- Pepsi and Coke Need to Change Recipes to Avoid Cancer Warning Label -

By Rebecca Lewis republished on December 11, 2017

Two of the biggest soft drink producers in the world, Pepsi and Coca-Cola will have to change their recipes in America or else, they would have to put a warning sign on their product labels about its risk on cancer. But in UK, the same recipe will be retained as European regulators don’t think there’s a risk associated with them.

Coke May Contain Cancer-Causing Ingredient

Until now, Coca-Cola hasn’t disclosed its ‘secret’ recipe yet but there are chemicals contained in it that many of us are well aware of. It isn’t a secret as well that Coke has been linked to many health problems. But just recently, there have been growing concerns on its cancer risks. Studies on rats found that the chemical responsible for the caramel brown colour of Coke, called 4-methylimidazole has been linked to cancer. Because of this, the state of California in the US added it on its official list of caner causing food chemicals. As the results were published, the state government decided to create a law that will require the concerned manufacturers to put warning labels on the bottles and cans to warn the consumers of its cancer risks.

Same Coca-Cola Recipe to Be Retained in UK

The European Food Safety Authority however, doesn’t see anything to worry about. Just recently, they confirmed that they are not going to change any regulation neither would they ask Coke or Pepsi to put a warning label on their products. Coca-Cola would less likely change their recipe as well. In fact, they announced that they weren’t literally changing their recipe, only the processes involved. But the secret formula, the 4-methylimidazole and all other ingredients will not be replaced nor reduced. Coca-Cola also added that they already asked their caramel manufacturers to modify the production process to reduce the amount of 4-methylimidazole without affecting the original taste of the drink. The company also reiterated that they are always updating their methods and technology applied to make sure that their products are safe.

Health Effects of Drinking Coke

While Coke may taste absolutely refreshing, adding it on your daily diet may not be a good idea. Many health experts consider soft drinks as unhealthy beverage for many reasons. First, they contain high level of sugar. For instance, one can of Coke contains 10% of sugar. As we all know, too much of sugar can lead to varying health conditions such as high stress level, diabetes, abrupt aging, bladder cancer and more. Published studies revealed that too much sugar in the body can also affect the immune system. Basically, sugar becomes the breeding ground of bacteria which in turn kills healthy cells, thus, weakening our body’s resistance to infections and other diseases. Coca-cola also contains high level of caffeine which we all know can aggravate anxiety and trigger sleep problems. Caffeine also has diuretic effects. Too much consumption of Coke has also been linked to obesity, tooth decay, bone and kidney problems.

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