New Research Sheds Light on How Cell’s Power House Survives Threatening Attacks

By Lisa Franchi on February 03, 2016

Scientists at Salk Institute uncovered an unexpected way in which cells trigger this critical response to threats, offering insight into disorders such as mitochondrial disease, cancer, diabetes and neurodegenerative disease, particularly Parkinson’s disease.  In an average human cell, anywhere from 100 to 500 mitochondria churn out energy in the [Read More…]

Trying after Miscarriage: New Research Reveals the Best Time

By Rebecca Lewis on February 03, 2016

For couples who have experienced the pain of miscarriage, knowing the best time to try again is essential. But when is the best time? According to new research, couples who try to conceive again within three months, have a greater chance of becoming pregnant.  While the study didn’t prove that trying for a baby again after miscarriage will cause [Read More…]

Guilt-Free Healthy Indulgences to Relax and Rejuvenate You

By Sharon Moore on February 02, 2016

Feeling stressed? We all do every once in a while. In our ever busy world, taking some time off to relax and unwind is essential if you want to keep sane and healthy. And the great news is you don’t have to spend a fortune just to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. Plus, there are healthier alternatives to what our usual stress-busters like piggi [Read More…]

Berries and Wine Promote Better Sex Life for Men, Study Finds

By Amy Taylor on January 29, 2016

A study involving 50,000 middle-aged men has found that a diet rich in flavanoids reduces impotence the same rate as 5 hours a week of brisk walking. Such natural chemicals are found in berries, fruits, red wine and tea.  The study claims snacking on fruit boosts sexual function as much as walking for five hours a week, thanks to natural compounds call [Read More…]

Alone & Happy: Five Science-Backed Ways to Remember

By Dimitri Raftopoulos on January 29, 2016

Can you be alone yet happy? Sure you can. Being single doesn’t mean living life terribly. A lot of singles out there are able to live their life to the fullest. And if they can, so can you! Decades of studies in the field of positive psychology proves that happiness is a choice. You may not be able to change the situation you’re in now, but you c [Read More…]

Ways to Keep Calm Even in the Most Stressful Situations

By Lisa Franchi on January 27, 2016

We all encounter stressful situations in our life. Whether at the workplace, at home, in school or even in our commute, stressful moments are inevitable. And it is normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed in times like these. But if you allow yourself to get carried away with all sorts of stressors, you might unfortunately be compromising your physical and emo [Read More…]

73 Percent Unaware of Stroke Symptoms, Survey Reveals

By Rebecca Lewis on January 27, 2016

Stroke is a life-threatening condition wherein brain cells suddenly die because of a lack of oxygen and glucose. If not given immediate medical attention, a person suffering from stroke can face serious health outcomes, worse, die. While stroke has several symptoms, many are unaware of them. In fact, a survey by the UCLA Medical Centre in the US found that y [Read More…]

Researchers Explain Mechanism behind the Science of Free Will

By Sharon Moore on January 26, 2016

Do we really have ‘free will’? Using computer-based brain experiments, researchers from Charité - Universitätsmediz in Berlin studied decision-making processes involved in voluntary movements. They sought to determine whether or not it possible for people to cancel a movement once the brain has started preparing it. And the answer is [Read More…]

How to Deal with Rejection

By Amy Taylor on January 26, 2016

Some people carry a heavier burden when faced with rejection as compared with others. According to research, the pain of rejection can linger for years, and can potentially sabotage future relationships. Rejection & Sense of Self A recent study from Stanford University investigated the link between rejection and a person’s sense of self. The find [Read More…]

When You Eat Matters: New Research Reveals Timing Your Meal Can Boost Weight Loss

By Lisa Franchi on January 25, 2016

New research revealed that we may be able to burn more fat without actually doing more exercise. Scientists say simply changing the timing of when we eat, particularly before and after workout, could make us lose as much as 22 per cent more fats.   This mechanism though is different in men and women. While men burned more fats if they exercised before [Read More…]

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