Touch Therapy Reduces Pain, Stress and Nausea in Cancer Patients, New Study Found

By Monica Wilson on November 30, 2018

 Jin Shin Jyutsu – a traditional form of touch therapy that follows the same principle with acupuncture, was found to be effective in reducing chronic pain and nausea among cancer patients.

The study, led by Jennifer Bradley, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Centre, involved 159 cancer patients. Each one of them went through a series of Jyutsu session for a certain period of time. After each session, participants were asked to assess the symptoms they feel which includes stress, pain and nausea. Their assessment was quantitatively measured using the scale of 0-10, 0 means no symptom felt.

Bradley found that in each session, patients experienced significant reduction of pain, nausea, and stress. The results were consistent all throughout the experiment. The researcher has also taken into consideration the age, sex, and type of cancer of the patients and was surprised that despite the differences, all of them have greatly benefited from Jyutsu. Another thing, the therapy posed no unwanted side effects to the patients which are common with conventional treatments.

‘I was pleased to see quantitatively the improvements that patients noted in these primary areas of discomfort’, Bradley said.

What happens during a Jyutsu session? In this therapy, a patient receives light touches on 52 points, also called Safety Energy Locks. They include the midpoints on upper arm, lower leg, upper calf, fingers, and toes. Such points were touched in a predetermined order known as ‘flow’. Throughout the entire session, patients remained dressed except for shoes. Furthermore, all touches were done over clothing.

The cancer patients involved in the study received free Jin Shun Jyutsu. Said therapy was considered an integrative treatment plan which is provided by the Markey Cancer Centre and Bradley offers this healing therapy to all cancer patients free of charge.

The quality of life is essential for all cancer patients – those undergoing treatments, those in later stage, and those who have survived the disease. Bradley calls for additional research to develop evidence-based interventions that will positively impact the quality of life of all cancer patients without adding to their burden.

Her current study however, failed to include controls for a number of parameters such as the time interval between sessions, the duration, and location of the therapy. Bradley and her team of researchers will soon launch a new study which will then add these controls. They also plan to include the patients’ medical records for a certain period of time to evaluate changes in the patient’s medication usage in addressing the disease and managing its associated symptoms.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient form of oriental therapy which involves harmonising life energy within the body. This therapy was said to predate Buddha and Moses, and was rediscovered by Master Jiro Murai in 1990s. He used it to help himself recover from a terminal illness. Since then, Master Murai devoted himself in reviving the art which until today, is being practised.


Source of this article:

Study Suggests Touch Therapy Helps Reduce Pain, Nausea in Cancer Patients,University of Kentucky

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