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By Graeme Harvey republished on November 15, 2017

More and more people are becoming disenchanted with the pressures of modern day living and are looking for ways to have more control of their lives and their futures. Many books on self improvement are available and the Life Coach industry is expanding rapidly.

Virtually every book you read or every bit of advice available relates in some way to reprogramming the sub conscious mind. This can be by visualisation which is espoused in books like “The Secret”.

It is commonly accepted that the subconscious mind is the most powerful tool we as humans possess. On the one hand it is our automatic pilot which controls all the activities we need to stay alive, our breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, intake of food and water, avoidance of danger etc.

If you compare a human being to a computer, the subconscious is the equivalent of the mother board. It stores every bit of information about us, all our thoughts and actions, our hopes and desires, our foibles and fears, and like the mother board if we interrogate it, it can only tell the truth. It stores information and if we access that information it will tell us what it has stored.

Our subconscious also contains the blue print for every cell in our body so it is able to repair any damage and can be programmed to do so. It can also be programmed to change our behaviours so that we can stop drinking alcohol to excess or completely, we can stop smoking, we can lose weight, we can be relaxed to cope better with stressful situations like exams, driving tests and more.

We can rid ourselves of past traumas that are holding us back and improve our self esteem. The Law of Universal Attraction dictates that ‘like attracts like’ so if you have low self esteem you are likely to attract similar people. We all are made up of energy and that energy vibrates at different levels depending on how we feel about ourselves. The higher the level of vibration the better type of things or people are attracted to you. 

Again we can programme the sub conscious to help us vibrate at a higher level and attract the things to our lives that we want. The old adage “careful what you wish for” is very apt in this process. While you may spend a lot of time visualising what it is you want in life the subconscious may not be reading these wishes in the same way. If you knew ten years ago what you know now, how much difference could that have made to your current circumstances? Hindsight is a wonderful teacher.

Using Future Life Progression under hypnosis it is now possible to go forward into your future and discover what your subconscious has managed to do in order to achieve your wishes. This allows you to see what you have achieved and where you have got to in say five or ten years. 

By being able to see for yourself you will also be able to find out what you had to do to achieve this outcome. You can obtain as much information as you need to bring back with you. This information can then be used to accelerate the outcome and reach those goals quicker, as you will know what was useful and what was a waste of time.

The upside is that you find out whether or not you are happy with what has been organised for you and if you do not like what you see you have the chance to change it now as you will know what changes you have to make. You can also discuss with your subconscious what alternatives there are if you make different decisions.

Future Life Progression has been developed over the last fifteen years as a result of many hypnotherapists discovering that clients were sometimes going forward into the future when they should have been going back in time through their current life or through previous lives to determine the root cause of an obsession or phobia or behavioural pattern that caused them concern. Hundreds of thousands worldwide have taken this journey and have benefitted from being able to change their lives for the better more quickly than just leaving it to fate.

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