6 Reminders Before You Sleep or Take Shower with Your Jewellery On

By Monica Wilson on October 19, 2018

 Many people, especially women, are used to sleeping or taking shower with their earring studs and necklaces on. But health wise – is this good or not?

According to Dr Marina Peredo, a clinical Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, it isn’t really a big deal weather you don’t take off your jewellery for a very long time as it doesn’t have any major health risks. But then, there are instances when doing so can lead to skin damage or irritation which you wouldn’t want to experience. So before you decide whether to take on your glamorous piece of jewellery before going to the shower room or sleeping, remember these simple reminders:

1.       Take it off if you have skin sensitivity issues

Do your ears feel itchy or inflamed whenever you wear your earrings? Do you see some red traces on your neckline upon waking up with your necklace on? It’s most likely that you have sensitive skin. If that’s the case, using your jewellery for a long period of time may not be a good idea. The same is true if you have skin allergy. Symptoms of skin allergy include skin rashes, blisters, scaly skin, and the like. Consulting a professional dermatologist is one way to find out whether you have an allergy with certain materials used in jewellery.  

2.       Some metals contained in jewellery aren’t good for the skin

According to Dr Peredo, metals that are added to silver and gold can be extremely irritating to the skin. For instance, a silver earring stud that has nickel, copper, can cause skin discoloration when it gets tarnished. A block spot in your ear isn’t really nice to look at. 

3.       Perspiration may cause reaction between the skin and the jewellery

Wearing that birthday present in the gym may not be a good idea as it can cause a reaction on the skin as you sweat. Well, this isn’t always the case. If you’re wearing pure gold, silver, or platinum and you don’t have any allergy or sensitivity issues, then its fine to perform a workout routine with your jewellery on. But for custom jewellery, it isn’t.  

4.       It would be nice to take off your jewellery before taking a shower

Unless your earrings, bracelet or necklace is of very high quality, Dr Peredo recommends taking them off before hopping into the shower. This is because fashion or custom jewellery usually contain sterling silver or nickel which may tarnish. As this happens, it can discolour your skin. 

5.       Use quality earrings

When it comes to earrings, it’s okay to wear them every day as long as the materials that make them up don’t irritate your skin. Some earrings that have wires or posts which are made from nickel, copper or cadmium may infect the ears, explained Dr Peredo. To avoid this, choose the earrings with wires or posts made from gold or platinum. 

6.       Clean your jewellery regularly.

Lastly, make it a habit to clean your earrings, necklace, and even your wedding ring on a regular basis. Dr Peredo doesn’t recommend using cleaning solutions. A piece of polishing cloth is enough. How often should you do this? It depends on how often you use your jewellery. 

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