Regular Jogging Can Add 6 More Years to Your Life, New Study Reveals

By Sharon Moore on August 23, 2018

 There are so many forms of physical exercise that are known to help tone muscles and reduce weight. How about a workout routine that can prolong your life? In a new study, researchers found a simple form of exercise which can help you enjoy your life for 6 more years!

In the Copenhagen City Heart Study involving 20,000 men and women ages 20 to 93, researchers looked at the effects of running to one’s health. They compared the mortality rate between runners to non-runners. They respondents were also asked about how much time they spend on running, how often they run, and in what pace (whether it’s slow, average, or fast).

The result was amazing. They found that moderate running in a regular basis adds an average of 6.2 years in a man’s life and 5.6 years in a woman’s.

As compared to non joggers, people who regularly jog reduce their rate of dying by 44%. The researchers described the link between jogging and death rate as a u-shaped curve. This means that improvements were shown with the increasing levels of exercise until the optimum level is reached.

How moderate and how often should you run?

The benefits of running were on a maximum when participants ran for at least one hour but no more than 2.5 hours a week. This duration can be distributed in two or three sessions, at a slow or average pace. But if done excessively, you may not obtain its optimum health effects, the researchers warned. According to Peter Schnohr, the chief cardiologist at the Copenhagen City Heart Study, the ideal running pace is one that makes you feel a little breathless. Take note of the word ‘a little’. "You should aim to feel a little breathless, but not very breathless," he said.

Aside from the quantity, regular moderate jogging also improves the quality of life, explained Paul Greer, a running coach for 27 years and associate professor of Health and Exercise at San Diego University. He pointed out that running was beneficial most importantly in addressing heart problems but the study findings have qualified it from a universal perspective.

Exercising Tips for the Workaholics and Busy Bees

If you spend most of your days in front of the computer, you might think it’s impossible to engage in a workout routine and improve the quality and quantity of your life. Don’t lose hope. There are several things you can do to maintain an active lifestyle. First, look for workout activities you can do while inside the car or when you’re in your office chair. During your rest days, make sure to spend an hour or two exercising. You can also join marathon programs or ask your friends to jog on a Sunday morning. As much as possible, minimise your stress levels. When you get home from work, calm down and relax. Too much stress can spoil all your workout efforts. And lastly, keep a balanced, healthy diet.

Running is one great way to improve your health. Through regular low-pace jogging, you can live longer, happier, and feeling more fulfilled.


Source of this article:

Regular jogging shows dramatic increase in life expectancy, European Society of Cardiology

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