- Majority of Britons are Happy despite Economic Problems -

By Helen Holmes republished on September 11, 2017

Thousands of public sector workers took to the streets on Wednesday in response to the bitter row over pensions. This is the biggest strike that has taken place for over 30 years. A lot has happened – economic crisis and falling incomes.  But amidst these circumstances, study shows majority of Britons are HAPPY. The report was published by the Office for National Statistics.

The Satisfaction Rate in UK

Prime Minister David Cameron ordered an investigation to gauge the satisfaction rate of the citizens in United Kingdom. And it’s really a surprise that amidst the difficulties that many are experiencing right now, majority of Britons find their life satisfying. Backed with £2 million worth of funding, the UK government together with the Office for National Statistics conducted a study to assess how happy Britons are. Four questions were asked to measure their satisfaction. The questions were focused on how satisfied they are nowadays, to what extent do the things they do are considered worthwhile, how happy they felt on the strike day and how anxious they felt. These questions were vital in determining the overall wellbeing of the people in the present times.

Three quarters of the adults in UK who have been interviewed rated their life satisfaction 7 out of 10 which is a relatively high result. According to the Office for National Statistics, the study is actually the first step on helping the government to come up with new policies that will make the voters happy.

What affects people’s life satisfaction?

  • Health

People who are healthy are more likely to report higher ratings for life satisfaction. Basically, one’s health has a domino effect on all the other aspects of their life – finances, personal and social relationships. People who are healthy are more optimistic than those who have health problems.

  • Having a partner

Many studies have shown the direct relationship between marriage and happiness. Humans are social beings. It is a basic instinct to look for people to be with and to live with. Knowing they have someone to lean on during the most difficult situations in their life makes people happier.

  • Employment

Job security is another factor that affects the satisfaction rate of people. Having a job means having the capacity to support their family.

  • Age

Among those who were interviewed, respondents age between 16 and 19 and those that are between 65 and 74 show higher level of satisfaction over the middle-aged citizens. This shows that being adulthood entails more responsibilities and it is during this period where people are struggling to have their own accomplishments.

  • Financial situation

Expenses have always been a source of stress and depression. Many married couples quarrel about money and household budgeting. Loans, mortgages, credits – these things can greatly affect a person’s level of happiness.

  • Personal relationships and mental well-being

While money can give someone happiness, it is just temporary. Having deep relationships with family and friends is still the best way to be happy.

  • People with children

People who have children are happier than those who don’t. While having a child would entail bigger responsibility and more expenses, a child gives a different kind of happiness and love that no one else can ever give.

The survey can be found in the Office for National Stsatistics (ONS) website.

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