New Study Reveals Why Some People Can See Other’s ‘Aura’

By Rebecca Lewis on February 28, 2018

There are people who are believed to be gifted with the ability to ‘see’ someone else’s aura. We call them energy healers or quacks. While it remained questionable for many years, scientists for the first time were able to found an explanation for the esoteric phenomenon of the aura.

The Concept of Synaesthesia

A neuropsychological phenomenon called ‘synaesthesia’, according to the researchers from the University of Granada in Spain, is most probably the scientific basis of the healers’ ability to see other people’s ‘aura’. In synaesthesia, the brain regions which are responsible for processing all types of sensory stimuli are connected to each other. Because of this, synaesthesia can help a person see, taste a sound, or feel a taste, and associate a person with a colour.

The concept of synaesthesia is not new in the field of science particularly in psychology. Synaesthesia is a condition which refers to the cross-wiring or mixing of signals in the brain. Gómez Milán, a professor at the Department of Experimental Psychology in the University of Spain, explained that this phenomenon causes certain brain connections to take place automatically in areas where they’re not usually interconnected. Prof Milan added that individuals who are able to see the aura of other people might have this condition.

What Makes Healers ‘Healers’

Researchers however pointed out that not all healers have synaesthesia although this condition is prevalent among them. During the study, they interviewed some synaesthetes like Esteban Sánchez Casas, also known as ‘El Santón’ – a popular healer in Granada. Scientists explained that this healer represents several abilities including face-colour synaesthesia. This condition happens when the part of the brain that is responsible for recognising faces ‘mix’ with the parts or regions that deal with colour-processing. Experts also found out that El Santón’ has the touch-mirror synaesthesia which is characterised by feeling the same pain that another person feels through touch. El Santón was found to have schizotypy – a healthy trait characterised by mild paranoia and delusions, as well as higher levels of empathy which is the ability to feel what another person feels.

Bearing these unique capabilities, people with synaesthesia like El Santón are able to understand and connect with other people. Furthermore, it enables them to provide their clients with pain reading skills and suitable advices.

Researchers reiterated that synaesthesia is not an extrasensory power. It is a condition that is completely explainable by science. Although there are healers that can truly connect with other people, see their aura, and feel what they feel; there are practitioners who simply believe that they have the healing power. In this case, researchers warned that this isn’t synaesthesia, but a mere case of self-deception. 

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