Powerful Ways to Calm Your Anxiety

By Amy Taylor on September 11, 2017

We all get anxious from time to time. It is a common feeling. But not all people are good at handling their anxiety. Some people have far too greater anxiety that they are unable to make decisions and deal with issues that they encounter every day.

Below are some powerful ways to calm your anxiety:
Change your perspective.
Training your mind to view things differently or positively can greatly help ease your anxiety. For instance, when you’re feeling tense and experience butterflies in your stomach, instead of thinking that you are actually ’nervous’, reframe it to feeling excited. Nervousness and excitement are two opposing things. But they certainly have the same physical symptoms. Changing your perspective does a lot of good things in your emotional health and anxiety levels.
Be mindful.
Mindfulness is a skill that you can develop and master through constant practice. One common signal of anxiety is being absorbed by negative thoughts, whether they are from a past experience or in an anticipation for what may happen in the future. When you’re feeling anxious, you are actually not in the present moment. By learning how to be mindful in everything that you do, your mind will have less time to experience anxiety and you will feel so much better.
React to the situation, not the pressure
Many times, we fall into the traps of anxiety because we tend to react to what we feel rather than the situation that causes as to feel that way. It is important to deal with the situation objectively and focus on the solution, not on how you feel.

Think realistically.
What if it doesn’t work? What if he won’t entertain my idea? What if they don’t hire me? Anxious people tend to predict what would happen. Unfortunately, their prediction is never really optimistic. They would think about the ‘worst case scenario’, instead of the great possibilities. It is important to think realistically about any situation. How likely is the negative outcome to happen? 
Acknowledge anxiety.
Dealing with anxiety and any other negative emotion begins by acknowledging that you are experiencing them. Remind yourself that it is normal to feel anxious. It’s not actually anxiety that makes things difficult for you. It’s how you react to it. 
Seek therapy.
For some people, managing anxiety can be extremely difficult. The good thing is there are people who are trained to help you deal with anxiety, understand what’s causing it, and teach you ways to prevent anxiety from ruining your life.

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