3 Common Sex Myths that Can Ruin Your Relationship

By Amy Taylor on September 19, 2017

When it comes to sex, do men and women really differ on their perspectives? Is it true that men want sex more than women? 

Maybe not. Researchers are suggesting that men and women’s sexual desires may most likely be the same than previously thought. Check out these top myths about sex that often take a huge toll on people’s romantic relationships:

Men want it more than women.

The notion that men are more interested in sex than women has been around for so long. Not only are we made to believe that men have more desire for sex, we are also made to believe that it is supposed to be that way. But numerous studies suggest that many women want to have more sex than their male partner. Studies measuring desire discrepancy (likelihood to have sex) between men and women show a 50/50 split. This means that men and women are equally interested in sex. In fact, a UK study found that as many as 59% of heterosexual women reported having higher desire than their male partner. 

Men want straight sex, women prefer cuddling.

Another popular notion about sexual preferences is that men want physical gratification from sex while women like embracing, touching and hugging more. But the truth is that men seek affection and intimate moments too apart from sex. In one research, men reported feeling more connected to their partners when they are able to spend quality time with them, such as going out for a walk, watching movies, and the like. 

It’s just women who want to feel they are desired.

It is believed that women want to be desired more than men. While it is true that women like it when their partner flirts with them or make the first move, men feel the same way too. They appreciate it more when their female partners would do the same thing. Feeling wanted and desired is something both men and women seek.

If you think that you or your partner may be holding onto any of the gendered stereotypes, ask yourself whether you can make space in your relationship to question and gently challenge those norms. Understanding how men and women perceive sexual desire is essential for the success of a relationship. Busting these myths would make you know your partner more and address concerns that ruin your sexual relationship. 

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