Still Unhappy? It Could Be Due to These Things

By Sharon Moore on June 27, 2017

They say happiness is not a destination. It’s the journey. But many people spend so much time and energy trying to be happy, using ways that make them otherwise. What they don’t realise is that happiness can’t be grasped nor reached. And contrary to what many people believe, it takes a little effort to be happy.

So, what could be causing many people to stay unhappy for a long time? Check out the following reasons.

Not welcoming change.

Too often, change causes fear and anxiety to a person. And that is normal. Change can mean uncertainty. It can mean more work. It can also mean pain. Change can mean getting out of your comfort zone too. It could even mean losing control over things. But still, change is important and it is inevitable. No things get better without change. Instead of focusing on the negative side of change, be excited about the greater things that could happen.

Belittling oneself.

It’s hard to appreciate things around you when you can’t even appreciate yourself. Many people who struggle at finding happiness also struggle to find worth in themselves. You can’t be happy when you don’t love yourself. Self-love should be placed above all things. Your disposition is a product of your thoughts and beliefs. It is important that you treat yourself the way you’d treat other people too.

Caring so much about what others think.

It is so hard to be happy when you are constantly trying to meet other people’s expectations and caring so much about what they’d have to think and say. Feel strong about what you believe. Pursue your passion and interest without fearing about what others are saying.  After all, it’s your life, your journey, and your dreams, not theirs.

Keeping grudges.

Toxic relationships, failures, mistakes – all these can take a huge toll on our happiness. Focusing too much on the sad memories and holding grudges bring no happiness but constant sadness and feelings of dissatisfaction. Allow the wounds to heal. It may take time, it’s true. But by giving it a chance to heal, you are opening a new door to life-long happiness.

Not having fun.

No matter how tough life gets, we shouldn’t ignore the value of humour. Learn to laugh at yourself and others. Taking things too seriously takes so many years from your life – years that could have spent more on good things and happy things. Remember, life is too short to be all too serious.

Giving up.

Giving up is a choice that many people choose which makes them unhappy. We should stop trying to reach for our dreams, make our lives better, and be happy. You need to try new hobbies, relationships, and activities that will make you a better person. 

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