Lack of Sleep Can Crush Your Relationship

By Sharon Moore on September 06, 2017

Is your relationship going through a rough time? You may want to check how well you and your partner has been sleeping lately. In the latest findings by the University of Ohio, lack of sleep can actually crush your relationship.

In the new study, subjects who get less than seven hours of sleep are more likely to be irritable towards their partner about sensitive subjects. Not only they are compromising their relationship, they are also putting their own health at a greater risk as these people have higher levels of an inflammatory response in their blood. Such inflammatory responses are linked to heart disease, arthritis and other chronic illnesses.
Researchers at Ohio State studied the correlation between sleep deprivation and a married couple’s relationship. 43 couples came in and talked about a topic that sparked controversy in their marriage. But before they talk would about their relationships, they are asked how many hours of sleep they had. Blood samples were also taken from the participants before and after they talked about their relationship issues.
’We found that people who slept less in the past few nights didn’t wake up with higher inflammation, but they had a greater inflammatory response to the conflict,’ said Stephanie Wilson, lead researcher on the study.
’So that tells us less sleep increased vulnerability to a stressor.’
Furthermore, each couple was more likely to be hostile or argue with each other if they got less than seven hours of sleep the previous two nights. And for every hour of sleep lost, the levels of two known anti-inflammatory markers increase by 6 per cent.
Couples who used unhealthy ways in their disagreement had an even greater inflammatory response, and their level of anti-inflammatory markers increased by 10 per cent for every hour of sleep loss.
’Any increase isn’t good, but a protracted increase that isn’t being addressed is where it can become a problem,’ Wilson added.
’What’s concerning is both a lack of sleep and marital conflict are common in daily life. About half of our study couples had slept less than the recommended seven hours in recent nights.’
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Forget marriage counselling - get more sleep: Study shows how a lack of shut-eye can crush our relationships

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