Fatty Foods that Are Actually Good for You

By Amy Taylor on January 24, 2017

Fats – they are tasty but most of us despise them. We fear them and we try to avoid them. We blame fats for our bulging waistline and declining health. This is why for the past years, getting rid of fats in one’s diet has become a major concern. ‘Fats’ became a negative word and fewer people appreciate it.  But ask any health ex [Read More…]

Sharing Good News Promotes Health and Happiness in a Relationship, Study Finds

By Lisa Franchi on January 23, 2017

What keeps a relationship strong? There are many things, including respect, constant communication, and appreciation. There’s probably more. A new study suggests another key aspect to promoting not just good health among couples, but also happiness.  The research, presented during the 2017 Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Conv [Read More…]

Overcoming Shyness

By Rebecca Lewis on January 23, 2017

Every one of us feels shy at one point or another. But for some people, shyness is such a debilitating concern that prevents them from engaging in social situations and enjoying other people’s companies.   People with uncontrolled shyness fear being rejected or criticised. This is why they try not to communicate with others, and even avoid social [Read More…]

Cutting Calories by a Third Promotes Longevity, Cuts Risk of Dementia & Heart Disease

By Sharon Moore on January 20, 2017

 A healthy lifestyle doesn’t only involve exercising and eating well. It could also mean eating less. There have been many studies that showed the health benefits of calorie restriction (which is the main idea about fasting). Now, new findings add to the growing evidence. The study found that reducing our calorie intake by a third can help us live [Read More…]

Sitting down Speeds Up Ageing in Women by Eight Years

By Amy Taylor on January 20, 2017

Women who spends an average of eight hours per day sitting are speeding up their ageing process, researchers from the University of California say. The study, which involved around 1,500 women, found a link between sedentary lifestyles and the premature ageing of cells. This process is known to increase the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. On a [Read More…]

People with Diabetes Die 10 Years Younger

By Lisa Franchi on January 19, 2017

New research by the University of Oxford has found that people with type 2 diabetes – the one associated with obesity – are twice as likely to die before they reach 75 compared with those who don’t have the condition. Meanwhile, those who were diagnosed of diabetes at age 50 had a life expectancy 10 years lower than others.  The study [Read More…]

Boost Your ‘Feel Good’ Hormones with These 8 Easy Steps

By Rebecca Lewis on January 19, 2017

Bad day?  We all experience it once in a while. But did you know you have the power of inducing more happiness in your life no matter how tough your situation is? You can do this by boosting your ‘feel good’ hormones. And here are some easy ways to do just that: Go outdoors. Getting your daily dose of sunshine can significantly boost your [Read More…]

Yoga for Better Anger Management

By Sharon Moore on January 18, 2017

Anger is a natural feeling. We experience it from time to time, like when we someone accidentally spills coffee in our clothes, when traffic makes us late for work again, or when we are unable to reach our target at a specified time. But when uncontrolled, anger can be destructive. No matter how minor the cause is, when we are unable to manage anger, it can [Read More…]

Acupuncture May Help Reduce Excessive Crying In Babies, Researchers Claim

By Amy Taylor on January 17, 2017

Excessive crying in babies is a concern affecting one in five families. Not only does it cause pain to the baby, it also brings serious stress to the parents. Good thing, families can try an alternative approach to helping parents address colic. Such approach – acupuncture - is widely utilized for many other health concerns.  It is associated wi [Read More…]

Bilingual People Great at Saving Brain Power, New Study Claims

By Lisa Franchi on January 12, 2017

New research shows that years of bilingualism change how the brain carries out tasks that require concentrating on one piece of information without becoming distracted by other information. This ability makes their brain more efficient and economical with its resources, and could slash the risk of debilitating mental health problems, including dementia.  [Read More…]

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