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By Sarah Cooper on August 01, 2017

Have you been trying to get pregnant but without any success? You are not alone in that endeavor. One of the problems women as well as their better halves face today is infertility. In UK infertility is a big thing, one out of six couples has problems with conceiving and everywhere you will see and learn a lot of treatments and remedies made. But there is a way to conceive without going through commercial treatments and that is though an ancient Chinese traditional treatment method, acupuncture. Yes, acupuncture can help fertility.

How does acupuncture help in fertility? It has been known that acupuncture causes a reduction on stress hormones and makes the body release endorphins that cause the body to enter into a profound state of relaxation. Through regular acupuncture sessions, the neuro-endocrinological activities of the body is corrected, thus there is hormonal regulation and balance. The insertion of the needles on some specific acupoints in the body increases the blood flow in the Ovary and the Uterus. Increase blood flow on these parts of the woman’s reproductive system stimulates ovulation and enhances the growth of the uterine lining both very important in the process of conceiving. Acupuncture also supports the implantation as well as the growth of the embryo during the fetal development stage, which is a very crucial period in conceiving.

The acupuncture therapist says that there are many causes of infertility and most of these are overlooked. The inability to conceive may be caused by something simple that most couple disregards it as the problem. Take for example urban couples who live a very busy lifestyle. Usually, these are the couples are stressed most of the time and they don’t have enough time to procreate. Sometimes it’s dehydration. The dehydrated body of a woman will mimic menopausal syndromes, thus the inability to conceive. But there are also grieve causes of infertility like endometriosis or poor sperm count and quality on the men’s side. And acupuncture can actually help on these circumstances.

But is this supported by science? Well, just recently, an authoritative review was made and published in the British Medical Journal by Eric Manheimer of the University of Maryland. In collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, they made a report based on the seven studies on acupuncture and fertility done in the year 2002. The study involved women being treated with genuine acupuncture, sham acupuncture and with no acupuncture at all. Results show that genuine acupuncture treatment can increase a women’s chance of pregnancy by 65 per cent.

A great percentage at that but some people are just not comfortable of having their bodies pinned with needles. Nevertheless, recent studies have shown that acupuncture can actually help with fertility. So if you are one who’s having problems conceiving and you want to conceive naturally, then you can have yourself undergo acupuncture sessions but it is altogether alright to go through other methods if you don’t prefer acupuncture. But who would’ve thought that the answer to infertility is only at the tip of needles.

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