Positive Action: 10 Ways to Transform Your Behaviour to Something Positive

By Helen Holmes on December 19, 2018

 Studies show that instead of positive thinking, positive action brings more health benefits. But how do you make a change for the better? Below are some tips to help you easily transform how you think and how you behave.

To be happy, SMILE

In the study by James Laird of the Clark University, it was demonstrated how smiling can change how you feel and lighten up your mood. You want to widen that smile, extend your eyebrow muscles slightly, and retain the same expression for about 20 minutes, and get ready to shift from a sad to happy feeling.

To strengthen your willpower, TENSE UP

Are you trying to resist smoking? Do you always find yourself eating more than what you said you would? The next time you are grasping for some willpower, try flexing your muscles. Contract your biceps, grip your pen harder, or press your thumb and point finger together.

To develop persistence, SIT STRAIGHT AND CROSS YOUR ARMS

In a study by Ron Friedman from the University of Rochester, volunteers were put in a test to measure their perseverance. He found that those who sat up straight and folded their arms struggled twice longer than the others.


Trying to control your food intake? When you use your non-dominant hand, you’re acting like you are making an unusual behaviour. This diverts your attention from the food to your hand and with a little effort, you tend to eat less.

To overcome procrastination, MAKE A START

Your boss might have given you a new task that you don’t feel like doing. To overcome procrastination, spend a few minutes doing the first part of your task. You will soon earn more strength to complete it.

To build confidence, MAKE a POWER POSE

If you feel like you’re losing your self-esteem, do some power poses. For instance, if you’re standing, place your feet flat on the floor, put your shoulders back and chest forward. When sitting, lean back and interlock your hands behind your head.

When overwhelmed with guilt, WASH IT AWAY

In the study by Chen-Bo Zhong from the University of Toronto, it was found that people who had carried out an immoral act and washed their hands with an antiseptic wipe felt less guilty than those who didn’t. So if you have hurt someone and you feel guilty about it, wash your hands or take a shower. You’ll feel better.

To strengthen your relationship, OPEN UP

Couples who talk about the intimate moments in their lives feel more in love and attracted to one another. If you’re out on a date, ask the person to open up by asking series of questions, like what he would choose between a dog and cat, or if he’s a superhero, who would he be?

For better negotiation, SIT ON a SOFT CHAIR

In a study by Joshua Ackerman from the MIT Sloan School of Management, it was shown that hard furniture is linked to hard behaviour. In his study, participants were asked to sit on either hard or soft chairs and negotiate over a price of a car. Results show that participants who sat on hard chairs offered less than those who sat on soft chairs.

To persuade someone, NOD

If you like to encourage someone to agree with you, subtly nod your head when speaking, suggested a study led by Gary Wells of Iowa State University. Through nodding, the other person you’re convincing gets easily attracted to your way of thinking.

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