Taking Control of your Life after Trauma

By Sharon Moore on March 09, 2015

Many people who experienced psychiatric disorder or had gone through some traumatic events could feel that they no longer have power to control their life even after recovery. You may find yourself feeling scared about making decisions, especially major ones. And even when you are doing much better, others (such as family and friends) may continue making dec [Read More…]

Want to Be Happier? Start Giving up These Things

March 09, 2015

Is it possible to be happy every day? Fortunately, it is. Happiness is a state of mind. It isn’t just something you experience after achieving your goals. You can be happy for no reason at all. You can feel happy just because you are. But in order to experience happiness more often, there are certain things you need to give up. They are the negative t [Read More…]

Who Needs Downtime?

We all believe that in order to achieve more we need to learn more so it is a rather interesting fact that taking ’time-out’ to step back promotes the learning cycle and stimulates self-development. Great results come from providing time to reflect on what we have learnt and digested that knowledge and make it our own. Taking ownership of newly [Read More…]

Non-Drug Approaches Better at Addressing Behavioural Issues among Dementia Patients

By Amy Taylor on March 06, 2015

Prescription drugs are often prescribed to calm the behaviour of people with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. But non-drug approaches actually work better, and carry far fewer risks, experts conclude in a new report. According to the researchers, non-drug approaches should be in fact the first choice for treating dementia patients̵ [Read More…]

Simple Lifestyle Tweaks that Make You Look 10 Times Younger

By Sharon Moore on March 06, 2015

It’s true, you can’t stop time. Moment will come that your hair will turn grey, your face will develop wrinkles, and your overall appearance will reflect your real age. But you can slow down the process and look way younger than before. And you don’t need to submit to plastic surgery, buy expensive creams and beauty products, and stock your [Read More…]

Calming Your Busy Mind

By Rebecca Lewis on March 06, 2015

We all juggle with many tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis that it somehow became impossible to find time for relaxation and solitude – two things we greatly need to instil peace of mind. All our to-do lists often give us a hard time and drain our energy, so we lose the time to do things we really enjoy and keep us motivated. Coping with Busy [Read More…]

Narcissist or Sociopath?

What are the differences between the narcissist and the sociopath? There appears to be an increasing awareness lately regarding narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder, with self-help groups and websites popping up everywhere with such titles as ‘how to survive narcissistic abuse’ or similar.  Indeed, narcissism appears to be quite [Read More…]

Perception of Control Helps Women Recover from Trauma, Study Finds

By Amy Taylor on March 04, 2015

New research suggests women who believe they have control over life circumstances and have strong social support experience better psychological recovery after an assault. The new study involved 159 women who had been exposed to at least one assault-related, potentially traumatic event. Among the subjects, 30 per cent developed major depressive disorde [Read More…]

7 Bedtime Behaviours that Can Change Your Life

By Lisa Franchi on March 04, 2015

Sleep problems are more common today than it was hundreds of years ago. And the reasons are obvious – poor diet, stress, too much viewing time, and busy lifestyle. Many people care less about getting enough sleep because they are clueless about its importance in their life. But until we change our attitude about sleep, as well as the habits that preven [Read More…]

No Rx Needed: Scientifically Proven Natural Reliefs for Anxiety

By Rebecca Lewis on March 04, 2015

You just got rejected by the nth company you applied for. It’s been three months since you got laid off and the bills just keep on piling up. All these are often the cause of arguments between you and your spouse. The kids won’t go near you because they are afraid you might scold them. You spend the evening watching TV whilst drinking beer. But y [Read More…]

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