Lifestyle Tweaks that Can Save You from Breast Cancer

By Sharon Moore on September 22, 2017

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in women. In Europe, more than 131,000 women were estimated to have died from breast cancer in 2012, according to Cancer Research UK. The mortality rate in UK is 14th highest in Europe.

But like most forms of cancer, breast cancer can be prevented. Whether you are genetically predisposed to the disease or not, you can significantly reduce your chances of developing breast cancer by making these lifestyle tweaks.

Eat right.

Diet plays a major role in cancer prevention, and even during treatment. What you eat can either help fight the proliferation of cancer cells or destroy it. Studies show that a high-fat diet which is typically rich in animal fats, can boost inflammation and trigger growth of cancer cells whereas a low-fat diet that is rich in vegetables and whole produce, can greatly help halt cancer and inflammation.

Maintain a normal weight.

Being overweight is one of the common factors for breast cancer in women. The relationship between cancer and obesity is not just ‘lose weight’ and ‘avoid cancer’. Research which has looked into it both people who have never lost weight and those who did so it is unclear whether simply shedding pounds can already cut your cancer risk. But it is never a bad idea to try. After all, having a normal weight has many, many health benefits.

Exercise two or three times per week.

Exercising does not only help you achieve a normal weight. It does a lot of other good things to your body, which if summed altogether, leads to lower cancer risk. For instance, regular exercise has been proven to help alleviate stress, boost blood flow all over your body, and strengthen your immunity. Aim for at least two or three times of physical workout per week. But of course, the more the better.

Do a monthly breast exam.

Prevention is so much better than cure. It is very important that you stay aware of changes in your body. If you detect any lump on your breast, make sure to see a doctor right away. If you’re on your 40s, make it a priority to have mammogram tests once each year. Risk of cancer is likely to go up as we age so always take early measures.

Reduce your alcohol intake.

Alcohol, consumed even in small amounts, is believed to increase the risk of breast cancer. If you are at risk of the disease, consider cutting back on alcohol. See below the NHS guidelines for alcohol drinking:

  • men and women: no more than 14 units a week on a regular basis 
  • spread your drinking over three or more days if you regularly drink as much as 14 units a week
  • if you want to cut down, try to have several drink-free days each week

The more you love and take care of your body, the lower your chance of developing breast cancer gets. Try making these lifestyle tweaks starting today. It’s not necessary that you do them all at once. You can take the baby steps and make them happen one at a time. Your body will thank you.

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