- Tips to Know If You are Boring Someone -

By Sharon Moore republished on September 07, 2017

 Alas, gone are the days when even your partner’s lamest joke or slightest remark meant heaps for you. As in any relationship, you and your partner were fascinated by the littlest of things about each other—hobbies, interests, quirky habits, and even your favourite food/colour/movie/sport/etc. Lately, though, you notice that it has been a struggle to even sustain a light and fun conversation together. Is your relationship headed for Boreville? Have you started to become boring to your honey? Read on to find out the tell-tale signs that you have, indeed, morphed into a boring person.

  • Once upon a time, planning surprises, trips, and adventures with your partner seemed like an activity you never get tired of doing. Now, you notice that all you want to do is stay in bed or on the sofa every weekend. You do nothing in particular, and getting up to go to the kitchen has become your form of exercise. If you can relate with this situation, it’s time to get up and start doing something about that sinking, boredom hole you are in.
  • You no longer look forward to seeing your partner. It’s like having dates and weekend meet-ups with him/her has become so ingrained in your system that you do not think about it too much. You go to a restaurant to eat, watch a movie afterward, and then you go home. There’s nothing wrong with this series of activities, but if you find yourself doing them every time you go on a date with your love, it is definitely time to mentally slap yourself back to reality and start planning something fun.
  • You find yourself fidgety. It seems like there’s always something missing, and you long to explore what that missing piece is. Guess what? It’s the fun in your relationship that’s no longer there, and you’re trying to seek it again by going out, joining classes, going on trips, and engaging in new hobbies. If you find yourself desperately wanting to do something new in your life, make sure that you do it with your partner. Exploring new hobbies together will absolutely strengthen your bond and renew your interest in each other.
  • Does your partner know everything, as in absolutely everything, about you? Does he know even the way you shave or how you clean your ears of earwax? Knowing everything about a person seems like a manifestation of love, but do keep the intimate details of your hygiene habits from each other. Knowing too much destroys mystery, and mystery is a key element in making yourself interesting. If you’re a woman, try not to let your man in on how you pluck your eyebrow hair or how you wax yourself. If you’re a man, save your nose hair trimming to yourself. Maintain some sort of mystery for each other. You still want to look attractive to your partner even though you live together, so spare each other of activities that are better off done alone.

A relationship will always arrive at a point where you seem to have used up all the interest and wonder for each other. It is completely normal, and completely fixable if you are aware of the signs that you are headed for the direction of being a bore. Once you catch yourself becoming one, do something about it immediately. There’s got to be something about you that you yourself will find interesting. Seek those qualities and act on them. Once you do, rest assured that you will be back on track when it comes to exuding that interesting and mysterious vibe to your partner once again.

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