- Anger Management - How to Deal with Your Anger? -

By Stuart Morgan republished on November 15, 2017

Anger management is a high demand issue at the moment. This reflects the high levels of stress and frustration in society at the moment, both in terms of pressure, and anxiety driven by the economic climate.

Typical presentation includes:

      --- Self anger, taking out your anger on yourself leading to negative traits and self image.

      --- Misdirected anger, being aggressive with people who are not the actual cause of your stress.

      --- Disproportionate anger, being volcanic when you should only be annoyed.

Be clear however, anger is natural and useful, and not a negative trait in itself. When it becomes a problem however is when it not appropriate to the situation, either because it is the wrong situation, or because it is out of proportion.

In order to deal better with anger management the following are recommended:

       --- Looking at underlying causes and patterns, such as developmental issues, learnt responses, post traumatic responses etc.

       --- Looking at situations and environments that cause stress and anxiety.

       --- Looking at typical triggers and learning new responses.

       --- Building in a reaction delay, allowing a choice of reactions rather than the current anger response.

       --- Looking at effective lifestyle coaching in order to provide the support, environment, life balance and activities that enable the person to have a strong self identity and good coping skills and resources.

The combination of aspects requires both analysis (psychotherapy), talking through issues (counselling) and actual change of perception and behaviour (cognitive behavioural therapy), preferably combined with lifestyle changes (life coaching). Therefore the best therapist to consult is one qualified and experienced not only in dealing with anger issues, but also experienced and qualified in the provision of psychotherapy, CBT, counselling and life coaching.

The right combination of support, from an experienced practitioner, can change the way in which the client copes with, perceives and behaves around inescapable sources of stress, as well as enabling them to receive the personal development training they need in order to manage their lives and stress.

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