- It Counts to Be Happy! Why Cheerful Teenagers are Likely to Have Higher Income as Adults -

By Lisa Franchi republished on January 15, 2018

People who have happy childhood are more likely to become successful in their career, reveals a new study. These people, having more positive disposition in life are found to be more productive at work, allowing them to earn and become more triumphant in their professions.

Productivity Issues in UK

Productivity is costing the UK billions of pounds each year. Despite the massive changes, increased resources, and new programs, the government spending on health issues alone among employees increased by 70%, said the NHS. From £60 billion in 2000-01, the government has spent £102 billion in 2010-11. Many studies have shown that high earnings make people happy. But how do we earn more? The answer is simple – be more productive at work. While it sounds so easy, productivity issues have been a major concern in the country. Absences, low performance ratings, sick leaves, punctuality problems, and the like are just few of the many factors that affect an employee’s level of productivity.

But on a very recent study which involved 90,000 students, experts revealed another factor that affects productivity – happiness. It was found that happy individuals get easily promoted than their pessimistic colleagues.

Happiness is Linked to Productivity

The study was authored by Professor Andrew Oswald from the Warwick University and Jan Jan-Emmanuel De Neve from the University College. They tried to find out whether happiness in early life has something to do with how well people in earn when they become adults. The result was a resounding YES. The researchers discovered that human happiness is linked to productivity. Positive feelings allow workers to persevere even more while negative emotions keep their focus away from their tasks. Below are the findings of their research:

· Happy workers increase their productivity by 12% while unhappy workers decrease their productivity by 10%.

· Unhappiness that results from death of a family member or a serious illness reduces productivity in a greater degree.

· Recent divorce of parents did not affect the level of productivity among students.

To measure how productive students can be when they are happy, they were asked to do some simple tasks which include adding 5 sets of 2-digit numbers in a span of 10 minutes. While the task seemed pretty simple, working under pressure has made it complicated. The participants received payment for participating and for their performance. Meanwhile, some students were asked to view a funny movie clip while others watched a ‘placebo’ film. The researchers found out that those who had increased levels of happiness after watching the short film increased their productivity by 12%.

Their findings will be presented during the annual conference of the Royal Economic Society at the University of Cambridge.

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