- New Study Found Yogurt Makes Mice Slimmer and Boosts their Sexual Appeal...What About Humans? -

By Sharon Moore on February 21, 2018

On an animal study, scientists found that eating yogurt can have positive effects to one’s health particularly in controlling weight gain and improving sexual vigour.

In an effort to find whether yogurt is helpful in fighting obesity, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted an experiment which involved feeding a total of 80 mice (40 males and 40 females) with vanilla-flavoured yogurt. One group of mice was fed with junk food diet (high-fat and low-fibre) while another group was fed with the regular mouse food. Half of each group were then provided with vanilla-flavoured yogurt.

Slimmer and Sexier Mice

Researchers were surprised of the results. They found that mice that were fed with vanilla-flavoured yogurt had shinier fur. Furthermore, male mice developed larger testicles which create a ‘swagger’ effect on them, as described by ABC News. These benefits were observed even among the mice that were fed with junk food diet. But, the effects were more significant to those that had their regular diet. In the first group, scientists only found 5% increase in the weight of their testicles while those that are on a regular diet had 15% increase. This effect boosts their sexual abilities. In the said experiment, it was also shown that male mice inseminated their partners quicker and produced more offspring.

According to Professor Susan Erdman, one of the researchers, they started the study only to find out whether the probiotic organisms in yogurt has an effect to age-related weight gain and other diseases such as cancer. To their surprise, this popular dairy product has also shown to boost the sexual appeal of mice (particularly the male ones) due to the increase in the size of their testicles. "It’s similar to how men at the top of their game carry themselves differently. We see that sort of sexy swagger in the yogurt-eating male mice. In general, these were shiny, sexy mice." added Erdman.

It is not only the male mice that benefited from eating yogurt. The researchers noticed that yogurt-fed female mice became ‘better mothers’ and have higher chances of raising their babies well. They’re still trying to find out what caused this effect. Their theory was that a yogurt diet is associated with reduced stress levels in mice.

Does it have the Same Effects on Humans?

So does that mean yogurt can make humans slimmer and sexier too? Researchers suggest that eating yogurt can have many potential health benefits. They cited one published study showing humans who regularly eat yogurt are slimmer while another group of researchers are investigating the effects of yogurt-rich diet to fertility.

Some experts however pointed out that it’s quite hard to draw a conclusion from this study as there are several things that are yet to be considered like whether the yogurt should be organic or not. Nonetheless, they all agree that yogurt is good for the health. Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh, registered nutritionists and dieticians and co-founders of C&J Nutrition explained that yogurt is a good source of protein, magnesium, and calcium. The probiotics contained in this delicious snack were also found to aid in digestive problems like diarrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome. It also lowers the risk of gall bladder cancer.

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