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By Susan Williams on August 08, 2017

 "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." -- Martin Luther King, Jr. --

At one point or another in our lives, we get depressed.  According to the Centre for Disease Control and the ICD-9 /DSM IV coding systems, approximately one out of every four individuals have some element of depression operating in them. Experts say that depression is a common feeling of lowliness and sadness that is triggered by day-to-day challenges at home, work and in the society.  It is common for somebody to acknowledge depression in a negative way.  We all regard depression as something unbearable and intolerable.  When emotional build-ups and failures meet, we tend to be depressed.

However, recent studies found out that depression, at some point, is good for every one of us.    Daily Mail Reporter, in its story about depression states that one in every four people in the UK suffers with depression at some point in their lives and GP has issued prescriptions for anti-depressants — more than 30 million a year.

Knowing what Depression really is

Depression has been a contentious subject in contemporary science.  Modern Psychologists are now starting to look on the positive side of depression.  Generally, depression is described as a major depressive disorder, isn’t something you can just get away with in a snap of your finger.  Doctors say it is thought to be caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals and other factors and that it should be treated.  Such behavioural disorder entails sadness, feeling of being neglected, difficulty in sleeping, change in weight, and worse, suicidal tendency.

Depression for a better “You”

However, a leading psychiatrist said that depression is not a human defect at all, but a defence mechanism that in its mild and moderate forms can force a healthy re-examination of personal conditions that lead someone to become a better person.   Just like the case of Helen McNallen of Yorkshire, who suffered major depression so relentless she even attempted to take her own life.  She now works with the NHS(National Health Service) on providing support for depression sufferers, is training to be a mental health counsellor and has more than 125,000 registered users on her website that help people in going through depression.

Hypnotherapy to treat Depression

Dr Paul Keedwell, an expert on mood disorders at the Institute of Psychiatry, argues all people are vulnerable to depression in the face of stress to varying degrees, and always have been. However, depression can still lead to an individual’s breakdown when not taken care of.  There are many ways to treat depression.  One of which is hypnotherapy.  The therapist uses a method by which the patient is taught to master his/her self-awareness. In this kind of therapy, a person in a “deeply focused state” is unusually responsive to an idea or image responses. Some people say that the person under hypnotherapy tends to obey the “master” (hypnotherapist) though this is not actually the case.

Knowing how to ask people of help when you need it, and accepting support from family and peers can make one’s depression a good way towards self-fulfilment.

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