- Living in the Moment Brings You Happiness -

By Kathleen Kaye republished on September 25, 2017

Are you experiencing the January blues? Even there’s no snow and ice, this winter has been cold and windy. If you’re like most people, you must be sick and tired of it. You must be looking forward for the spring and summer to come. You just feel like skipping the clock.

Most of us live for the future

Every one of us has our own goals and dreams to accomplish. We set a timeline to reach our goals and we feel frustrated whenever we run out of time to do what we’re supposed to do. Working professionals are always looking forward for weekends when they can have some fun with friends and family. The working days (Mondays through Fridays) seem too long and unbearable. These days become stressful that they end up becoming less productive at work. But when Friday comes, the excitement starts to cease as these people worry about the very short weekend. Some would frown during Sundays, thinking that their most-awaited weekends will be over.

These things make many of us stressed and anxious. We often wish for the time to skip minutes and seconds to finally experience going out on our dream vacation. We wait for holidays like Christmas, Boxing Day, and the New Year all year round yet, we still feel disappointed because things didn’t turn out enjoying as expected.

Why Live in the Moment?

Living the ‘here’ and ‘now’ has remained to be a big challenge for most of us. But sometimes, it’s the way to be happy. There’s nothing wrong in hoping and looking forward to the future. But you don’t have to completely immerse yourself with the thoughts of tomorrow and allow yourself to lose interest of the present. Same thing happens when you keep thinking about the past. Spending time thinking of difficult experiences in the past will make it hard for you to move on.

The best way to enjoy life is to live in the moment. When you live in the ‘now’, you focus all your attention to it, giving the best of your efforts and time. Even if the day seems too ordinary for you, you can still make the best out of your work and be happy about it; even if you are in a job or an instance in your life where everything seems to make you feel angry and sad.

So what can you do?

Look for things that motivate you. You can enjoy your workday by adding things that motivate you. You can redesign your workstation so it can look more relaxed and accommodating. You can buy a pet so you would have something to look after the moment you get home.

Loosen up. Don’t get too caught up preparing for the weekend. Don’t over-think of your plans for the weekend or for the coming months. Learn how to focus your attention on the things you have to do today. Let your mind and body go with the flow of what you’re currently doing. When you get so engrossed in a specific activity, you lose track of time and you forget all other things. Concentrating on the moment makes you more productive on everything you do.

Learn from the past. Instead of feeling bad about your past mistakes, learn from them and use them to become better in the present and in the future.

When you run so fast to get somewhere, you missed the fun of getting there. Living in the now makes every minute of your life worthwhile. Life is short. Make every second of it special by giving your best on all things that you do.

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