Seven Skincare Tips for the Changing Weather

By Rebecca Lewis on June 19, 2017

We all want to have a healthy, beautiful skin. But many factors, environment mostly, can prevent us from achieving just that. But don’t worry, you need not spend too much on expensive creams. Here are some natural ways to nourish your skin inside out:

Drink water. Lots and lots of it.

This simple beauty regimen can go a long way towards making your skin supple and glowing. Drinking at least eight glasses of water per day can actually ease 10 years off your face! Before you enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning, down on a glass of water first. Try lemon water for an amazing antioxidant boost.


Keep a bottle of your favourite moisturiser in your purse or desk. It’s not just your face that needs moisturising but all other parts of your body too. Your skin needs an extra dose of hydration to combat the dry air and changing temperature outside.

Love cold baths.

It’s hard to do this during winter month but a cold bath once in a while doesn’t hurt. Warm water dries your skin, leaving it dull. Cold water is refreshing and is good for your skin. Make your bath more rejuvenating by adding aromatherapy. Scented oils can do great wonders in keeping you relaxed and calm.

Love your green salad.

Vegetable salad is your best friend. Make sure you eat your veggies on a daily basis. Skincare is not just about nourishing it from the outside, but also in the inside. Fresh produce contains antioxidants and essential nutrients that prevent wrinkles and other signs of ageing on your skin.


Yes, you need to exfoliate occasionally. This is to remove dead cells on your skin. Overdoing can cause damage to your skin. Settle for at least once or twice per week.

Skip the alcohol.

Alcohol dries your skin because it dehydrates you. Thus, your skin ends up looking dry and dull. It’s kay to drink alcohol. But of course, you need to observe moderation. The same rule applies on caffeinated drinks and products too. Here’s a trick: offset each cup of coffee or tea with an equal amount of water.

Keep your hands clean.

Washing your hands is perhaps the oldest hygiene habit that your grade-school teacher taught you. You see, you touch so many things all the time, from your mobile phone to the door knob, computer keyboard, papers, handrails, etc. If you touch your face without washing your hands, you can just imagine how many bacteria and germs reach your skin, causing really serious damage. Make it a habit to wash your face too, especially before going to bed.

There you go – some easy tips to take care of your skin amidst changing weathers. It’s great to share these with your family and friends.

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