- Green Tea Supplements Fight Flu Infections Better than Vaccinations -

By Amy Taylor republished on September 12, 2017

The flu season is now on its full swing. And almost everyone has their own ways to keep themselves and their family safe from this contagious infection – taking Zinc and vitamin C supplements, or getting vaccinations for those who belong in at-risk groups.

On a recent clinical study, it was shown that taking green tea-based supplements can reduce the risk of getting flu by 75%. This makes it a better option than receiving vaccinations which has 60% reduction risk, as reported by Lancet.

What’s on Green Tea?

Green tea has been one of the all-time favourites of many people across the word most especially in Asian countries like China and Japan. You must have known that green tea has a lot of health benefits. The health benefits of green tea lie on the chemicals that make it up. Green tea has a lot of substantial compounds that can boost a person’s immune system. They include the catechins, theanine, and essential amino acids. What are these? Catechins are natural antioxidants that are present in green tea. It helps you fight flu by sticking to the flu virus and preventing it from replicating. When combined with theanine and amino acids, catechins become more powerful in enhancing your immune system particularly the cells that fight viruses such as T cells.

Aside from the aforementioned study, there have been many studies in the past which also suggested the health benefits of green tea in preventing flu. Another important component of green tea is the L-theanine, a type of amino acid which works by activating human gamma-delta-T lymphocytes which is one of the body’s first line of defence against infections.

How does Green Tea fight Infection?

Green tea has active substances that prevent the proliferation of any bacterial, viral, and fungal infection. With regards to viral infections, green tea can suppress the following – adenovirus, simplex, and HIV-1 and other influenza viruses.

Other health benefits of Green Tea

Additional benefits of regular consumption of green tea include the reduced risk of having heart problems. Green tea is a well-known antioxidant which blocks the oxidation of Low-density lipoprotein or the bad cholesterol and increase the production of the High-density lipoprotein or good cholesterol. Green tea also improves heart function by enhancing the function of the arteries.

A Chinese study which was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that people who drink green tea more often are less prone to hypertension as compared with those who don’t drink green tea at all.

Fight flu infections this cold season. Boost your immunity with warm cups of green tea. It’s not only good for the health but for the palate too. Have a cup of green tea and experience good health.

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