- Feeling Low? Why Don’t You Dress Up? New Study Suggests that We Can Dress for Happiness -

By Sharon Moore republished on December 12, 2017

Have you ever experienced waking up in the morning, wanting to dress up so totally different from what you usually wear? Do you sometimes think of ‘redesigning’ your image and you don’t know why? Well, you’re not alone. A lot of people feel the same way too. After all, it’s normal. According to research, the way you dress is affected by your mood.

Unhappy Women Wear Jeans

On a study conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Hertfordshire, it was found that a woman chooses an outfit that matches her mood. 100 women were asked on what they usually wear when feeling depressed. Half of them said they wear jeans when sad while only a third of them wear jeans when happy. Professor Karen Pine, the lead researcher said that the relationship between depression and jeans is understandable. Jeans don’t basically look good on everyone and the cut isn’t that nice. Well, here’s the thing. People who are depressed are less likely to give much care and attention on their looks. In fact, some women would turn to comfort foods like ice cream, chocolates, and wouldn’t really care even if they gain more pounds.

Furthermore, 57% of the respondents revealed that they wear baggy tops when feeling low. 62% of them said that they are more likely to wear their favourite clothes when they’re happy. Accessories also affect a person’s mood. Researchers found out that women are more likely to wear hats and their favourite shoes when they’re feeling good.

Wearing Happiness

Because there’s such a connection between what we wear and what we feel, experts recommend that we should choose the outfits that can best uplift our mood. According to Professor Karen Pine, their findings show that the way we dress doesn’t only influence others but also affect our own state of mind.  They also found out that clothes that make people feel happy are those that are well-cut, figure-enhancing, and those that are made from beautiful fabrics. The colour has a great impact too. Happy clothes are brighter, such as red, orange and yellow.

So if you want to feel good and different, try these clothing tips:

Feel Sexy and Confident

A sexy dress is one that enhances your shape. You don’t have to wear too skimpy skirts to create a sexy look. The dress should be flattering on your body type and must make you feel comfortable. Try wearing the dress that makes your best features stand out. If you have nice hips, you can wear an empire waist dress or attach a large belt just below your bust line. If you want to emphasise the upper part of your body, like your breast and shoulder, you can try wearing haltered tops or off-shoulders and wear longer skirt.

Feel Girly

Feminine clothes are those that are modest and cute. Wearing a nice ruffled skirt will create a ‘girly’ look. You can top it with a nice spaghetti-strapped blouse. Use some cute doll shoes and wear a headband that has a flower on it. You can also accentuate yourself with cute bracelets and earrings. Don’t forget to put on some lip gloss and natural-looking makeup. Feminine colours are pink, purple and yellow.

Feel professional

Attending a corporate meeting but still want to look great and beautiful? Consider neutral colours like brown, grey, black and navy blue. If you plan to wear a dress or skirt, its length should be below your knee. Top it with a nice blazer and wear high-heeled shoes. For your accessories, try wearing pearls.

Feeling sad, lonely and depressed is natural. But not doing something to cheer yourself up can just aggravate your feelings.  Try dressing up sometimes. It may not be the cure but it helps brighten up your mood!

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