7 Habits that Make You Look Older

By Rebecca Lewis on October 12, 2016

Got wrinkles and blemishes? How about pimples? Is your hair looking duller than ever? How about your skin? Has it gone dry and rough? Beauty care is one of the largest industries in the market today. Millions of people spend thousands on beauty products, from moisturisers to creams, lotions, and so much more. Even cosmetic surgery has boomed. In the UK, it i [Read More…]

How to Prevent Depression Relapse

By Amy Taylor on October 11, 2016

Recovering from depression can be a long, difficult ride. In fact, 50 per cent of people who recovered from depression will relapse. Worse, the chances go up if you have gone through more than one episode. If you or someone you know has gone through depression, here are some things you can do to prevent a relapse: Slow down a little more. Self-care is at [Read More…]

Memory Changes in Women May Occur Decades Earlier

By Sharon Moore on October 11, 2016

Memory lapses are believed to occur in women at the time they enter the menopause stage. But according to the new study by Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), such mental decline could happen decades earlier than previously thought.  Their findings revealed that reproductive stage, not simply chronological age, may contribute t [Read More…]

Smart Strategies to Eat Healthy at a Barbecue

By Lisa Franchi on October 11, 2016

Who doesn’t love barbecues? Most people enjoy the smoky, juicy and meaty flavour of the grilled stuff, not to mention the company of their friends and family. Barbecue parties have been a tradition in many Western countries during summer. We grill almost everything, from steaks to sausages, burger patties, and almost all parts of meat - may it be pork, [Read More…]

Parkinson’s disease Prevention May Begin in the Gut

By Rebecca Lewis on October 10, 2016

Could prevention of Parkinson’s disease lie in the gut? According to the researchers from University of Iowa, it could be. Their study suggests that cells located in the intestine spark an immune response that protects nerve cells, or neurons, against damage connected with Parkinson’s disease. According to the researchers, intestinal cells ident [Read More…]

5 Life Lessons Every Grownup Should Know

By Amy Taylor on October 10, 2016

Many young people dream about being a grownup soon because it entails freedom to do pretty much anything they want - enter into relationships, live independently, earn, and so on. Being a grownup is never an easy thing. Living independently has all its ups and downs, and it can be too stressful most of the time. Here are some important life lessons that eve [Read More…]

Research Provides New Theory on Insulin Resistance

By Sharon Moore on October 07, 2016

Is too much sugar consumption to blame for type 2 diabetes? New research adds to the growing scientific evidence linking too much sugar, particularly fructose, to the prevalence of metabolic disease worldwide.  In the present study, scientists uncovered a metabolic process that could upend previous ideas about how the body becomes resistant to insulin [Read More…]

Britons are Living Longer but Getting Unhappier, Survey Reports

By Lisa Franchi on October 06, 2016

New research suggests that people in the UK live longer and are healthier than ever before. But they are more anxious, stressed and lonely too, according to a national survey.  In the said survey carried out by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Britons were asked about everything from their health and well-being to personal relationships, perso [Read More…]

Scientifically Proven Ways to Lower Your Risk of Cancer

By Rebecca Lewis on October 06, 2016

It’s true - your risk of cancer might be predetermined by your genes. But did you know that lifestyle changes can protect you from 40 per cent of cancers? From shedding some pounds to regularly exercising and eating clean, here are some scientifically proven strategies to beat the odds of cancer:    Marinate your meat.    Love p [Read More…]

Stress Combats Positive Effect of Healthy Eating, According to New Research

By Amy Taylor on October 05, 2016

Researchers from Ohio State University have found that anxiety counteracts any benefits of a healthy meal. This means that even though you are following a healthy diet, it’s not a guarantee that you will lose weight if you are always stressed out. So a healthy meal of steamed chicken prepared with sunflower oil is as bad for your heart as deep-fried w [Read More…]

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