blood vessels. However, researchers said more studies are needed to prove it really works. E [Read More…]

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