Eat More of Healthy Foods by Keeping Them Nearby

By Monica Wilson on April 10, 2018

Most people tend to eat whatever food close to their desk. Research revealed that this is not only because they find it convenient, but also because such food is visible and nearby. But on that particular study, the focus was on sweets and other unhealthy snacks. Would it be true with fruits and vegetables?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is so true except that we have to eat more than one to maximise its health benefits. On a 2008 study by the Consumer Habits of the Nation, it was found that only 12% of the population eat their five portions of fruits and vegetables and on an average, Brits only eat three portions. In fact, they only eat the least of fruits and vegetables as compared to all other European nations.

Eat Better with Healthy Foods Nearby

Researchers from Saint Bonaventure University conducted the same research but this time, they made use of healthy food choices such as carrots and apples. Fresh fruits and vegetables were served nearby to some college students while working on their tasks. They found that college students ate more slices of apples when they’re visible and nearby as compared when the food is hidden in a bowl and placed six feet away from them. But for carrots, the case is somehow different. Students only ate carrots when they are visible and didn’t mind them at all when hidden in a bowl. Experts believe that this could have something to do with the taste. Students prefer more of sweet snacks over anything else. For the apples, students ate them even though the fruit is a bit far away. Since they’re sweet, participants crave for them.

What’s the implication of this?

The study suggests that keeping fruits and vegetables nearby can help individuals increase their consumption of healthy foods. This isn’t applicable to workers and adults alone. It can be used to motivate children as well. Make it a habit to prepare some fresh cuts of fruits and vegetables and bring it at work or in school. This way, you can have as much healthy foods as you want. Aside from apples and carrots, try having some fresh cucumber, strawberries, mango, lettuce, and the like and share it with your friends! Aside from being loaded with vitamins and nutrients, these foods are packed with lots of fibre, keeping you full and energised for a long time.

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