It Really Pays to Be Grateful, and Here’s How to Do It

By Lisa Franchi on September 13, 2017

What is the first thing you do when you wake up each morning? If it’s thanking the almighty for another beautiful morning and counting your blessings, you are doing yourself a favour. A very big favour that is.

Numerous studies have shown that gratitude is a powerful force that can improve your health and relationships. Deep down, we all know that it is true. We all agree that being grateful is a hobby that can make us so much happier. But admit it – sometimes, it can be a struggle to practice gratitude especially when you are confronted with so much stress. 

No worries. It’s actually easier than you think. There are simple yet effective ways you can do to practice gratefulness and incorporate it into your daily life:

Begin your day with a positive mantra.

A great way to spark gratitude is to begin your day with a short prayer. Be thankful for the gift of life. Be thankful for another day as that means it’s a new beginning and there’s new hope. What you do the first thing in the morning affects the quality of your entire day. So, the first few minutes and hours of your day are essential and should be filled with energy and positivity.

Compliment someone. 

Receiving genuine praise and compliments gives you a great feeling. So does giving one. Tell someone that they look awesome, they did a good job, or they’ve improve a lot. And also, don’t forget to compliment yourself. Congratulate yourself for overcoming a tough interview, finishing a task on time, or getting through a tiring day at work. You deserve it.

Send someone a ‘thank you’ letter.

Remember the teacher who inspired you to pursue your passion? How about the boss who encouraged you to try out a higher role? Grab a stationery and make a hand-written letter for that person. It’s not only the recipient who will be benefited but you as well. Reminiscing those positive memories in your life is already a form of gratitude which you can every day, at any time!

Write a ‘gratitude’ journal.

Writing down the things that make you feel blessed does a lot to your mental and physical health. Each night, list down the top five things you’ve been grateful of for the day. Do this for two weeks and you will feel so much happier. And when you do, you attract more positive things.

Notice the little things.

When it comes to gratitude, even the little things count. Make it a habit to thank people who made your life easier and better, whether it’s the restaurant crew who prioritised your order or the guard who opened the door to you. Saying ‘thanks, I appreciate it’ does have a powerful effect in these people’s lives too, just as it has a great effect in your life.

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