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By Rebecca Lewis republished on January 17, 2018

The British government is investing £22 million to expand mental health services for children. Nonetheless, the budget cut on social services still affects many schools. Because of this, some of them are now releasing money from their own pocket to provide counselling services.

Why is Counselling so Important for Children?

The youth have unique potential assets and resources that are necessary to the progress of their country. Therefore, it is just right to provide them everything that will promote their development. Other than their physical health, it is the duty of the government to ensure that their mental wellbeing is given due care. Mental health is one of the major concerns that Britain is facing at the moment. On the data released by the government, it was shown that one in 10 children aged 5 to 16 is diagnosed of mental health problems.

The role of every school isn’t limited to educating students. The Children Act of 1989 and the Education Act of 1993 clearly gave schools the responsibility to address the needs of young people who are suffering from various forms of mental disorder. As John Senior, the head teacher of George Pindar Community Sports College in Scarborough puts it, ‘no child achieves if they are unhappy’.

Mental Health = Physical Health

Mental health must be given the same level of importance with that of physical health. Sarah Brennan, the Chief Executive of Young Minds, a charity in the UK that seeks to promote mental health awareness, pointed out the significance of providing sufficient mental health services to the youth. She said that helping a child cope with anxiety, depression and similar conditions will prevent the possibility of more serious mental problems. The 22 million pounds will be used for treatments that were proven to work. Some of the money, according to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will be used to train NHS staff, teachers, social workers, counsellors, and other people who work directly with the youth.

Just like adults, children find it hard to concentrate and perform well if they’re undergoing difficult situations. It can be the loss of a loved one, separation from friends, or the upcoming divorce of their parents that trigger the onset of mental issues among them. Giving the youth a safe and confidential space through counselling, they can build the strength to go through life’s uncertainties in a more positive way.

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