- Counselling Prostate Cancer Survivors and their Partners Helps Improve Sex Life -

By Fiona Howard republished on September 05, 2017

 COUPLE’S COUNSELLING helps improve sex life of prostate cancer survivors.  This was according to a recent study conducted by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre.

On the said study, the researchers asked 200 men who undergone prostate cancer treatments together with their spouses to enrol in a counselling program.  They were grouped into three.  The first group were enrolled in a face-to-face counselling therapy and the second group received same treatment over the internet.  The third group was put in a waiting list.

After three months of continuous counselling sessions, couples were interviewed about their sexual relationship before and after the therapy.  The results showed that both web-based and face-to-face counselling treatments were beneficial to the couples.  On the other hand, those who were put in a waiting list received no effect on their relationship.

Erectile Dysfunction among Survivors

Loss of sexual desire is one of the after-effects of surviving prostate cancer.  According to experts, the procedures involved in treating patients such as radiation, chemotherapy, and most especially –prostate surgery (removal of the prostate glands) greatly affect men’s ability to have sexual intercourse with their partners.  There are several reasons to this.  Some men who survived said cancer suffer from erectile dysfunction.  Others tend to lose their sexual drive.   That is because of the erectile pain that they experience after the surgery.

Counselling Cancer Survivors for Better Sex Life

The counselling program that was given to the respondent couples was centred on educating couples of the different alternative methods to help men restore their erectile functions.  Usually, men who are going through erectile problems resort to prescription treatments such as pills and medical procedures like penile implants, vacuum pumps, penile injections and so on.  But according to Leslie Schover, one of the lead researchers of the study, these methods were not enough to solve the problem.   The counsellors helped the couples find the most suitable method to achieve better sexual relationship and continued to provide more options when said treatments have not been successful.

Another matter which was given importance during the counselling program was the right of women to experience pleasure and satisfaction in their sexual relationships with their husbands.  Furthermore, they were advised with different ways on fixing problems such as postmenopausal vaginal dryness as well as loss of sexual drive that are oftentimes result from poor communication between husbands and wives.

Schover also added that one of the most essential factors that affect the results is the desire of the partner to improve their sexual relationships.  The researchers warned that couples should finish the counselling program to achieve more positive outcomes.  It is to be noted that during the course of the study, there were a number of couples who opted out from the program.  As a result, some of the couples did not experience the benefits of counselling because they discontinued undergoing the said program.

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