Emotional Health Is Mental Health

By Dr. Pradeep K. Chadha MBBS. DCP. DPM. PG Diploma Psychotherapy Studies on January 19, 2018

Medicinal drugs address the symptoms of diseases, not the diseases themselves or their causes., according to the report on Mental Health by the World Health Organization (WHO) published in 2001.  Depression is going to be the second biggest illness after cardiac diseases by 2030, according to the same report.  The report emphasizes the importance of gene- environment interaction for an illness to occur. Simply having the genes can make a person vulnerable to an illness but is not a guarantee to have the illness in the absence of the traumatic environment.

Psychiatric disorders are linked to cumulative effects of lifetime traumas. Unresolved emotional distress resulting from these traumatic experiences results in many psychiatric conditions. The impact of this cumulative stress is underestimated in the field of mental health. (Turner & Lloyd. Journal of Health & Social Behaviour, 1995. P 360-376). According to Paolo del Vecchio of Substance Abuse Mental Health Services, in the US, exposure to traumatic events leads to physical and mental illnesses including substance misuse (www.medscape.com).


Interestingly anger is one of the major emotions that is suppressed during the times of distress. Rightly so, because anger is the emotion that produces energy in the body that helps us fight at a time of stress. Suppressed anger is responsible for heart disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, acne, psoriasis, peptic ulcer, epilepsy, migraine, Raynaud’s Disease and high blood pressure. (Izard. Human Emotions. Plenum Press. New York. 1979. P 331). Mismanaged anger has been shown to be a major factor in bulimia or anorexia (H.Weisinger. Mad?How to Work Out Your Anger. Shape. January 1988. P86-93). About 20% of general population has enough hostility or anger to be dangerous to health, according to the book Mind Body Health The Effects of Attitudes, Emotions and Relationships.  Research has shown that to be healthy people need to express anger healthily. It can be done safely under supervision or it can result in angry outbursts that are destructive for relationships and mental health.


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