- Zumba: Why Does Dancing and Exercising Make You Happy? -

By Helen Holmes republished on September 13, 2017

Dancing – many people are so fond of it. When we hang out in the clubs, disco houses, and in the bars, we don’t let the night pass by without spending a great time on the dance floor. Dancing is one of the oldest forms of expression. In ancient times, people dance during feasts and when they are celebrating. Who cares if you have two left feet? You just have to feel the groove…

Exercising – staying healthy and in shape matters a lot to everyone. While we love to eat that much, we don’t want to gain weight and lose our figure. Exercising is still the key towards slimmer and fitter body. There’s no wonder why millions of people in the world don’t care investing big money on exercising machines or going out every day to the gym.

The Zumba Dance

Combine these two together and you’ll find a hobby that will not just make you healthy but happy! In a latest UK survey, it was revealed that, dancing and exercising are two of the things that make people happy. Today, a dance-exercise routine is getting so much popularity not just in the UK but all over the world. In fact, there are about 2 million Britons who are currently attending Zumba classes – the only Latin-inspired dance-fitness program.

Zumba is relatively new. It was first introduced in year 2001 by Alberto “Beto” Perez’. It was designed to make exercising more fun by mixing Latin dance steps with red-hot international music. Zumba is now the world’s most successful fitness program. Not only that it helps you achieve your desired figure, but it also makes you feel happy in every single dance move.

Dance-Fitness Programs Make You Happy

Even before people learned about Zumba, many have been involved in dance-fitness programs. We call it aerobic dancing, dance fitness program, etc. Probably, fitness experts combined music with exercise to encourage more people to work out and stay healthy. Sometimes, exercising alone can make you feel tired, stressed, and exhausted. There’s no wonder why most gym goers have their own iPods or MPs tucked in to their shirts.

Dancing is a form of exercise as it involves body steps and routines. But why does it make you happy? Here’s why – exercising stimulates the production of endorphins which are the ‘feel good’ chemicals that brighten up your mood. Through a dance-fitness program, you are able to release stress through physical exertion and regulated breathing. It also boosts blood circulation which improves your health.

Simple Zumba Steps You Can Try

  1. Salsa – this dance-exercise routine is very easy to do. Just tap your foot to the side and bring it back together. Follow the same routine over again. You can develop this routine by transferring your body weight out and in with your feet. Let your hit move freely and soften your knees.
  2. Merengue March – as you march, you let your hip drop and swing your arms to shoulder level. You can bend your knees and stretch your arms as you swing.
  3. The Two Step – as the name implies, you only have to follow two basic steps. First, step your feet apart and step back in. Second, tap your foot. Just repeat the steps over again, moving to another side. You may shimmy your shoulders to add some fun attitudes.

Jive with the beat and just follow along!

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