- Arthritis and Gout Relief from Cherry Consumption -

By Rebecca Lewis republished on October 05, 2017

This piece of news is not exactly news because it has been kept under wraps for a number of years now but the word is getting around anyway, cherries are great for your health and in particular gout and arthritis. It’s bad news for the pharmaceutical companies but it is great for everyone else, a natural, easy solution after suffering the pain for many years who wouldn’t want to try it after all cherries taste good and what have you got to lose.

Since a study by the ARS (Agricultural Research Service) in 2003 the idea that cherries will reduce pain and inflammation has been out there but for some reason the medico’s and the big pharmaceuticals are not keen on the solution, maybe because it cuts them out of the picture and there is no money to be made from this.

What Causes Arthritis and Gout?

There are over 100 different types of arthritis that affect people in different ways however one thing that they all have in common is that a joint is affected when arthritis is present. It may be that the joint cartilage is wearing away or that the synovial fluid levels have reduced or maybe a combination of a few factors.

Gout is considered the most painful form of arthritis and it transpires when there is an excessive buildup of uric acid within the body. This can lead to uric acid crystals depositing themselves within joints, kidney stones, or tophi (uric acid lumps) under the skin.

Often the first time gout is experienced within the big toe that will present as extremely sore, red in colour warm to touch and significantly swollen.

How Cherries Help

The ARS study in 2003 examined the effects on healthy volunteers of eating precise amounts of pitted cherries for breakfast over a period of a month. The researchers then tested for the key inflammatory disease indicators and they concluded that the properties of cherries reduced the levels of uric acid, reduced the autoimmune response and reductions in both C-reactive protein and nitric oxide.

In laypersons terms this means good news for sufferers of arthritis and gout by reducing and sometimes even eliminating pain. Cherries have high levels of antioxidants and other phytochemicals and it is now also thought that they can help to decrease body fat, lower the cholesterol levels in the body and reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

Eating for Health

So pop into your green grocer for some cherries today and start reducing these debilitating conditions the easy, tasty and natural way. And if you can’t get fresh then powdered or juiced will do, they have the same properties that fresh cherries have and will produce the same results.

Time to roll back the pain and start the cherry revolution, remember natural is best, no side effects and always gentle on your body. 

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