5 Self-Sabotaging Beliefs that Prevent You from Living Your Life to the Fullest

By Lisa Franchi on September 07, 2017

 One of the reasons why many people are unable to unleash their true potential and be happier is that they confine themselves to self-limiting beliefs and perceptions. Most of the time, these negative beliefs spur from adverse upbringing or being raised in a difficult environment.

In this article, let us explore a few of the most common self-sabotaging beliefs that prevent many people from reaching their goals and finding true happiness.

It’s all my fault.
Do you blame yourself for almost every bad thing that happens to your life and your loved ones? You are not alone. Unjust guilt is a very common problem people struggle with. In many instances, this is developed when a person, during childhood, is often punished for making mistakes, micromanaged, or expected to meet unrealistic standards. This often leads to severe social anxiety. It makes a person’s life really challenging as they focus a lot of their time and energy thinking what others has to say about them and pleasing everyone they meet. When you start to realize that it’s not your fault, a lot of great things start to happen in your life, especially in your personal and social relationships.
I’m worthless.
This self-limiting belief is a common problem among people who have experienced trauma or abuse when they were still young. Many children, especially these days, grow up into adults with reduced sense of self-worth. People who have been repeatedly told that they are ‘stupid’, ‘can’t do anything right’, or ‘unlovable’ are more likely to develop this self-limiting perception. Defeating this self-limiting belief is never easy and sometimes, it requires treatment in the form of counselling or cognitive behaviour therapy. But eventually, you will be able to get over it. You just have to believe that you can.
I can’t make it on my own.
People who grow up in very controlling environments tend to become overly dependent. Thus, doing things on their own, even harnessing the challenge to do things independently, is a great challenge for them. This is a very serious problem, and can get in the way of finding happiness at work and in relationships. Despite having the true potential to do a task or achieve greater things, overly dependent people settle on things that are comfortable, do away with risk-taking, and rely on others for even their emotional and physical needs. It is scary to do things on your own the first time. To get better at this, learn to cultivate your self-esteem. Seeing a therapist can greatly help.
You can’t trust people.
People who have been betrayed by their loved ones often develop problems trusting again, especially as they enter social relationships. Betrayal never feels good. And it leads to so many other self-sabotaging beliefs like feelings of worthlessness and self-guilt. Learning how to do away with toxic people from your life, and strengthening your ties with positive people who make great impact to your life is really important.

It’s too late to pursue my dreams.
This self-limiting belief is experienced by some people who have spent most of their life doing things that are not their true passion. But time and again, many have proven this wrong. Just like Colonel Sanders, the founder and ambassador of KFC. It was not until he reached 65 years did he actually became successful, making KFC the largest fast food operation in the US in the 1960s. When it comes to achieving your goals, remember that age doesn’t matter.

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