6 Healthy Habits that Boost Your Heart Health

By Lisa Franchi on January 21, 2015

Whether you’re a man or a woman, and even if you already have risk factors like high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you can still dramatically lower your chances of developing heart disease if you will adopt the following healthy lifestyle habits. Don’t smoke and lower your alcohol intake. If you are a smoker, it’s time to quit. Smoki [Read More…]

How to Maximise Your Downtime

By Amy Taylor on January 21, 2015

For many of us, having a downtime feels like a piece of luxury. In our very busy lifestyle, even an hour or two of downtime daily is very rare. Most of the time, it is something we experience only during the weekend. And when we finally made it, we feel great relief – savouring each moment and allowing our mind and body to relax, calm down, and just en [Read More…]

Need a Healthy Push? Get Your Partner Involved

By Amy Taylor on January 20, 2015

Establishing healthy habits is easier if your partner is involved. Whether its quitting smoking, losing weight or eating healthy – sharing your health goals with your partner has far more positive results that doing it alone, according to a new study. The research involved 3,700 married or cohabiting couples aged 50 and older. Investigators from Unive [Read More…]

Top Signs Your New Diet Won’t Work

By Sharon Moore on January 20, 2015

Weight loss goals can be fuelled by different things – a fast approaching beach trip, a wedding, or simply the desire to look and feel good. Whatever your motivation for weight loss is, a very important aspect that you should focus on, apart from exercising, is your diet. Because even if you are spending hours in the gym, if you’re not going to p [Read More…]

5 Things that Are Worth Celebrating Today

By Lisa Franchi on January 20, 2015

Having a bad day? We all go through it. One minute you are happy, another minute you feel like you are the loneliest person in the world. One morning you feel thankful, the next day you think you’ve never been good enough. We all go through the bad days. We all deal with uncalled for situations that make us feel incomplete, unhappy and hopeless. But so [Read More…]

What to Do the Next Time You Doubt Yourself

By Rebecca Lewis on January 19, 2015

We all have experienced a time in our life when we are filled with nothing but self-doubt. You may have thought of an idea that you think can change the world, but you let go of it because you think you are not qualified to create such an idea, or that no one would believe it will work. You may have felt like you deserved a promotion at work, but never appli [Read More…]

Research Finds Link between Vitamin A Deficiency and Type 2 Diabetes

By Amy Taylor on January 19, 2015

A lack of vitamin A could be one of the mechanisms involved in the development of type 2 diabetes. According to a new study, the vitamin helps give rise to the cells, called beta cells, in the pancreas that produce the blood sugar-regulating hormone insulin. Researchers found that in mice models that a lack of vitamin A spurred the death of beta cells, stun [Read More…]

5 Best Things about Onions

By Lisa Franchi on January 19, 2015

Onions don’t just add great flavour to raw or cooked dishes. They are also packed with essential nutrients that promote good health! If you’re not a fan of onions, after reading this article, you will be! For centuries, onions have been used and consumed all over the world for their culinary and medicinal properties. And plenty of studies can at [Read More…]

This is why it’s Never Good to Hold on to Anger

By Sharon Moore on January 16, 2015

Anger is a natural human response. When somebody did something wrong to us, we feel the need to fight back and make them feel what they just did to us. And sometimes, even if they already said ‘sorry’, we still couldn’t forgive. The anger is still there. Maybe there’s one person in your life you can never forgive. Maybe that person m [Read More…]

Being Sedentary More Dangerous than Being Obese

By Amy Taylor on January 16, 2015

A study of more than 300,000 people, which spanned in 12 years, suggests that a lack of exercise could be killing twice as many people as obesity in Europe. 676,000 deaths each year were down to inactivity, compared with 337,000 from carrying too much weight, found the researchers from University of Cambridge. They concluded that getting everyone to do at l [Read More…]

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