Meat-Eaters Up their Risk of Diabetes by 23 percent, Study Reports

By Rebecca Lewis on September 08, 2017

Need another reason to curb your meat intake? Here it is: eating meat increases your risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 23 per cent. That’s according to the latest study by Duke–NUS Medical School in Singapore.   The new findings, published in the Epidemiology journal, revealed that people with the highest red meat consumption are 23 per cen [Read More…]

- New Study: Only HIGH Fibre Diet Reduces Risk of Bowel Cancer -

By Monica Wilson republished on September 08, 2017

When it comes to cereal-based products like breakfast cereals, rice, pasta, bread, and the like – the amount of fibre that can be deduced from them depends on how the grain has been processed. It was found that fibre is mostly found on the outer layer of the grain. Thorough processing of cereal therefore affects the fibre content of the food. But aside [Read More…]

- New Study: Becoming a Dad Helps Men Kick off Unwanted Habits -

By Fiona Howard republished on September 08, 2017

Being a dad can bring a lot of changes to a man’s life. And fortunately, this includes kicking off the old habits. On a very recent study, it was found that fatherhood helps a man cut smoking, drinking, and all those bad habits – even crime! The report came from the University of Oregon. It took 20 years for the researchers to come up with these [Read More…]

5 Self-Sabotaging Beliefs that Prevent You from Living Your Life to the Fullest

By Lisa Franchi on September 07, 2017

 One of the reasons why many people are unable to unleash their true potential and be happier is that they confine themselves to self-limiting beliefs and perceptions. Most of the time, these negative beliefs spur from adverse upbringing or being raised in a difficult environment.   In this article, let us explore a few of the most common self-sa [Read More…]

- Tips to Know If You are Boring Someone -

By Sharon Moore republished on September 07, 2017

 Alas, gone are the days when even your partner’s lamest joke or slightest remark meant heaps for you. As in any relationship, you and your partner were fascinated by the littlest of things about each other—hobbies, interests, quirky habits, and even your favourite food/colour/movie/sport/etc. Lately, though, you notice that it has been a st [Read More…]

- Why Joining a Choral Group Makes You Feel Good -

By Helen Holmes republished on September 07, 2017

Singing can make you feel good and it improves your health. You don’t need to have the voice of a professional artist to experience the positive effects of singing. According to Professor Grenville Hancox of the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health, Canterbury, singing can bring extraordinary changes to people’s life. [Read More…]

Lack of Sleep Can Crush Your Relationship

By Sharon Moore on September 06, 2017

Is your relationship going through a rough time? You may want to check how well you and your partner has been sleeping lately. In the latest findings by the University of Ohio, lack of sleep can actually crush your relationship.   In the new study, subjects who get less than seven hours of sleep are more likely to be irritable towards their partner ab [Read More…]

- Why Do We Need Counselling? -

By Judith Murray republished on September 06, 2017

  It has been a long-held belief that one only goes to counselling if there is a serious problem that is too big for one to solve. Or if there are childhood traumas that have severely affected one’s adulthood. Or for many, if there are some relationships that need to be fixed. The truth is, most of us need counselling at least once in our lives [Read More…]

- Meditation Can Literally Change Our Minds -

By Monica Wilson republished on September 06, 2017

The benefits of meditation have long been recognized in most parts of the world.  Many people believe in the ability of meditation to alleviate stress and produce some other health benefits. But just recently, heavier evidence has shown that meditation does more than what it’s supposed to do.  It’s somewhat surprising that meditation ca [Read More…]

- Counselling Prostate Cancer Survivors and their Partners Helps Improve Sex Life -

By Fiona Howard republished on September 05, 2017

 COUPLE’S COUNSELLING helps improve sex life of prostate cancer survivors.  This was according to a recent study conducted by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre. On the said study, the researchers asked 200 men who undergone prostate cancer treatments together with their spouses to enrol in a counselling program.  Th [Read More…]

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