- How to Deal with the Alpha Types - Keeping Phase with Highly Competitive People -

By Monica Wilson republished on September 29, 2017

A little competition is healthy for one to do better at work or at school. It is a driving force that pushes a person to prepare and persevere always. But sometimes, too much competition marks the start of animosity among individuals within the same organisation.

Who are the Alphas?

There are people who always want to be on top of the list as much as there are individuals who settle on being at the bottom. These people are generally dominant. Their goal is to stand out among the rest. They give so much importance to their goals that they are willing to do almost anything to get what they wanted. For alpha individuals, competition is part of their everyday life. They simply want to be the best. In the workplace, competitive employees are the ones who always take credit on successful projects even though in truth, such projects are made through team efforts. At school, the alphas are the students who would do what it takes to lead the class and get the highest grades. Even in local communities, there are alphas. They are those that would invest on renovations and decorations just to make their houses the most beautiful.

Dealing with the Alphas

·         Understanding where they’re coming from

While there are people who make fun out of the game and takes acknowledgement and praise from other people’s hard work, not all of them do it just because they wanted to. Some alphas don’t even realise that they are too competitive. Being overly competitive may be an indication of a behavioural disorder. Some people are naturally narcissistic. They consider it a big threat seeing another person who looks and does better than them. By knowing where they are coming from, one can always deal with these competitive individuals in whatever kind of situations. 

·         Taking it lightly

Studies suggest that people are more competitive these days than they were decades ago. Competition is a normal thing and no one can ever do away from it. Therefore, it’s better to take it positively than feel bad about highly competitive people. The truth is – most alphas are usually threatened by other people’s abilities. They don’t compete just because they hate someone. Rather, they think that outscoring other people is the only way to avoid feeling sad and deprived.   

·         Working with them rather than avoiding them

Working with overly competitive individuals have advantages too. They can be a good asset on a team as they give more value at work. They see to it that they’re doing their best always. Competition can result to successful outcomes whether in school or in the workplace. It can also lead to good results in the community.  

Dealing with extremely competitive individuals can really be frustrating. Sometimes, they make other people feel insecure.  Being with the alphas can be upsetting and irritating at the same time. But by understanding where they’re coming from, not taking it personally, and working with them, one can always cope with the alphas.

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