- Is Your Work Wearing You Out? 4 Ways to Combat Work Fatigue -

By Monica Wilson republished on November 28, 2017

Late for work again? Lost in those piles paperwork? Rushing towards the coffee vending machine for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up? Excited to see your kids after a hard day’s work just to find out that they’ve already gone to bed? You are not alone, we all experience getting caught up with our job at one point or another. It’s normal. But if this keeps going on, it can significantly affect your social and personal wellbeing.

If you’re always feeling physically and psychologically tired about your job, here are ways to loosen up:

1.       Start your day right!

What could be the best way to start your day than to have a hearty, delicious breakfast! Studies show that breakfast is the most important meal in the day and it makes you feel physically and mentally alert. Have some carbohydrates, protein and some whole grain foods to boost your energy, endurance and mental prowess. You need them all at work. You may also want to wake up a bit early to give yourself enough time to organise your things and your thoughts. Spend a few minutes exercising. This releases endorphins in your brain which is responsible for feeling good. 

2.       Give time for other things.

Are you always working overtime? When was the last time you had a dinner date with your spouse? Have you been arriving late these past few weeks that you no longer had the time to bond with your children? Many people find themselves becoming slaves of their work. Finding balance in all aspects of your life – physical, mental, emotional, career and spiritual is crucial to become happy. 

3.       Appreciate your job.

Go back to the day when you got hired on your job, that very day when you felt very happy and overwhelmed. It’s normal to feel bored and stressed out especially if you have been doing the same kind of job for so long. But in order to reduce the psychological and physical fatigue you feel at work, you should find reasons why you still go to work despite everything. Finding meaning in your career will make you feel motivated. If the salary is all your concern, you won’t feel completely happy. But if you know your purpose (like being able to save life as a nurse or assisting people find solutions to their problems as a customer representative), even the hardest jobs will not wear you out. 

4.       Challenge yourself.

If you’ve been in your job for a number of years now, you might find it less challenging each day as everything turns into a routine. So why not challenge yourself to become better? Set goals, seek for accomplishments, or target a promotion. Consider each day as your first day at work. Be glad about your accomplishments. If you finished working on a bunch of documents early, treat yourself after.

The way you feel towards your work can affect your performance. These things are among the simple yet effective ways to become physically and psychologically stronger and handle the pressure and stress that your job brings.   

What helps you combat work fatigue? Do you have any other good suggestions? Do share your tips and views with us below.

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